Major Arrests, Extraditions, or Convictions
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 DEC 15, 2010 Three Defendants Facing Federal Drug Charges in Chicago Among 15 Extradited From Mexico in Past Week
 DEC 09, 2010 Leader of Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization and Associate Found Guilty of Conspiring to Import Multiple Tons of Cocaine into the United States
 DEC 02, 2010 Boston Man Found Guilty by a Jury of Attempted Murder of a DEA Informant
 DEC 01, 2010 Nine Houston Residents Arrested in Largest PCP Seizure in DEA History
 NOV 30, 2010 Narcotics Task Force Announces Marijuana Seizures
 NOV 22, 2010 Retired Chicago Police Officer Indicted in Rico Conspiracy with Members of Alleged Drug Distribution Ring
 NOV 20, 2010 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition of Colombian Paramilitary Leader to The United States on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
 NOV 19, 2010 DEA Operations Dismantle Two Major Heroin Trafficking Organizations
 NOV 16, 2010 Viktor Bout Extradited To The United States To Stand Trial On Terrorism Charges
 NOV 12, 2010 Heroin Mill Dismantled in Theater District: 28 Pounds of Drugs worth $6.5 Million Seized
 OCT 29, 2010 Multi-National Operation Nets $55.9 Million Heroin Seizure in Afghanistan
 OCT 27, 2010 Head of Mexican Drug Trafficking Family Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison
 OCT 25, 2010 DEA Investigation Results in 68 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in Loíza, Puerto Rico
 SEP 29, 2010 DEA Investigation in Puerto Rico Identifies Postal Service Employees Engaged in Drug Trafficking
 SEP 10, 2010 Canadian Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Selling Millions of Marijuana Seeds Across the Border
 AUG 17, 2010 Cuidad Juarez Trafficker Extradited from Mexico
 AUG 11, 2010 FARC Associate Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to providing material support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization
 AUG 9, 2010 Pit Bull and Cock Fights Used as Networking Tool for Drug Traffickers
 AUG 4, 2010 Gulf Cartel Member Sentenced
 JUL 29, 2010 DEA Task Force Investigation Results in Arrest of 20 Hartford-Area Residents
 JUL 22, 2010 Top FARC Commander Sentenced To 27 Years In Prison For Conspiring To Import Tons Of Cocaine Into The United States
 JUL 16, 2010 Police Officers and Alleged Drug Dealers Charged in Drug Case
 JUL 09, 2010 DEA Investigations End With 158 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in Puerto Rico
 JUN 25, 2010 Christopher Michael Coke Arrives in United States to Face Narcotics and Firearms Trafficking Charges in Manhattan Federal Court
 JUN 25, 2010 DEA, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Seize $45 Million of Illegal Drugs
 JUN 17, 2010 Colombian Trafficker with Links to Mexican and Colombian Cartels Extradited from Mexico to the United States
 JUN 10, 2010 DEA-Led Operation Delivers Over 2,000 Arrests
 MAY 11, 2010 Mexican Drug Lord Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for Cocaine Distribution
 MAY 06, 2010 NYPD Police Officer Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and Narcotics Trafficking
 APR 27, 2010 Alleged Head of the Quintero Drug Trafficking Enterprise Extradited to U.S. From Mexico
 APR 16, 2010 Guatemalan Drug Kingpin Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 31 Years for Leading Massive, Armed Cocaine Conspiracy
 MAR 04, 2010 Mexico Extradites Oscar Arriola to Face Drug Trafficking Charges in Colorado
 FEB 19, 2010 Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Extradited From Mexico to United States to Face Federal Drug-Trafficking Charges
 FEB 02, 2010 Former New York City Police Department Sergeant Sentenced to Six Months' Imprisonment for Making False Statements to Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agents
 JAN 05, 2010 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition of Leader of International Money Laundering Organization