News Releases - 2004

 DEC 20, 2004 Multi-Million Dollar Reward Offered for the Capture of Joaquin "Chapo" Guzman
 DEC 15, 2004 Turn In Pharmaceutical Pill Pushers Confidentially Call 1-877-RxAbuse
 NOV 17, 2004 DEA to Play Key Role in New Heroin Interdiction Program for Afghanistan
 NOV 11, 2004 DEA responds to commentary in The Oregonian
 OCT 26, 2004 Administrator Tandy's Speech at the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers Breakfast
 OCT 19, 2004 Operation Money Clip Dismantles Major Money Laundering and Drug Operation
 SEP 27, 2004 DEA Survivors Benefit Fund Supports Families of Our Heroes with Scholarships and Grants
 SEP 23, 2004 DEA Eliminates Major Source of US Meth
 SEP 13, 2004 Target America: Drug Traffickers, Terrorists and You
 JUL 22, 2004 DEA Announces Arrests of Website Operators Selling Illegal Designer Drugs
 JUL 16, 2004 New, Updated Information about What's Happening in Your State
 JUN 23, 2004 Caribbean and South America Drug Lords Indicted
 JUN 7, 2004 Major Cartel Lieutenants Arrested in Mexico
 JUN 1, 2004 DEA Mourns One of Our Own
 MAY 21, 2004 Administrator Tandy at Florida Drug Summit
 MAY 6, 2004 Powerful Colombian Cartel Crippled by Indictments and Seizures
 MAY 4, 2004 U.S., Colombia, Canada And United Kingdom Jointly Announce Dismantling Of Massive International Money-Laundering Ring
 MAR 31, 2004 Operation Candy Box: Over 130 Arrested in American-Canadian Crackdown on Ecstasy and Marijuana Drug Ring
 MAR 22, 2004 U.S House of Representatives Honors DEA
 MAR 4, 2004 DEA Administrator Testifies Before Senate Caucus International Narcotics Control
 MAR 2, 2004 DEA Joins ONDCP in Announcement of New Drug Strategy
 FEB 27, 2004 $5 Million Reward Offered for Zambada-Garcia
 FEB 26, 2004 DEA Administrator Karen Tandy Testifies about Stemming the Flow of Heroin from Afghanistan
 FEB 20, 2004 Operations El Barrio and Crescent Moon Yield Over Three Dozen Arrests
 JAN 28, 2004 Calabrian Mafia Dismantled in Operation "Decollo" (Take-Off)
 JAN 22, 2004 Routine Drug Investigation Uncovers Three Grenades and Launcher
 JAN 15, 2004 DEA Disrupts Colombian Drug Ring
 JAN 12, 2004 Cash Smuggling Case at O'Hare Airport