Major Arrests, Extraditions, or Convictions - 2006

 DEC 20, 2006 Memphis City Councilmen Indicted
 NOV 20, 2006 Diablos Motorcycle Club Member Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison
 NOV 16, 2006 Lead Defendant in Health Care Fraud and Rogue Internet Pharmacy Scheme Pleads Guilty
 NOV 14, 2006 Mastermind of 1994 Murder of DEA Agent Gets Life in Prison
 NOV 2, 2006 Sheriff, 12 Deputies Among Those Arrested On Drug, Racketeering Charges In Southern VA County
 SEP 28, 2006 Two FARC Associates Plead to Drug Conspiracy Charges
 SEP 27, 2006 NFL Player Terrence Kiel Arrested
 SEP 26, 2006 Cali Cartel Leaders Plead Guilty to Drug and Money Laundering Conspiracy Charges
 AUG 24, 2006 Francisco Javier Arellano-Felix Captured
 AUG 23, 2006 Colombian Drug Kingpin Extradicted To The United States
 AUG 8, 2006 Vasquez-Mendoza Found Guilty Of Murdering DEA Agent
 JUL 26, 2006 Operation Somalia Express: Largest Khat Enforcement Ever
 JUL 14, 2006 Builders of Drug Tunnel Between Canada and US Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison
 JUL 11, 2006 First Heroin Kingpin Ever Extradicted From Afghanistan Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Heroin Into United States
 JUN 1 , 2006 Two Mexican Nationals Extradicted From Mexico To Face Charges In Naco, Arizona Drug Tunnel
 APR 17, 2006 Two Operation Cyber Chase Defendants Found Guilty
 APR 7, 2006 Two Former NYPD Detectives Who Secretly Worked as Mafia Associates Convicted of Racketeering
 MAR 16, 2006 U.S. Announces Extradition of Colombian Drug Kingpin Responsible for Importing More Than $100 Million Worth of Narcotics
 MAR 8, 2006 Operation 'Wild Kingdom' Nets 26 Arrests in Minnesota
 MAR 7, 2006 Extradited Israeli Drug Lord Appears in Federal Court to Face Ecstasy Drug Charges
 MAR 6, 2006 Three Columbian Drug Traffickers Arrested, Charged With Laundering $3 Million In Drug Money
 MAR 6, 2006 Rochester, N.Y. Drug Kingpin Extradicted From St. Kitts
 MAR 2, 2006 Manhattan Federal Jury Convicts Belizean Drug Trafficker With Ties to Colombian Terrorist Group for Threats to Kill U.S. Agents Abroad and Cocaine Importation
 FEB 27, 2006 High-Ranking Colombian Drug Traffickers Sentenced in Miami
 FEB 15, 2006 Hitman For Bronx Crack Gang Convicted At Trial
 FEB 8, 2006 Members of Four Major Camden Area Cocaine Organizations Arrested on Indictments and Criminal Complaints
 FEB 3, 2006 Joint U.S.-Mexico Operation Nets Head of International Drug Cartel
 JAN 25, 2006 Man Arrested In Plot To Murder DEA Agent
 JAN 23, 2006 DEA Aids in the Arrest of International Money Manager Accused of Laundering $1 Billion in Illegal Proceeds