News Releases - 2005

 DEC 28, 2005 Drug Enforcement Administration Highlights Year’s Accomplishments
 DEC 19, 2005 As Delivered Remarks of Administrator Karen P. Tandy At The Monitoring of the Future Press Conference
 DEC 15, 2005 DEA Leads Largest Steroid Bust in History
 DEC 14, 2005 DEA Welcomes Meth Legislation
 DEC 13, 2005 Food, Faith and a Message
 DEC 8, 2005 DEA Dismantles Large International Drug and Money Laundering Organization
 DEC 8, 2005 DEA Not Joking Around, Arrests 12 Members of the "Cartoon Network" Drug Ring
 DEC 5, 2005 Operation Durex Nets, 4 Arrests, 65 Kilograms Of Cocaine, Counterfeit Money And Weapons
 NOV 30, 2005 DEA Seizes Heroin-Laced Artwork
 NOV 30, 2005 DEA Dismantles International Cocaine Trafficking Ring
 NOV 17, 2005 DEA Dismantles International Ecstasy Trafficking Groups
 NOV 16, 2005 High Ranking Guatemalan Police Officers Arrested For Conspiracy To Import Cocaine Into The United States
 NOV 7, 2005 Pete Rose Jr. Arrested, Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking Charges
 NOV 3, 2005 DEA Aids in Arrest of One of New Jersey's Most-Wanted
 NOV 2, 2005 DEA, Russian Officials Sign Historic Memorandum Of Mutual Understanding
 OCT 28, 2005 DEA Deals Motor City Mafia a Knock-out Blow Detroit Drug Legends Facing Twenty Years to Life
 OCT 26, 2005 DEA celebrates 20th Anniversary of Red Ribbon Week 
 OCT 24, 2005 U.S. Extradites Taliban-Linked Narco-Terrorist
 OCT 21, 2005 Defendant in Colombian Norte Valle Drug Cartel Extradited to the United States
 OCT 21, 2005 King Soopers Agrees to Pay Record Amount for Violations of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA)
 OCT 20, 2005 DEA Official Testifies Before House Committee on Energy and Commerce
 OCT 20, 2005 Drug-Free Partnership Director Calls on Parents to Halt Rise in Prescription Drug Abuse
 OCT 20, 2005 DEA Headquarters to Celebrate Red Ribbon Week
 OCT 19, 2005 DEA Official To Testify On Environmental And Health Impacts Of Methamphetamines
 OCT 13, 2005 Major Cocaine, Meth and Money Laundering Organization Dismantled
 OCT 13, 2005 Powerful Detroit Drug Ringleader Collared
 OCT 11, 2005 DEA “Agent of the Year" to be Recognized
 OCT 6, 2005 International Cocaine Trafficking Ring Dismantled
 OCT 4, 2005 DEA Arrests Mexican Cocaine Kingpin Responsible for Smuggling More than $90 Million Worth of Cocaine Into U.S.
 OCT 3, 2005 Red Ribbon Campaign Marks 20th Anniversary
 SEP 30, 2005 Ex-Washington Redskin and Super Bowl Record Holder Arrested for Selling Cocaine
 SEP 28, 2005 Guilty Verdict Relating to Murder of Two DEA Agents
 SEP 27, 2005 Largest Sale of Ecstasy in Eastern U.S. Foiled by DEA
 SEP 21, 2005 DEA Disables Major Pharmaceutical Internet Scheme
 SEP 9, 2005 Four Charged in Large Scale Cocaine Distribution Ring
 SEP 7, 2005 Hurricane Katrina Contact Information
 AUG 31, 2005 DEA Launches Secure Electronic Ordering
 AUG 30, 2005 DEA Launches Teen Web Page
 AUG 30, 2005 Attorney General Gonzales and DEA Administrator Tandy Announce Results of Unprecendented National Anti-Meth Initiative
 AUG 24, 2005 Seized U.S. / Canada Tunnel to be Destroyed
 AUG 19, 2005 DEA Fractures Major Meth Pipeline Into U.S.
 AUG 18, 2005 Bush Cabinet Officials Highlight Anti-Meth Programs; Launch New Website
 AUG 17, 2005 New York OCDETF Strike Force Smashes International Heroin Ring In The Bronx
 AUG 17, 2005 "Prince of Pot" Arrested by US-Canadian Task Force
 AUG 17, 2005 DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy Statement on New Steroids Education Partnership
 AUG 16, 2005 Statement of James M. Kasson, DEA's SAC of Philadelphia Field Division
 AUG 4, 2005 School Employees Charged in Oxycontin Forged Prescription and Health Care Fraud Ring
 JUL 21, 2005 'First Ever' Tunnel Discovered Between Canada and US
 JUL 19, 2005 DEA’s "Money Trail Initiative" Cuts Flow of Cash to Cartels
 JUL 15, 2005 9 Arrested in Florida's Largest Ever Prosecution of an Online Pharmacy
 JUL 7, 2005 DEA Seizes Approximately 800 Marijuana Plants, Weapons in California Raid
 JUN 14, 2005 Colombian Drug and Money Laundering Ring Shattered
 MAY 31, 2005 Drug Enforcement Administration Recruiting Accounting And Finance Experts
 APR 26, 2005 Marijuana: The Myths Are Killing Us
 APR 20, 2005 International Internet Drug Ring Shattered
 APR 14, 2005 DEA Administrator Karen Tandy's Remarks on Hurwitz Sentencing
 APR 14, 2005 Virginia Pain Doctor Sentenced to 25 Years
 APR 14, 2005 DEA Releases Radio Actualities on Hurwitz Sentencing in Eastern District of Virginia
 MAR 22, 2005 DEA Administrator Addresses Forum in Camden
 FEB 15, 2005 Guatemalan-Colombian Heroin and Cocaine Cartel Dismantled
 JAN 31, 2005 Augustin Vasquez-Mendoza Extradited To Arizona For the Murder of DEA Special Agent Richard Fass in 1994
 JAN 19, 2005 DEA Finds Significant Nationwide Impact as a Result of International Ecstasy Investigation