Methamphetamine News Releases

 APR 12, 2012 Treasury Designates Major Mexican Drug Chemical Traffickers
 MAR 02, 2012 One of the Largest Methamphetamine Seizures in American History
 DEC 20, 2011 DEA and Tempe Police Announce Results of Operation Crank Call
 AUG 01, 2011 Drug Kingpin Indicted Following Record-Breaking Meth and Heroin Seizure
 JUL 15, 2011 Southern Nevada HIDTA Task Force Makes Record Seizure of Methamphetamine
 JAN 20, 2011 Operation Spiderweb Snags Cocaine, Meth, Weapons and Over $1 Million in Cash
 MAY 14, 2010 Defendants Receive Lengthy Sentences in Methamphetamine Trafficking Conspiracy That Generated $5 Million in Proceeds
 APR 20, 2010 Meth Trafficker and La Familia Associate Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking
 APR 1, 2010 HIDTA Investigation Results in the Arrest of Ten Linked to Mexico-Based Drug Trafficking Ring Accused of Smuggling Large Quantities of Meth
 DEC 2, 2008 DEA Nets Largest Meth Seizure Ever In New Jersey
 SEP 26, 2008 Meth, Cocaine Ring Dismantled in Washington and Idaho
 SEP 5, 2008 Guilty Verdicts for Nevada to Hawaii Meth Ring
 AUG 22, 2008 DEA and Local Law Enforcement Seize over 134 Pounds of "ICE" Meth
 AUG 14, 2008 Treasure Valley Man Gets 32 Years for Meth Trafficking
 DEC 11, 2007 Mexican-Based International Drug Trafficking Organization Takes Big Hit in US
 NOV 8, 2007 White House Drug Czar, DEA Administrator Release New Data Showing Significant Disruptions in U.S. Cocaine and Methamphetamine Markets
 NOV 8, 2007 New Data Show Significant Disruptions In U.S. Methamphetamine, Cocaine Markets Price Of Meth Soars 73 Percent; Purity Down By Nearly A Third
 JUL 31, 2007 Two Mexican Nationals Sentenced to 35 Years Each for Leading Vast Drug Conspiracy
 JUN 1, 2007 Operation Pill Crusher Nets 10 Arrests
 MAY 14, 2007 Operation GhostRider Nets 28 Arrests, Gang Targeted
 APR 18, 2007 Mexican Meth Distribution Network Dismantled  
 MAR 30, 2007 First Arrest In The Nation For Violating The Combat Methamphetamine Act
 MAR 6, 2007 DEA Arrests Lead To Largest Ever Meth Seizure In NJ
 FEB 28, 2007 Middle School Principal Arrested For Selling Meth
 JAN 30, 2007 U.K. Couple Face Extradition for Supplying Chemicals to U.S. Meth Labs
 JAN 30, 2007 DEA Announces First 2007 Meth Lab Seizure in New York
 JAN 22 , 2007 Brothers Indicted After 21 Lb. Seizure of Meth
 DEC 14, 2006 Operation Crystal Apple Nets 6 Arrests for Meth in NY
 DEC 1, 2006 Forty Indicted in Connection with Sophisticated Skagit County Drug Trafficking Ring
 NOV 30, 2006 Meth In The City
 NOV 9, 2006 TIOGA County Cleans Up
 OCT 25, 2006 DEA and Local Law Enforcement Agencies Arrest Three Men, Then Seize 145 Pounds of “Ice” Methamphetamine and 72 Kilograms of Cocaine in Georgia
 OCT 25, 2006 Five arrested for distributing cocaine and methamphetamine
 OCT 23, 2006 Defendants from Meth "Superlab" in Smyrna Sentenced to Federal Prison
 OCT 23, 2006 10 Charged in Connection with Meth & Cocaine Operation Based in Southern Chester County
 OCT 13, 2006 Vancouver Resident Sentenced to More than 12 Years in Prison for Drug Conspiracy
 OCT 12, 2006 Hawaiian High School Teacher Arrested for Selling Methamphetamine
 SEP 28, 2006 Two Undercover Investigations Result in the Total Seizure of 17 lbs "Ice" Methamphetamine
 SEP 19, 2006 DEA Philadelphia Arrests Eight from Roger Ortega Drug Trafficking Organization
 SEP 15, 2006 First Mexican Law Enforcement Officials Graduate From DEA Academy Anti-Meth Training in U.S.
 AUG 21, 2006 Atlanta DEA Seizes Record Amount of Crystal Meth and Arrests 4 in Raid
 AUG 17, 2006 16 Individuals Charged with Federal Drug Crimes on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Community
 AUG 10, 2006 DEA: Meth Superlab Discovered by Mexican Authorities
 JUL 18, 2006 Fifteen Arrested On Meth Charges In Heavener Area Of Oklahoma
 JUL 7, 2006 DEA MET Team Deployment Brings Relief To Southwest Michigan
 JUL 7, 2006 Dismantling of Major Methamphetamine Organization Continues
 JUN 30, 2006 34 Individuals Charged with Federal Drug Crimes on the Navajo Nation
 JUN 22, 2006 Drug Task Force Seizes Methamphetamine Worth Over $3 Million
 JUN 16, 2006 FACT SHEET: The Department of Justice's Efforts to Combat Methamphetamine
 MAY 25, 2006 Meth Sold For Sex On Wind River Indian Reservation
 MAY 4, 2006 Nineteen Indicted in Methamphetamine & Cocaine Conspiracy
 APR 21, 2006 Indictment Charges President and Officers of Hells Angels
 APR 19, 2006 Joint Investigation Knocks-out Two Los Angeles Area Gangs
 APR 14, 2006 Defendant Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for 174 Pounds of Crystal Methamphetamine
 APR 7, 2006 Mexican National Extradited to Oregon To Face Charges of Methamphetamine/Cocaine Distribution and Money Laundering
 MAR 23, 2006 Drug Organization Used Juveniles to Smuggle and Sell Meth
 MAR 17, 2006 Al Roker Investigates Meth Epidemic
 MAR 16, 2006 Methamphetamine Trafficking Ring Destroyed by DEA
 MAR 8, 2006 20 Arrested in DEA-led Operation Icebox
 MAR 8, 2006 DEA Announces Kansas City Meth Takedown
 MAR 6, 2006 Defendants Plead Guilty In Meth “Superlab” Case
 FEB 24, 2006 DEA New Jersey Division and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Arrest 1 for Importation of Crystal Methamphetamine
 JAN 27, 2006 DEA Anti-Meth Operation Nets 38 Arrests
 DEC 14, 2005 DEA Welcomes Meth Legislation
 OCT 19, 2005 DEA Official To Testify On Environmental And Health Impacts Of Methamphetamines
 OCT 13, 2005 Major Cocaine, Meth and Money Laundering Organization Dismantled
 AUG 30, 2005 Attorney General Gonzales and DEA Administrator Tandy Announce Results of Unprecendented National Anti-Meth Initiative
 AUG 19, 2005 DEA Fractures Major Meth Pipeline Into U.S.
 AUG 18, 2005
Bush Cabinet Officials Highlight Anti-Meth Programs; Launch New Website
 AUG 15, 2005 Denver-Mexico Meth “Ice” Connection Affirmed
 AUG 15, 2005 Major Sweep of Alleged Methamphetamine Traffickers in Volusia County Area
 JUL 27, 2005 Port St. Lucie Woman Ordered Detained on Charges of Running a Methamphetamine Lab
 JUL 19, 2005 “Godfather”of Methamphetamine Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison
 JUL 13, 2005 Press Statement for Operation Ice Cycle
 JUL 9, 2005 Seizure of 23 lbs of Ice Methamphetamine
 JUN 21, 2005

"Operation Intolerance" Major Poly-Drug Trafficking Organization Dismantled

 JUN 16, 2005 Drug Raid Nabs Grad Student Cooking Methamphetamine on University Campus
 JUN 2, 2005 DA Announces Conviction in First Business Owner Charged Under New Methamphetamine Law Restricting Sale of Chemicals
 MAY 31, 2005 Methamphetamine “Super Lab”Seized in Linn County, Oregon
 MAY 19, 2005 Seizure of 7 lbs of Ice Methamphetamine
 MAY 17, 2005 Jury Convicts Man of Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine
 APR 27, 2005 Seizure of 27 Lbs of Methamphetamine
 MAR 22, 2005 Operators of Chemical Supply Company Convicted in Scheme to Distribute Chemicals Used to Manufacture Methamphetamine
 MAR 13, 2005 “OPERATION GLOBAL WARMING ”I-5 Corridor Methamphetamine Trafficking Organization Dismantled
 MAR 9, 2005 “OPERATION BLACK ICE”Major Methamphetamine Trafficking Organization Dismantled
 MAR 9, 2005 East Coast Record-Breaking Meth Seizure in Georgia
 FEB 18, 2005 “OPERATION REPLACEMENTS”Major Methamphetamine and Cocaine Trafficking Organization Dismantled
 FEB 14, 2005 DEA Busts Georgia's First Meth "Super-Lab"
 JAN 31, 2005 DEA seizes over 4 lbs of crystal methamphetamine in the Bakersfield area
 JAN 7, 2005 DEA Cracks Down On Meth Manufacturing With "Operation Sanctioned Sins"
 DEC 9, 2004 Yuma-Based Methamphetamine Trafficking Organization Dismantled
 NOV 11, 2004 DEA responds to commentary in The Oregonian
 SEP 23, 2004 DEA Eliminates Major Source of US Meth
 AUG 18, 2004 Governor Perdue Opens Methamphetamine and Georgia Summit
 MAR 2, 2004 U.S. Charges New York Crystal Meth Dealer Ring
 FEB 20, 2004 Operations El Barrio and Crescent Moon Yield Over Three Dozen Arrests
 JAN 12, 2004 Cash Smuggling Case at O'Hare Airport
 JAN 2, 2004 DEA and the State of Florida Establish Statewide Methamphetamine Strategy
 NOV 6, 2003 Victor Infante Charged with Weapons Exportation and Methamphetamine Distribution Arrested in the Phillipines
 OCT 9, 2003 25 Charged with Methamphetamine Trafficking and Laundering Meth Money
 JUL 31, 2003 Mexican Drug Lord Indicted; Over 240 Arrests in Operation Trifecta
 APR 15, 2003 Over 65 Arrested In International Methamphetamine Investigation
 FEB 19, 2003 Explosion Leads to Seizure of Methamphetamine Laboratory
 JAN 29, 2003 Methamphetamine Arrests In Nevada
 APR 24, 2002 DEA Launches Methamphetamine Tour
 JAN 18, 2002 DEA Takedown Nets Multi-Ton Pseudoephedrine Seizure
 JAN 10, 2002

More Than 100 Arrested in Methamphetamine Investigation (Transcript and Photos)

NOV 1, 2001 Larimer County Drug Task Force
OCT 22, 2001 Operation Triple X
OCT 12, 2001 San Francisco Methamphetamine Bust
SEP 19, 2001 Cocaine & Marijuana Bust in the Bronx
AUG 30, 2001 Operation Green Clover
AUG 1, 2000 Operation Mountain Express
OCT 1, 1998 Record $2.2 Million Reward
JUN 02, 1998 DEA Confirms Arrest By Mexican Authorities of Amezcua-Contreras Brothers