Cocaine Archives 2004-2003

FEB 20, 2004 Operations El Barrio and Crescent Moon Yield Over Three Dozen Arrests
JAN 29, 2004 3 Individuals Charged in Large Scale Cocaine and Marijuana Importation Ring
AUG 29, 2003 Statement from DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy on Operation Double Trouble
AUG 27, 2003 Operation Crackdown Leads to 17 Arrests in Colorado
AUG 14, 2003 DEA Detroit Takes Down Major Suburban Drug Ring With Ties to Mexico
JUL 31, 2003 Mexican Drug Lord Indicted; Over 240 Arrests in Operation Trifecta
JUN 25, 2003 Cocaine Hidden in Plastic Plantains
JUN 11, 2003 Traffickers and Mafia Caught in Cocaine Smuggling Operation
JUN 4, 2003 Over 100 Kilograms of Coke Seized in Rome Airport
JUN 3, 2003 Twenty-Six Arrested in Maine
FEB 26, 2003 Drug Defendant Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison in Connection with Largest Ever Cocaine Seizure in Massachusetts History
FEB 14, 2003 Operation Deja Vu Dismantles Violent Heroin/ Cocaine Trafficking Groups