News Releases - 2003

 DEC 11, 2003 30 Years of DEA
 NOV 25, 2003 Major LSD Criminals Sentenced, Pickard and Apperson were linked to the Largest LSD Lab Seizure in DEA History
 NOV 20, 2003 DEA Administrator Karen Tandy Meets With Past DEA Administrators
 NOV 19, 2003 DEA Opens "Air, Land and Sea" Exhibit to the Public
 NOV 19, 2003 Detroit Fundraiser Leads to $150,000 to Support Survivors
 NOV 19, 2003 DEA Billboard Offers Reward for Dangerous International Drug Fugitive
 OCT 30, 2003 The Myth of the "Chilling Effect", Doctors Operating Within Bounds of Accepted Medical Practice Have Nothing to Fear From DEA
 OCT 21, 2003 Drug-Related Homicide Task Force Seizes Homemade Armored Vehicle
 OCT 9, 2003 "The True Story of Killing Pablo" on the History Channel
 OCT 8, 2003 Anti-Drug Summit Held in Boston
 SEP 30, 2003 DEA Museum Exhibit on Drugs and Terrorism Travels to Dallas, First Stop on a National Tour
 SEP 17, 2003 DEA Celebrates the Swearing In of Administrator Karen Tandy
 SEP 8, 2003 September is National Addiction Recovery Month
 SEP 4, 2003 Operation Running Waters Leads to Major PCP Arrests
 AUG 29, 2003 Statement from DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy on Operation Double Trouble
 AUG 27, 2003 Colombian Drug Lord Sentenced to 30 Years in U.S.
 AUG 27, 2003 Operation Crackdown Leads to 17 Arrests in Colorado
 AUG 21, 2003 New England Field Division Hosts Massachusetts Congressional Delegation
 AUG 14, 2003 DEA Detroit Takes Down Major Suburban Drug Ring With Ties to Mexico
 AUG 8, 2003 Karen Tandy Confirmed as DEA's 9th Administrator
 JUL 31, 2003 Mexican Drug Lord Indicted; Over 240 Arrests in Operation Trifecta
 JUL 25, 2003 DEA - New York Investigation Results in the Extradition of Four Argentine Heroin-Traffickers to the United States Following Landmark Ruling by Argentine Supreme Court
 JUL 24, 2003 Operation Fuente: Cash Rewards for Heroin Information
 JUL 21, 2003 DEA New England Honored with 22 OCDETF Awards
 JUL 9, 2003 DEA Investigation Leads To The Indictment Of Arellano-Felix Organization
 JUN 25, 2003 Cocaine Hidden in Plastic Plantains
 JUN 20, 2003 New Drug Law Protects Children
 JUN 11, 2003 Traffickers and Mafia Caught in Cocaine Smuggling Operation
 JUN 4, 2003 Over 100 Kilograms of Coke Seized in Rome Airport
 JUN 3, 2003 Twenty-Six Arrested in Maine
 MAY 30, 2003 Fabio Ochoa Convicted on U. S. Drug Charges
 MAY 20, 2003 Drugs and Terrorism a Dangerous Mixture, DEA Official tells Senate Judiciary Committee
 MAY 20, 2003 Major Heroin Organization Dismantled from the Source in Columbia from the Streets of Philadelphia
 MAY 16, 2003 Massive Heroin-Smuggling Organization Dismantled
 MAY 9, 2003 Six Arrested On Ecstasy Charges
 MAY 9, 2003 Arrests Reveal Increased Colombian Presence in Mexico's Drug Industry
  The Truth about "Driving While Drugged"
 APR 30, 2003 DEA Issues Statement on THC in Cannabis Food Products in Light of Ongoing Litigation
 APR 15, 2003 Over 65 Arrested in International Methamphetamine Investigation
 APR 3, 2003 U.S. Arrests 9 Afghani Natives on Charges of Importing Heroin from Pakistan and Afghanistan
 MAR 31, 2003 Largest LSD Lab Seizure in DEA History
 MAR 27, 2003 Operation Archangel Nets Indictments of 36 in Boston Investigation Targeted Violent Gangs that Sold Crack Near Elementary Schools
 MAR 21, 2003 DEA Issues Final Rules on "Cannabis" Products
 MAR 21, 2003 Captured: Mexican Cartel Boss Osiel Cardenas-Guillen Violent Criminal had Threatened Federal Agents
 MAR 20, 2003 Arrest Leads to Unexpected Marijuana Seizure in Clark County, Kentucky
 MAR 10, 2003 DEA Official Testifies About Arizona/Mexican Border
 MAR 6, 2003 Thousands Of Pounds Of Marijuana Seized In Grosse Point Park, Michigan
 FEB 26, 2003 Drug Defendant Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison in Connection with Largest Ever Cocaine Seizure in Massachusetts History
 FEB 24, 2003 Operations Pipe Dreams And Headhunter Put Illegal Drug Paraphernalia Sellers Out Of Business
 FEB 14, 2003 Operation Deja Vu Dismantles Violent Heroin/ Cocaine Trafficking Groups
 JAN 30, 2003 Special Agent John B. Brown, III Named Acting DEA Administrator
 JAN 29, 2003 Methamphetamine Arrests In Nevada
 JAN 29, 2003 Yaba, New Form of Meth, Now Appearing In U.S.
 JAN 21, 2003 DEA Administrator Announces Positive Results In Fiscal Year 2002 Financial Statement Audit