Marijuana News Releases

 AUG 21, 2012 United States Attorneys Announce Multistate Operation Targeting Illegal Marijuana Cultivation on Public Lands
 FEB 07, 2012 Major Marijuana Grower Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison
 OCT 25, 2011 One of the Largest Marijuana Seizures in Indiana History Announced After Six-Month Investigation
 NOV 26, 2010 Discovery of 2nd Major San Diego-Area Cross-Border Drug Tunnel Leads to 8 Arrests, Seizure of More Than 20 Tons of Marijuana
 NOV 03, 2010 Tunnel Task Force Discovers Cross Border Tunnel
 OCT 28, 2010 San Joaquin County Marijuana Cultivation Ring Busted
 OCT 22, 2009 DEA Statement on New Department of Justice Marijuana Guidelines
 AUG 28, 2009 14,500 Marijuana Plants Seized in Pike National Forest Near Deckers
 JUN 26, 2009 Five Men Sentenced in Operation Green Reaper
 APR 28, 2009 Employees of Self Proclaimed "Prince of Pot" Plead Guilty
 FEB 25, 2009 Operation Green Reaper Strikes Again
 JAN 22, 2009 Seizure of 7028 Pounds of Marijuana and Arrest of Four Members of the Javier Flores Drug Trafficking Organization
 DEC 10, 2008 22 Michigan Residents Indicted in Huge Marijuana Indoor Grow Investigation
 NOV 19, 2008 Record Breaking Seizures of Marijuana Throughout California in 2008
 OCT 22, 2008 Five Members of Marijuana Conspiracy Plead Guilty
 SEP 23, 2008 Four Defendants Sentenced on Federal Murder, Firearms, and Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Charges
 SEP 11, 2008 Operation 'Green Reaper' Sweeps King County
 SEP 10, 2008 US/Canadian Investigations Dismantle International Marijuana Trafficking Organization
 AUG 7, 2008 California Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted
 JUL 28, 2008 Operation Blackjack Dismantles Drug Pipeline from New York City to Central NY
 JUL 22, 2008 DEA Foils Indoor Marijuana Grow Operation
 JUL 14, 2008 DEA Task Force Eradicates $20 Million Marijuana Grow in CA National Forest 
 MAY 27, 2008 Marijuana Dispensaries Linked to Fatal Car Crash
 APR 23, 2008 Seattle DEA Targets Suppliers And Financiers Of Bourgeoning Indoor Marijuana Grows
 MAR 20, 2008 California Doctor-Lawyer Couple Get Five Years For Growing and Selling Marijuana
 FEB 27, 2008 Over Par and Under Arrest: Golf Co. Execs Busted
 FEB 12, 2008 Anchorage Man Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charges and Marijuana Importation Conspiracy
 NOV 1, 2007 DEA Announces Marijuana Bust In Tonto National Forest
 OCT 15, 2007 Five Indiana Men Indicted in Alleged Marijuana Conspiracy
 AUG 30, 2007 Three California Marijuana Distribution Centers Shut Down
 AUG 16, 2007 Locally, Operation Puma Has Seized 277 Kilograms of Cocaine, 900 Pounds of Marijuana, and Nearly $2,500,000 in U.S. Currency
 AUG 16, 2007 International Team of Agencies Seize Over 20 Tons of Marijuana and $7 Million in Assets from Mexican-based Organization
 AUG 14, 2007 "Hooked on Ponics" Investigation Leads to Dismantling of Marijuana Grow House Operation
 JUL 25, 2007 Nature Preserve Eradicated
 JUL 17, 2007 Local Marijuana Dispensary Operators Indicted on Drug Trafficking Charges
 JUL 17, 2007 Round Two: Second Search Warrant Served at Bakersfield Marijuana Distribution Center
 MAY 21, 2007 Oakland Landlord Sentenced for Allowing Marijuana to be Grown on Multiple Commercial Properties
 APR 12, 2007 Seven College Students In VA Arrested On Drug Distribution Charges
 APR 9, 2007 Marijuana Grow Operation Found in Manhattan Apartment
 APR 3, 2007 New Photos Show Sophistication of Indoor Marijuana Grow in California
 MAR 15, 2007 Dozens Arrested in Oregon Pot Bust
 JAN 17, 2007 11 Search Warrants Served at Marijuana Distribution Centers
 DEC 13, 2006 Two Arrests at Hayward Marijuana Distribution Center
 NOV 20, 2006 27 Charged in Drug Ring Operation
 OCT 20, 2006 Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Ring Dismantled
 OCT 4, 2006 Two Convicted In Major Interstate Drug Conspiracy
 OCT 4, 2006 DEA’s New On-line Magazine Illustrates for Teens the Dangers of Marijuana
 OCT 3, 2006 CA: Search Warrants Served at San Francisco Marijuana Distribution Center
 SEP 27, 2006 Search Warrant Served at Central Valley's Largest Marijuana Distribution Center
 SEP 26, 2006 Maker of Marijuana Candy Products Pleads Guilty and Agrees to 70-Month Prison Term
 SEP 20, 2006 35 Charged, 28 Arrested in Connection with Port St. Lucie Marijuana Grow Houses
 SEP 19, 2006 Federal Investigation Dismantles Major Drug Organizations in Pacific Northwest
 JUL 3, 2006 Nine Additional Defendants Indicted in International Marijuana Trafficking Ring
 APR 21, 2006 7 Arrested and Thousands of Marijuana Plants Seized in East Bay Area
 MAR 16, 2006 'Pot Tarts' and 'Buddafingers' Manufacturers Busted
 JAN 23, 2006 Two Men Sentenced for Distributing More Than 100 Kilos of Marijuana in Missouri
 JAN 20, 2006 US Convicts Reggae Music CEO of Trafficking in Enormous Quantities of Marijuana
 JAN 19, 2006 Tacoma Man Gets 15 Years in Prison for Very Sophisticated Marijuana Grow Operation
 DEC 8, 2005 DEA Not Joking Around, Arrests 12 Members of the "Cartoon Network" Drug Ring
 AUG 17, 2005 "Prince of Pot" Arrested by US-Canadian Task Force
 JUL 7, 2005 DEA Seizes Approximately 800 Marijuana Plants, Weapons in California Raid
 APR 26, 2005 Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us
 MAR 2, 2004 DEA Buffalo Seizes Approximately 140 Pounds Marijuana and Recovers Human Organ Tissue For Transplant
 FEB 20, 2004 Operations El Barrio and Crescent Moon Yield Over Three Dozen Arrests
 JAN 29, 2004 3 Individuals Charged in Large Scale Cocaine and Marijuana Importation Ring
 NOV 5, 2003 Nine Individuals Arrested and Major Marijuana Distribution Network Operating in Nassau County, NY Dismantled
 JUL 31, 2003 Mexican Drug Lord Indicted; Over 240 Arrests in Operation Trifecta
 MAR 20, 2003 Arrest Leads to Unexpected Marjuana Seizure in Clark County, Kentucky
 MAR 6, 2003 Thousands Of Pounds Of Marijuana Seized In Grosse Point Park, Michigan
 FEB 8, 2002 DEA Extends Grace Period for Disposal of Existing Inventories of HEMP Products
 NOV 28, 2001 DEA Approves Marijuana Research
 NOV 15, 2001 Violent Drug Gang Dismantled in Washington, D.C.
 SEP 19, 2001 Cocaine & Marijuana Bust in the Bronx
 SEP 12, 2001 Operation S.O.S.
 JUN 20, 2001 Operation Marquis
 DEC 14, 2000 Operation Impunity II
 APR 13, 2000 Operation Green Air
 MAR 12, 1998 Statement from the DEA On the Industrial Use of Hemp
 SEP 13, 1995 Legalization Is a Surrender
 JUN 20, 1995 Response to JAMA article "Marihuana as Medicine"
 APR 19, 1995 The Cruel Hoax of Legalization