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Methamphetamine News Releases
MAY 23, 2018 Two Separate Investigations Result in Significant Sentences for Drug Dealers
APR 17, 2018 Meth Trafficker Handed Significant Sentence
APR 06, 2018 Sinaloa Cartel Trafficker Sentenced
JAN 16, 2018 OCDETF cases net two large prison sentences for drug traffickers
DEC 21, 2017 Chico couple indicted for trafficking methamphetamine in Butte and Shasta counties
OCT 13, 2017 Four Ohio men indicted in meth distribution conspiracy
OCT 11, 2017 Russellville operation results in 44 federal defendants charged with multiple drug and gun crimes
SEP 29, 2017 DEA, FBI and CODE join forces to take down major drug trafficking network in central and Oregon
AUG 30, 2017 $1 Million Worth of Methamphetamine Secreted in Candles Seized and Five People Arrested
AUG 25, 2017 Acting Manhattan U.S. Attorney and DEA announce provisional arrest in London of Pakistani National for drug-trafficking on a massive scale
AUG 18, 2017 DEA-led investigation results in ten defendants pleading guilty in million dollar meth conspiracy
APR 28, 2017 DEA-Led Investigation of Mexican DTO Results in Charges Against 28
APR 20, 2017 7 Sentenced in DEA Investigation of Methamphetamine Trafficking in Alabama
APR 11, 2017 Bay Point Resident Sentenced To More Than Nine Years for Methamphetamine Trafficking
FEB 27, 2017 13 Years for Trucking Company Owner for Role in $6.5 Million Crystal Meth, Heroin Haul
FEB 10, 2017 Aryan Brotherhood Members Sentenced in Texas Meth Distribution Conspiracy
JAN 05, 2017 Conviction & Guilty Plea to Internet Drug Trafficking
DEC 06, 2016 DEA Releases 2016 Drug Threat Assessment: Fentanyl-related overdose deaths rising at an alarming rate
NOV 03, 2016 Twelve Arrested for Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin, Meth and Cocaine
SEP 13, 2016 Rogers Man Sentenced to Maximum of 20 Years in Federal Prison for Drug Trafficking
JUL 19, 2016 Cumberland County, New Jersey Man Sentenced to More Than 10 Years in Prison for Methamphetamine Conspiracy
MAR 16, 2016 DEA Agents Arrest Four Men on Federal Charges of Distributing Narcotics, Including Pills Manufactured with a Fentanyl Analogue
DEC 14, 2015 Thirty-Four Facing Federal and Tribal Charges Arising Out of Meth Trafficking
NOV 05, 2015 Twelve Arrested in Major Meth & Heroin Trafficking Organization
NOV 04, 2015 DEA Releases 2015 Drug Threat Assessment: Heroin and Painkiller Abuse Continue to Concern
AUG 05, 2015 DEA Announces Tip Line, Wanted Poster for Chapo
JUN 19, 2015 40 Charged, Huge Cash and Drug Seizures of Organization Tied to Murders
JAN 27, 2015 Chicago Twins’ Cooperation against Sinaloa Cartel Yields 14- Year Prison Terms; New Charges Target Cartel’s Top Echelon
JAN 16, 2015 Dozens of Alleged Members of Sinaloa Cartel Charged; List Includes Kingpin “El Mayo,” His Sons and Other Top Leaders
JAN 06, 2015 Three Members of Mexican Cartel Sentenced to Prison for Conspiracy Involving Liquid Methamphetamine
APR 16, 2014 Tricked-out Upper Manhattan Stash Apartments Conceal $12 Million in Heroin and $500,000 in “Crystal Meth”
FEB 25, 2014 Thirteen Arrested in Connection with Meth and Heroin Distribution Ring
FEB 20, 2014 Worldwide Drug Trafficker Sentenced
JAN 16, 2013 Treasury Continues Targeting Sinaloa Cartel Leadership
DEC 04, 2013 24 Arrests in Joint Imperial County Investigation Over 3 tons of Cocaine Seized
NOV 20, 2013 DEA News: 5 Extradited, Charged with North Korean Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
OCT 17, 2013 More Than 20 Defendants Charged in City-Wide Drug Bust
AUG 06, 2013 13 Linked to Mexican Mafia and La Familia Indicted after Investigation Reveals Plot to Join Forces to Expand Drug Cartel’s Presence in U.S.
MAY 14, 2013 Gulf Cartel Plaza Boss Heads to Prison for Life
MAR 27, 2013 High Ranking Sinaloa Cartel Member Indicted on Various Drug and Money Laundering Charges
MAR 15, 2013 Wide Ranging Drug Trafficking Conspiracy Dismantled
JAN 15, 2013 Leader of Azusa Street Gang Involved in Drug Trafficking and Hate Crimes Sentenced to Nearly 20 Year
DEC 17, 2012 DEA Announces Results of Operation Knight Stalker
DEC 03, 2012 More than 570 Pounds of Crystal Methamphetamine Seized
NOV 06, 2012 Leader of Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
AUG 23, 2012 DEA and Mexico Announce Further Steps to Combat Meth Production
JUL 06, 2012 DEA and Tempe Police Announce Results of Operation Nayarit Stampede
APR 12, 2012 Treasury Designates Major Mexican Drug Chemical Traffickers
MAR 02, 2012 One of the Largest Methamphetamine Seizures in American History
DEC 20, 2011 DEA and Tempe Police Announce Results of Operation Crank Call
AUG 01, 2011 Drug Kingpin Indicted Following Record-Breaking Meth and Heroin Seizure
JUL 15, 2011 Southern Nevada HIDTA Task Force Makes Record Seizure of Methamphetamine
JAN 20, 2011 Operation Spiderweb Snags Cocaine, Meth, Weapons and Over $1 Million in Cash
MAY 14, 2010 Defendants Receive Lengthy Sentences in Methamphetamine Trafficking Conspiracy That Generated $5 Million in Proceeds
APR 20, 2010 Meth Trafficker and La Familia Associate Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking
APR 01, 2010 HIDTA Investigation Results in the Arrest of Ten Linked to Mexico-Based Drug Trafficking Ring Accused of Smuggling Large Quantities of Meth
DEC 02, 2008 DEA Nets Largest Meth Seizure Ever In New Jersey
SEP 26, 2008 Meth, Cocaine Ring Dismantled in Washington and Idaho
SEP 05, 2008 Guilty Verdicts for Nevada to Hawaii Meth Ring
AUG 22, 2008 DEA and Local Law Enforcement Seize over 134 Pounds of "ICE" Meth
AUG 14, 2008 Treasure Valley Man Gets 32 Years for Meth Trafficking
DEC 11, 2007 Mexican-Based International Drug Trafficking Organization Takes Big Hit in US
NOV 08, 2007 White House Drug Czar, DEA Administrator Release New Data Showing Significant Disruptions in U.S. Cocaine and Methamphetamine MARkets
NOV 08, 2007 New Data Show Significant Disruptions In U.S. Methamphetamine, Cocaine MARkets Price Of Meth Soars 73 Percent; Purity Down By Nearly A Third
JUL 31, 2007 Two Mexican Nationals Sentenced to 35 Years Each for Leading Vast Drug Conspiracy
JUN 01, 2007 Operation Pill Crusher Nets 10 Arrests
MAY 14, 2007 Operation GhostRider Nets 28 Arrests, Gang Targeted
APR 18, 2007 Mexican Meth Distribution Network Dismantled  
MAR 30, 2007 First Arrest In The Nation For Violating The Combat Methamphetamine Act
MAR 06, 2007 DEA Arrests Lead To Largest Ever Meth Seizure In NJ
FEB 28, 2007 Middle School Principal Arrested For Selling Meth
JAN 30, 2007 U.K. Couple Face Extradition for Supplying Chemicals to U.S. Meth Labs
JAN 30, 2007 DEA Announces First 2007 Meth Lab Seizure in New York
JAN 22 , 2007 Brothers Indicted After 21 Lb. Seizure of Meth


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