Cocaine Archives - 2005

 DEC 5, 2005 Operation Durex Nets, 4 Arrests, 65 Kilograms Of Cocaine, Counterfeit Money And Weapons
 NOV 30, 2005 DEA Dismantles International Cocaine Trafficking Ring
 OCT 28, 2005 DEA Deals Motor City Mafia a Knock-out Blow Detroit Drug Legends Facing Twenty Years to Life
 OCT 13, 2005 Major Cocaine, Meth and Money Laundering Organization Dismantled
 OCT 6, 2005 International Cocaine Trafficking Ring Dismantled
 OCT 4, 2005 DEA Arrests Mexican Cocaine Kingpin Responsible for Smuggling More than $90 Million Worth of Cocaine Into U.S.
 SEP 30, 2005 Ex-Washington Redskin and Super Bowl Record Holder Arrested for Selling Cocaine
 SEP 9, 2005 Four Charged in Large Scale Cocaine Distribution Ring
AUG 11, 2005 CPOT Target Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Import Cocaine
JUN 9, 2005 Major North Texas Cocaine Distributors Sentenced
APR 1, 2005 Mexican Woman Found Guilty of Transporting 49 Pounds of Cocaine
FEB 15, 2005 Guatemalan-Colombian Heroin and Cocaine Cartel Dismantled