Major Arrests, Extraditions, or Convictions - 2005

 NOV 16, 2005 High Ranking Guatemalan Police Officers Arrested For Conspiracy To Import Cocaine Into The United States
 NOV 7, 2005 Pete Rose Jr. Arrested, Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges
 NOV 3, 2005 DEA Aids in Arrest of One of New Jersey's Most-Wanted
 OCT 24, 2005 Defendant in Colombian Norte Valle Drug Cartel Extradited to the United States
 OCT 24, 2005 U.S. Extradites Taliban-Linked Narco-Terrorist
 OCT 13, 2005 Powerful Detroit Drug Ringleader Collared
 OCT 4, 2005 DEA Arrests Mexican Cocaine Kingpin Responsible for Smuggling More than $90 Million Worth of Cocaine Into U.S.
 JULY 29, 2005 "Prince of Pot" Arrested by US-Canadian Task Force