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MAY 11, 2018 Fugitive marijuana trafficker sentenced to prison
APR 12, 2018 Fugitive wanted for the kidnapping and murder of a federal agent is added to the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” List
FEB 09, 2018 Montreal-based drug trafficking ring operating throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Peru dismantled
NOV 27, 2017 Former Seattle Police Officer pleads guilty for role in drug conspiracy transporting large amounts of marijuana to the east coast
MAY 15, 2017 Sheriff’s Deputies Plead Guilty in Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
APR 13, 2017 35 Years for Leader of Major Marijuana Trafficking Operation
MAR 23, 2017 California Man Pleads Guilty To Operating Bi-Coastal Marijuana Distribution Ring
JAN 05, 2017 Conviction & Guilty Plea to Internet Drug Trafficking
DEC 16, 2016 Over 250 Pounds of Illegal Psychedelic Mushrooms Seized from Major Grow House in Sheepshead Bay
DEC 06, 2016 DEA Releases 2016 Drug Threat Assessment: Fentanyl-related overdose deaths rising at an alarming rate
DEC 01, 2016 Triad Residents Sentenced on Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Charges
AUG 11, 2016 DEA Announces Actions Related to Marijuana and Industrial Hemp
JUN 03, 2016 Owner of String of Marijuana Stores Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
MAR 24, 2016 Feds Seize another Tunnel; Multiple Arrests and a Ton of Marijuana Seized
MAR 09, 2016 Sixteen Latin King Gang Members and Associates Arrested for Narcotics Trafficking in Long Beach, New York
DEC 23, 2015 DEA Eases Requirements for FDA-Approved Clinical Trials on Cannabidiol
NOV 04, 2015 DEA Releases 2015 Drug Threat Assessment: Heroin and Painkiller Abuse Continue to Concern
OCT 05, 2015 Six Arrested in Massive Queens Marijuana Bust
AUG 05, 2015 DEA Announces Tip Line, Wanted Poster for Chapo
JUN 19, 2015 40 Charged, Huge Cash and Drug Seizures of Organization Tied to Murders
MAY 27, 2015 DEA, Royal Netherlands Navy, U.S. Coast Guard seize 13,000 pound marijuana shipment, apprehend 12 smugglers in the Caribbean Sea
JAN 27, 2015 Chicago Twins’ Cooperation against Sinaloa Cartel Yields 14- Year Prison Terms; New Charges Target Cartel’s Top Echelon
JAN 16, 2015 Dozens of Alleged Members of Sinaloa Cartel Charged; List Includes Kingpin “El Mayo,” His Sons and Other Top Leaders
OCT 21, 2014 Head of the Gulf Cartel Appears in Beaumont Federal Court on Drug Trafficking Charges
AUG 19, 20014 Alleged Bonanno Organized Crime Family Associate Sentenced to Eleven Years Imprisonment  
JUL 22, 2014 Federal Criminal Charges Filed Against Seven People Involved in Hash Oil Explosions
APR 28, 2014 DEA Investigation Results in Federal Marijuana and Money Laundering Charges
FEB 14, 2014 Leader and a Member of an International Ethnic-Albanian Organized Crime Syndicate Sentenced to 120 Months and 110 Months Respectively for Drug Trafficking
FEB 03, 2014 Pierce County Man Who Killed Two While Protecting Marijuana Grow Sentenced to Seven Years in Prison
JAN 24, 2014 Operation OPBAT Nets 2100 Pounds of Marijuana
JAN 16, 2014 Treasury Continues Targeting Sinaloa Cartel Leadership
JAN 10, 2014 Member of an International Ethnic-Albanian Organized Crime Syndicate Sentenced to 115 Months for Drug Trafficking and Attempting to Assassinate Criminal Associate over Drug Debt
JAN 07, 2014 Operation Mercury Cases
DEC 20, 2013 DEA Statement on 2013 Monitoring the Future Study
DEC 04, 2013 24 Arrests in Joint Imperial County Investigation Over 3 tons of Cocaine Seized
OCT 31, 2013 Feds shutdown massive new cross-border drug tunnel south of San Diego
OCT 17, 2013 More Than 20 Defendants Charged in City-Wide Drug Bust
JUN 17, 2013 Federal Grand Jury Indicts Two in Marijuana Trafficking Investigation
JUN 07, 2013 Denver Man Sentenced for Role in Murder-for-Hire and Drug Conspiracy
MAY 29, 2013 Canadian Drug Kingpin with Ties to the Rizutto and Bonanno Crime Families, the Hells Angels and the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel Pleads Guilty to Narcotics Trafficking Crimes Carrying Sentence of 20 Years to Life and $1 Billion in Forfeiture
MAY 14, 2013 Gulf Cartel Plaza Boss Heads to Prison for Life
APR 26, 2013 13 Correctional Officers among 25 Alleged BGF Gang Members and Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges
APR 18, 2013 Pierce County Man Who Shot Two Intruders at His Marijuana Grow Indicted for Drug Manufacturing and Illegal Gun Possession
MAR 20, 2013 10 Linked to Network of Marijuana Grow Houses in California Arrested on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges
MAR 05, 2013 83 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in the Municipality of San Juan
FEB 26, 2013 High Ranking Gulf Cartel Member Convicted in Washington for Drug Trafficking
FEB 19, 2013 Stockton Marijuana Grow Cultivator Convicted of Narcotics and Firearms Charges
FEB 14, 2013 Two Members of Manhattan Trinitarios Gang Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court for Racketeering and Firearms Offenses
FEB 01, 2013 High-Ranking Member of Mexican “Los Zetas” Cartel Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy Charges
JAN 22, 2013 San Diego Man is Sentenced to 100 Months for Running Marijuana Dispensary and Money Laundering
DEC 17, 2012 DEA Announces Results of Operation Knight Stalker
NOV 20, 2012 Alleged Leader of Ethnic-Albanian Organized Crime Syndicate Extradited to the U.S. to Face Drug and Money Laundering Charges
NOV 20, 2012 Canadian Trucker Convicted of Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana
NOV 14, 2012 Former El Paso County Commissioner Willie Gandara, Jr. Sentenced to Federal Prison
NOV 09, 2012 Whatcom County Resident Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Conspiring to Smuggle Massive Cocaine Shipment to Canada
NOV 06, 2012 Leader of Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
NOV 01, 2012 Verdict Returned Against Two Remaining Defendants in Murder-for-Hire and Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
OCT 25, 2012 Federal Authorities Arrest 12 People Involved in Operation of Nine Illegal Marijuana Storefronts in Orange and Los Angeles Counties
OCT 19, 2012 U.S. Based Leader of International Drug Smuggling Ring Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison
OCT 04, 2012 Ten Indicted for Marijuana Growing on Public and Private Lands in Fresno and Tulare Counties
AUG 21, 2012 United States Attorneys Announce Multistate Operation Targeting Illegal Marijuana Cultivation on Public Lands
JUL 06, 2012 DEA and Tempe Police Announce Results of Operation Nayarit Stampede
FEB 07, 2012 Major Marijuana Grower Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison
OCT 25, 2011 One of the Largest Marijuana Seizures in Indiana History Announced After Six-Month Investigation
NOV 26, 2010 Discovery of 2nd Major San Diego-Area Cross-Border Drug Tunnel Leads to 8 Arrests, Seizure of More Than 20 Tons of Marijuana
NOV 03, 2010 Tunnel Task Force Discovers Cross Border Tunnel
OCT 28, 2010 San Joaquin County Marijuana Cultivation Ring Busted
OCT 22, 2009 DEA Statement on New Department of Justice Marijuana Guidelines
AUG 28, 2009 14,500 Marijuana Plants Seized in Pike National Forest Near Deckers
JUN 26, 2009 Five Men Sentenced in Operation Green Reaper
APR 28, 2009 Employees of Self Proclaimed "Prince of Pot" Plead Guilty
FEB 25, 2009 Operation Green Reaper Strikes Again
JAN 22, 2009 Seizure of 7028 Pounds of Marijuana and Arrest of Four Members of the Javier Flores Drug Trafficking Organization
DEC 10, 2008 22 Michigan Residents Indicted in Huge Marijuana Indoor Grow Investigation
NOV 19, 2008 Record Breaking Seizures of Marijuana Throughout California in 2008
OCT 22, 2008 Five Members of Marijuana Conspiracy Plead Guilty
SEP 23, 2008 Four Defendants Sentenced on Federal Murder, Firearms, and Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Charges
SEP 11, 2008 Operation 'Green Reaper' Sweeps King County
SEP 10, 2008 US/Canadian Investigations Dismantle International Marijuana Trafficking Organization
AUG 07, 2008 California Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted
JUL 28, 2008 Operation Blackjack Dismantles Drug Pipeline from New York City to Central NY
JUL 22, 2008 DEA Foils Indoor Marijuana Grow Operation
JUL 14, 2008 DEA Task Force Eradicates $20 Million Marijuana Grow in CA National Forest 
MAY 27, 2008 Marijuana Dispensaries Linked to Fatal Car Crash
APR 23, 2008 Seattle DEA Targets Suppliers And Financiers Of Bourgeoning Indoor Marijuana Grows
MAR 20, 2008 California Doctor-Lawyer Couple Get Five Years For Growing and Selling Marijuana
FEB 27, 2008 Over Par and Under Arrest: Golf Co. Execs Busted
FEB 12, 2008 Anchorage Man Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charges and Marijuana Importation Conspiracy
NOV 01, 2007 DEA Announces Marijuana Bust In Tonto National Forest
OCT 15, 2007 Five Indiana Men Indicted in Alleged Marijuana Conspiracy
AUG 30, 2007 Three California Marijuana Distribution Centers Shut Down
AUG 16, 2007 Locally, Operation Puma Has Seized 277 Kilograms of Cocaine, 900 Pounds of Marijuana, and Nearly $2,500,000 in U.S. Currency
AUG 16, 2007 International Team of Agencies Seize Over 20 Tons of Marijuana and $7 Million in Assets from Mexican-based Organization
AUG 14, 2007 "Hooked on Ponics" Investigation Leads to Dismantling of Marijuana Grow House Operation
JUL 25, 2007 Nature Preserve Eradicated
JUL 17, 2007 Local Marijuana Dispensary Operators Indicted on Drug Trafficking Charges
JUL 17, 2007 Round Two: Second Search Warrant Served at Bakersfield Marijuana Distribution Center
MAY 21, 2007 Oakland Landlord Sentenced for Allowing Marijuana to be Grown on Multiple Commercial Properties
APR 12, 2007 Seven College Students In VA Arrested On Drug Distribution Charges
APR 09, 2007 Marijuana Grow Operation Found in Manhattan Apartment
APR 03, 2007 New Photos Show Sophistication of Indoor Marijuana Grow in California
MAR 15, 2007 Dozens Arrested in Oregon Pot Bust
JAN 17, 2007 11 Search Warrants Served at Marijuana Distribution Centers


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