News Releases - 2002

 DEC 20, 2002 DEA Suspends Online Drug Activity
 DEC 12, 2002 Colombia an Important Source Of Growing Heroin Problem, Says DEA Operations Chief
 DEC 11, 2002 Innovative Anti-Drug Program in Alabama
 DEC 4, 2002 DEA Michigan Halts Diversion of Prescription Drugs
 NOV 20, 2002 Ku Klux Klan Motorcycle Club Members Convicted Of Federal Drug Trafficking, Weapons And Money Laundering Charges
 NOV 6, 2002 Colombian Terrorists Arrested In Cocaine-For-Weapons Deal
 NOV 5, 2002 Major International Ecstasy Trafficking Organization Takedown In New York And The Netherlands
 NOV 4, 2002 Hartford DEA Mobile Enforcement Team (MET) Arrests 40
 NOV 4, 2002 LA to Alaska Drug Corridor
 OCT 22, 2002 National Red Ribbon 2002 Campaign Kicks Off In October
 OCT 9, 2002 Three Arrested In Connection With Seizure Of 1.4 Million Ecstasy Tablets Worth Approximately $42 Million Dollars
 OCT 9, 2002 DEA Administrator Announces Arrests Of Colombian Traffickers
 SEP 19, 2002 "Date Rape " Drug Sold Over the Internet
 SEP 6, 2002 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse
 SEP 3, 2002 DEA and Giuliani Open National Museum Exhibit on Drugs and Terrorism
 AUG 21, 2002 New Study Shows Increase In Number of Drug Free Schools
 AUG 19, 2002 Law Enforcement Deals Major Blow To Crack Organizations
 AUG 7, 2002 More Than 57 Arrested in Southern California Methamphetamine Investigation
 AUG 6, 2002 Major Drug Trafficking Organization in El Paso Behind Bars
 JUL 26, 2002 Israeli MDMA Traffickers Extradited to South Florida
 JUL 17, 2002 Saudi Arabian Prince Indicted on Cocaine Charges
 JUL 17, 2002 Drug Summit Opens in Allentown
 JUN 27, 2002 DEA Investigation Links Former Lehman Brothers Account Representative with Mexican Cartel
 JUN 25, 2002 DEA Administrator Stops in Raleigh as National Meth Tour Continues
 JUN 19, 2002 DEA Administrator Announces Arrest of FARC Member
 JUN 12, 2002 DEA Dismantles International Drug Ring
 JUN 6, 2002 High Court Upholds Marijuana as Dangerous Drug
 JUN 4, 2002 DEA Arrests 11 in Major Cocaine/Heroin Trafficking Ring
 MAY 31, 2002 John Brown III Sworn In As DEA Deputy Administrator
 MAY 29, 2002 DEA Administrator Accepts Increased Responsibility From FBI Restructuring
 MAY 21, 2002 DEA Administrator and Women Legislators Partner to Fight Club Drugs
 MAY 6, 2002 DEA Administrator Hutchinson Announces Increased Presence in Arkansas
 APR 24, 2002 DEA Launches Methamphetamine Tour
 APR 17, 2002 DEA Deputy Administrator John B. Brown III Confirmed by US Senate
 APR 11, 2002 DEA Administrator Applauds Drug and Corruption Arrests by Mexican Government
 MAR 26, 2002 DEA Dismantles Heroin and Cocaine Trafficking Organization Operating in the San Juan Metro Area
 MAR 22, 2002 Administrator Discusses Prescription Monitoring Programs with the National Association of Attorneys General
 MAR 19, 2002 Attorney General Unveils Drug Strategy Plan at DEA Headquarters
 MAR 18, 2002 Department of Justice Hands Down Drug Indictments Against FARC Terrorists
 MAR 14, 2002 Hutchinson Addresses American Pain Society (APS)
 MAR 9, 2002 DEA Confirms Capture of Benjamin Arellano-Felix
 FEB 26, 2002 Exceptional Drug Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst Fellowship Program
 FEB 25, 2002 Operation "Los Greenes"
 FEB 8, 2002 DEA Extends Grace Period for Disposal of Existing Inventories of HEMP Products
 FEB 5, 2002 2003 Bush Budget Proposal for DEA
 JAN 22, 2002 Administrator to Keynote National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) Conference
 JAN 18, 2002 DEA Takedown Nets Multi-Ton Pseudoephedrine Seizure
 JAN 10, 2002

More Than 100 Arrested in Methamphetamine Investigation (Transcript and Photos)