News Releases - 2006

 DEC 27, 2006 Online Drug Ring Dismantled
 DEC 20, 2006 Ruthless Mexican Drug Kingpins Now Eligible for Death Penalty
 DEC 5, 2006 DEA Creates First-Ever National Meth Site Registry
 NOV 30, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Hosts Educational Event With Leading Experts On Drug Abuse As Part Of National Methamphetamine Awareness Day
 NOV 29, 2006 National Methamphetamine Awareness Day Events Represent Largest Single-Day Educational Effort on the Dangers of "Meth"
 NOV 28, 2006 60,000 Glassine Bags of Heroin Seized in Westerchester
 NOV 14, 2006 Mastermind of 1994 Murder of DEA Agent Gets Life in Prison
 NOV 9, 2006 DEA’s Mobile Enforcement Team Focuses on Los Angeles
 NOV 6, 2006 Department of Justice to Sponsor National Methamphetamine Awareness Day on November 30, 2006
 NOV 2, 2006 Sheriff, 12 Deputies Among Those Arrested On Drug, Racketeering Charges In Southern VA County
 OCT 26, 2006 Operation Cyber-Roid Snares Illegal Internet Pharmacy
 OCT 25, 2006 DEA: Drug Traffickers used Elmo Dolls to Conceal Meth
 OCT 19, 2006 38 Indicted in Multi-State Marijuana, Ecstasy Operation
 OCT 18, 2006 26 Arrested in International Drug Bust
 OCT 17, 2006 Chicago Crime Commission To Recognize DEA and Area Crime Fighters
 OCT 11, 2006 DEA Kicks-Off Red Ribbon Campaign
 OCT 6, 2006 DEA Helps Teachers Help Students to “Think Twice” About Drugs
 OCT 4, 2006 DEA’s New On-line Magazine Illustrates for Teens the Dangers of Marijuana
 SEP 28, 2006 Game Over: "Operation Triple Play" Wipes Out Ecstasy Ring
 SEP 26, 2006 Cali Cartel Leaders Plead Guilty to Drug and Money Laundering Conspiracy Charges
 SEP 26, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales to Hold Press Conference with the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Treasury, and Other Senior Officials
 SEP 21, 2006 Thirteen Charged in North Shore Cocaine Conspiracy
 SEP 20, 2006 DEA: Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals & 11 Individuals Indicted for "Generic" Pill Fraud Scheme
 SEP 15, 2006 First Mexican Law Enforcement Officials Graduate From DEA Academy Anti-Meth Training in U.S.
 SEP 12, 2006 Attorney General Honors 16 DEA Employees at The Department of Justice’s Annual Awards Ceremony
 SEP 12, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Honors Employees and Others at The Department of Justice’s Annual Awards Ceremony
 SEP 8, 2006 Former Guatemalan Senior Anti-Narcotics Officers Plead Guilty to Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute Cocaine
 SEP 6, 2006 Working Together: DEA and the Medical Community
 AUG 31, 2006 Major Central Valley Drug Trafficker Arrested in Operation “OO”
 AUG 24, 2006 AFO Leader Francisco Javier Arellano-Felix Captured
 AUG 23, 2006 Colombian Drug Kingpin Extradited To The United States
 AUG 22, 2006 Fact Sheet: Department of Justice Law Enforcement Efforts In New Orleans, Louisiana
 AUG 15, 2006 International Black Tar Heroin Trafficking Group Dismantled
 AUG 15, 2006 Prepared Remarks of DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy at Ceremony for Fallen Colombian Police Officers Bogotá, Colombia
 AUG 14, 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award Given To Former DEA Administrator Peter Bensinger
 AUG 14, 2006 Target America Opens at the Museum of Science and Industry
 AUG 11, 2006 Target America: Interview with Philip J. Cline
 AUG 10, 2006 DEA: Meth Superlab Discovered by Mexican Authorities
 AUG 8, 2006 Vasquez-Mendoza Found Guilty Of Murdering DEA Agent
 JUL 31, 2006 Hoot’s ‘Chalk Talks’ Aim to Educate Youth on Steroids
 JUL 26, 2006 Operation Somalia Express: Largest Khat Enforcement Ever
 JUL 26, 2006 Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Demand Reduction Forum: Media Advisory | Talking Points
 JUL 24, 2006 NJ: Notorious Newark Drug Dealer Convicted On All Counts
 JUL 18, 2006 Former Physician Sentenced for Distributing Performance-Enhancing Drugs to NFL Players, Others
 JUL 11, 2006 First Heroin Kingpin Ever Extradicted From Afghanistan Pleads Guilty To Smuggling Heroin Into United States
 JUL 7, 2006 Dismantling of Major Methamphetamine Organization Continues
 JUL 3, 2006 An Interview with the DEA Deputy Administrator Michele M. Leonhart
 JUN 28, 2006 DEA Administrator Testifies Before Congress
 JUN 21, 2006

29 Arrested in Chicago; Ties to Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Suspected

 JUN 21, 2006 Anonymous Tip Leads To Arrest Of Smugglers Hiding Heroin In Sandals, Furniture, Golf Bags, And Condom Swallowers
 JUN 16, 2006 FACT SHEET: The Department of Justice's Efforts to Combat Methamphetamine
 JUN 9, 2006 Families Take Part in First National Candlelight Vigil for “Lost Promises”
 JUN 8, 2006 First-Ever Candlelight Vigil for “Lost Promises” Tonight
 JUN 6, 2006 Chicago Field Division to Host Fentanyl Coordination and Strategy Conference
 JUN 5, 2006 DEA to Drug Ring with Hollywood Ties: “That’s a Wrap”
 JUN 1, 2006 Two Mexican Nationals Extradicted From Mexico To Face Charges In Naco, Arizona Drug Tunnel
 MAY 25, 2006 Meth Sold For Sex On Wind River Indian Reservation
 MAY 25, 2006 Steroids and Youth: An Interview With Don Hooten
 MAY 24, 2006 Operation Magnum Force Results in 23 Arrests in Palm Beach County
 MAY 24, 2006 38 Members of a Palm Beach County Crack Gang Face Federal Charges
 MAY 22, 2006 33 Arrested in West Fresno Drug Bust
 MAY 22, 2006 Women in Federal Law Enforcement (WIFLE) To Host Open Career Day
 MAY 18, 2006 Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales Outlines New Justice Department Efforts to Combat Methamphetamine
 MAY 17, 2006 Three Islands, $70 Million in Assets Seized in DEA Drug Bust
 MAY 5, 2006 DEA Clandestine Lab Response Truck
 MAY 4, 2006 Nineteen Indicted in Methamphetamine & Cocaine Conspiracy
 MAY 1, 2006 Registration for Candlelight Vigil ends May 15th
 APR 26, 2006 Drugs: the Human Toll - An Interview with Ginger Katz
 APR 24, 2006 Len Bias' Mother Will Join Other Parents In a Candlelight Vigil
 APR 21, 2006 Indictment Charges President and Officers of Hells Angels
 APR 21, 2006 7 Arrested and Thousands of Marijuana Plants Seized in East Bay Area
 APR 19, 2006 Joint Investigation Knocks-out Two Los Angeles Area Gangs
 APR 14, 2006 "Operation Omnipresence" Results in Arrests and Multi-Million Dollar Seizures
 APR 14, 2006 Defendant Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for 174 Pounds of Crystal Methamphetamine
 APR 7, 2006 Mexican National Extradited to Oregon To Face Charges of Methamphetamine/Cocaine Distribution and Money Laundering
 APR 7, 2006 Two Former NYPD Detectives Who Secretly Worked as Mafia Associates Convicted of Racketeering
 APR 4, 2006 Police Officers and Airline Employee Arrested in Colombia
 MAR 23, 2006 Drug Organization Used Juveniles to Smuggle and Sell Meth
 MAR 22, 2006 United States Charges 50 Leaders Of Narco-Terrorist FARC In Colombia With Supplying More Than Half Of The World's Cocaine
 MAR 22, 2006 DEA Receives Youth Crime Watch Award
 MAR 20, 2006 Prepared Remarks of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at Georgia Town Hall Meeting on Efforts to Combat Methamphetamines
 MAR 17, 2006 United Nations Body Agrees to Strengthen Systems for International Control of Precursor Chemicals
 MAR 17, 2006 Al Roker Investigates Meth Epidemic
 MAR 16, 2006 'Pot Tarts' and 'Buddafingers' Manufacturers Busted
DEA arrests 12, seizes marijuana-laced candy and soft drinks in San Francisco Bay Area
 MAR 16, 2006 U.S. Announces Extradition of Colombian Drug Kingpin Responsible for Importing More Than $100 Million Worth of Narcotics
 MAR 15, 2006 President Bush Signs USA Patriot Act
 MAR 9, 2006 DEA Turn Over Keys of Seized Building to Local Community
 MAR 8, 2006 DEA Announces Kansas City Meth Takedown
 MAR 8, 2006 Operation 'Wild Kingdom' Nets 26 Arrests in Minnesota
 MAR 7, 2006 Extradited Israeli Drug Lord Appears in Federal Court to Face Ecstasy Drug Charges
 MAR 6, 2006 Three Columbian Drug Traffickers Arrested, Charged With Laundering $3 Million In Drug Money
 MAR 6, 2006 Defendants Plead Guilty In Meth “Superlab” Case
 MAR 6, 2006 Rochester, N.Y. Drug Kingpin Extradicted From St. Kitts
 MAR 2, 2006 Manhattan Federal Jury Convicts Belizean Drug Trafficker With Ties to Colombian Terrorist Group for Threats to Kill U.S. Agents Abroad and Cocaine Importation
 FEB 27, 2006 High-Ranking Colombian Drug Traffickers Sentenced in Miami
 FEB 24, 2006 DEA New Jersey Division and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Arrest 1 for Importation of Crystal Methamphetamine
 FEB 23, 2006 Four Implicated in Shipment of Over 35 Kilograms of Cocaine and $1.4 Million Drug-Related Cash Seizure
 FEB 15, 2006 Hitman For Bronx Crack Gang Convicted At Trial
 FEB 15, 2006 First-Ever Candle Light Vigil to Be Held for “Lost Promises”
 FEB 8, 2006 Members of Four Major Camden Area Cocaine Organizations Arrested on Indictments and Criminal Complaints 
 FEB 3, 2006 Joint U.S.-Mexico Operation Nets Head of International Drug Cartel
 FEB 1, 2006 Heroin Traffickers Used Puppies to Smuggle Drugs
 JAN 30, 2006 Two Miami Men Charged in Multi-Kilogram Heroin Case
 JAN 30, 2006 Tampa Man Sentenced to 200 Years in Federal Prison
 JAN 27, 2006 Operation Bronx Tale Dismantles International Heroin Drug Ring
 JAN 27, 2006 DEA Anti-Meth Operation Nets 38 Arrests
 JAN 27, 2006 DEA Special Agent-in-Charge John P. Gilbride, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan Announce 20 Arrests in the Takedown of Operation Bronx Tale
 JAN 26, 2006 DEA/ICE Uncover "Massive" Cross-Border Drug Tunnel
 JAN 25, 2006 Man Arrested In Plot To Murder DEA Agent
 JAN 23, 2006 Two Men Sentenced for Distributing More Than 100 Kilos of Marijuana in Missouri
 JAN 23, 2006 Prepared Remarks for Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzalez at the Senator's National Town Hall on Methamphetamine Awareness and Prevention
 JAN 23, 2006 DEA Aids in the Arrest of International Money Manager Accused of Laundering $1 Billion in Illegal Proceeds
 JAN 20, 2006 US Convicts Reggae Music CEO of Trafficking in Enormous Quantities of Marijuana
 JAN 20, 2006 Tacoma Man Gets 15 Years in Prison for Very Sophisticated Marijuana Grow Operation
 JAN 19, 2006 30 People Indicted for Involvement in St. Louis Drug Trafficking Network
 JAN 18, 2006 DEA Takes Over 30 Guns And 200 Kilograms Of Cocaine Off The Streets
 JAN 11, 2006 Money Laundering Threat Assessment Released