DEA Events News Releases - 2006

 DEC 5, 2006 DEA Creates First-Ever National Meth Site Registry
 NOV 30, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Hosts Educational Event With Leading Experts On Drug Abuse As Part Of National Methamphetamine Awareness Day
 NOV 29, 2006 State and Local Agencies Share in the Largest Drug-Related Cash Seizure in the Central Valley
 OCT 17, 2006 Chicago Crime Commission To Recognize DEA and Area Crime Fighters
 OCT 6, 2006 DEA Helps Teachers Help Students to “Think Twice” About Drugs
 SEP 26, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales to Hold Press Conference with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Treasury, and Other Senior Officials
 SEP 12, 2006 Attorney General Honors 16 DEA Employees at The Department of Justice’s Annual Awards Ceremony
 SEP 12, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Honors Employees and Others at The Department of Justice’s Annual Awards Ceremony
 AUG 14, 2006 Karen P. Tandy, Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration, Ceremony for Fallen Colombian Police Officers at the Direccion Nacional in Bogota, Colombia
 AUG 14, 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Given To Former DEA Administrator Peter Bensinger
 AUG 14, 2006 Target America Opens at the Museum of Science and Industry
 AUG 11, 2006 Target America: Interview with Philip J. Cline
 JUL 31, 2006 Hoot’s ‘Chalk Talks’ Aim to Educate Youth on Steroids: DEA, Taylor Hooton Foundation & MLB Send Strong Message in Big League Parks
 JUN 9, 2006 Families Take Part in First National Candlelight Vigil for “Lost Promises”
 JUN 8, 2006 First-Ever Candlelight Vigil for “Lost Promises” Tonight
 MAY 1, 2006 Registration for Candlelight Vigil ends May 15th
 APR 26, 2006 Drugs: the Human Toll - An Interview with Ginger Katz
 APR 24, 2006 Len Bias' Mother Will Join Other Parents In a Candlelight Vigil
 MAR 22, 2006 DEA Receives Youth Crime Watch Award
 FEB 15, 2006 First-Ever Candle Light Vigil to Be Held for “Lost Promises”