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Major Arrests News Releases
May 18, 2018 Inmate Sentenced Additional Prison Time for Drug Trafficking from Prison
APR 20, 2018 Former Mexican Governor Extradited to the Southern District of Texas
MAR 13, 2017 Colombian drug kingpin found guilty by Miami federal jury
JAN 08, 2017 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Murder Charges against Bronx Gang Member
AUG 07, 2017 Sinaloa Cartel Leader Surrenders to US Law Enforcement
JUN 29, 2017 Two Afghan men plead guilty to conspiring to import heroin into the United States
MAR 24, 2017 Lubbock Man Sentenced to 121 Months for Role in Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Marijuana Distribution Conspiracy
FEB 07, 2017 14 Defendants Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Narcotics Distribution
FEB 06, 2017 Latin King Gang Member Indicted for Murder of CW Post Basketball Star Tafare Berryman
JAN 31, 2017 DEA: Kenyan Drug Traffickers Arrive in US to Face Charges
MAY 05, 2016 Top International Drug Money Launderer Arrested in Colombia
JAN 08, 2016 DEA Statement on the Capture of Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman-Loera
OCT 30, 2015 Doctor Convicted of Three Murders in Prescription Drug Overdose Case
OCT 15, 2015 151 Arrested in DEA-Led Investigation of Synthetic Drug Rings
MAR 13, 2015 Captain of Genovese Crime Family Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to Racketeering
FEB 27, 2015 DEA Statement on the Mexico Arrest of Knights Templar Cartel Leader "La Tuta"
FEB 05, 2015 Ross Ulbricht, the Creator and Owner of the “Silk Road” Website, Found Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court on All Counts
JAN 16, 2015 Dozens of Alleged Members of Sinaloa Cartel Charged; List Includes Kingpin “El Mayo,” His Sons and Other Top Leaders
DEC 19, 2014 Heroin Pipeline Stretching from Mexico to NYC and Long Island Dismantled
DEC 10, 2014 International Narcotics Trafficker Extradited from Honduras to United States Sentenced
NOV 24, 2014 Sinaloa Cartel Member Sentenced to 22 Years in Federal Prison; Plea Agreements Unsealed for Leaders of Cartel’s Chicago Cell
NOV 21, 2014 Former Member of German Armed Forces Extradited to U.S.
NOV 14, 2014 Alleged Leader of a Mexican Drug Cartel Extradited to United States
OCT 21, 2014 Head of the Gulf Cartel Appears in Beaumont Federal Court on Drug Trafficking Charges
OCT 02, 2014 DEA Administrator Statement on Capture of Hector Beltran-Leyva
SEP 04, 2014 Colombian National Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping and Murder of DEA Agent Terry Watson
AUG 06, 2014 Colombian Narcotics Kingpin Sentenced to 360 Months in Prison
JUL 18, 2014 FedEx Indicted for Its Role in Distributing Controlled Substances and Prescription Drugs
JULY 10, 2014 Alleged Sinaloa Cartel Leader Extradited to the United States from the Netherlands
JULY 02, 2014 Seven Colombian Nationals Charged in Connection with the Murder of a DEA Agent Extradited to the United States
MAY 30, 2014 Joint Law Enforcement Operation Arrested Six Individuals on Drug Charges in the East Bay, One in Fresno
MAY 28, 2014 International Scheme to Extort Americans by Impersonating DEA Special Agents Foiled
MAY 23, 2014 Former President of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo, Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court for Laundering Millions of Dollars through United States Banks
MAY 07, 2014 DEA News: Huge Synthetic Drug Takedown
APR 24, 2014 DEA Announces Barrio Azteca Lieutenant Who Ordered Consulate Murders in Ciudad Juarez Sentenced to Life in Prison
APR 17, 2014 DEA and U.S. Attorney Announce Extradition of Former Member of Polish Armed Forces Charged with Narcotics Conspiracies
APR 16, 2014 Tricked-out Upper Manhattan Stash Apartments Conceal $12 Million in Heroin and $500,000 in “Crystal Meth”
APR 10, 2014 High-Level Sinaloa Cartel Member’s Guilty Plea Unsealed; Zambada-Niebla’s Cooperation with U.S. Revealed
MAR 14, 2014 Former President of Guatemala, Alfonso Portillo, Pleads Guilty to Laundering Millions of Dollars
FEB 24, 2014 DEA Statement on the Arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera
FEB 22, 2014 Dept. of Justice Statement on the Arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman Loera
FEB 20, 2014 Worldwide Drug Trafficker Sentenced
FEB 12, 2014 Task Force Investigation into PCP Trafficking Leads to Federal Charges against Producers and Distributors of the Dangerous Drug
FEB 05, 2014 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Charges against Owner of Bronx Clinic and 23 Other Individuals Involved in Illegal Distribution of More Than Five Million Oxycodone Pills
FEB 03, 2014 Baltimore Drug Kingpin Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
NOV 14, 2013 Bulger Sentenced to Two Life Terms
NOV 13, 2013 Alleged Dominican Drug Supplier Extradited to the United States to Face Narcotics Trafficking Charges
NOV 08, 2013 DEA and Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announce Charges Against Senior South American Counterterrorism Figure for Attempting to Support Hezbollah
SEP 27, 2013 DEA Announces Arrests of Two Former U.S. Soldiers and One Former German Soldier for Conspiracy to Murder a DEA Agent
AUG 30, 2013 DEA Announces Arrest of Alleged International Narcotics Trafficker
AUG 12, 2013 Federal Jury Convicts James “Whitey” Bulger
JUL 19, 2013 Six Colombian Nationals Charged With Murder of DEA Agent
JUL 16, 2013 DEA Statement on the Arrest of Miguel Trevino Morales
JUL 09, 2013 DEA Along With Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Miami U.S. Attorneys Announce Extradition of Colombian Narcotics Kingpin
JUN 28, 2013 Former Governor of Mexican State Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 131 Months in Prison for Money Laundering in Connection with Narcotics Bribes 
JUN 26, 2013 The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and its law enforcement partners today announced enforcement operations in 35 states
MAY 30, 2013 DEA NEWS: Manssor Arbabsiar Gets 25 Years in Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador
MAY 28, 2013 Former Guatemalan President Extradited to the U.S. to Face Money Laundering Charges
MAY 24, 2013 Viktor Bout Associate Extradited to The United States
MAY 23, 2013 Corrupt Colombian Government Employee and Criminal Defense Attorney Extradited in Obstruction of Justice Case
MAY 16, 2013 U.K. Defendant Sentenced for Illegal Chemical Distribution via Internet
APR 26, 2013 Colombian Drug Trafficker Indicted and Extradited on Drug Trafficking Charges
APR 26, 2013 13 Correctional Officers among 25 Alleged BGF Gang Members and Associates Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges
APR 08, 2013 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces the Extradition of Dominican Republic Former Drug Control Operations Chief
APR 04, 2013 DEA Leads Major Narco-Terror Operation
MAR 28, 2013 Gramercy Medical Center Pumped More Than $10 Million in Narcotic Pills onto Interstate Black Market
MAR 27, 2013 Last of Los Zetas Money Launderers Ordered to Prison
MAR 05, 2013 83 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in the Municipality of San Juan
FEB 28, 2013 DEA and LAPD Conduct Massive West Coast OxyContin Sweep
FEB 01, 2013 High-Ranking Member of Mexican “Los Zetas” Cartel Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy Charges
JAN 10, 2013 Richard Ammar Chichakli Arrested on Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, and Conspiracy Charges
JAN 09, 2013 International Narcotics Trafficker Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 280 Months in Prison
DEC 17, 2012 DEA Announces Results of Operation Knight Stalker
NOV 28, 2012 Results of Violent Crime Reduction Partnership Announced
NOV 20, 2012 Alleged Leader of Ethnic-Albanian Organized Crime Syndicate Extradited to the U.S. to Face Drug and Money Laundering Charges
OCT 16, 2012 Former Colombian Prosecutor Pleads Guilty to Role in International Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
SEP 17, 2012 Accused Drug Trafficker Arrested in Panama Appears in Miami Federal Court
SEP 14, 2012 DEA Serves a Suspension Order on Walgreens Distribution Center in Jupiter, Florida
SEP 13, 2012 Former U.S. Army Captain Pleads Guilty to Importing Heroin from Afghanistan into the United States
SEP 10, 2012 McAllen Jury Convicts Major Brownsville Drug Trafficker
AUG 31, 2012 Eduardo Arellano-Felix Extradited from Mexico to the United States to Face Charges
AUG 20, 2012 DEA News: Feds Announce Seizure of $150 Million in Connection with Hizballah-related Money Laundering Scheme
AUG 16, 2012 Operaton Pill Nation Strikes Again with Phase II Takedown
AUG 08, 2012 Alleged International Narcotics Trafficker Extradited from Colombia on Cocaine Importation Charges
AUG 01, 2012 Mexican Toy Dealer Pleads Guilty in Drug Money Laundering Case
JUL 26, 2012 DEA NEWS: Nationwide Synthetic Drug Takedown 
JUL 12, 2012 DEA Probe Leads to Discovery of Cross-Border Drug Tunnel in San Luis, AZ
JUN 29, 2012 Barrio Azteca Leader Sentenced to Life in Prison
JUN 08, 2012 Jamaican Drug Lord Christopher Michael Coke Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison
JUN 06, 2012 45 Indicted in Major DEA-Led Investigations of Drug Trafficking Operations at San Juan International Airport
MAY 25, 2012 1.4 Tons of Cocaine Seized
MAY 23, 2012 Extradited: Armando Villareal, Leader of International Drug Trafficking Cartel
MAY 11, 2012 Omnicare in $50 Million Settlement- Largest Controlled Substance Settlement in History
APR 25, 2012 TSA Screeners at LAX Arrested on Federal Drug Trafficking, Corruption Charges
APR 24, 2012 RICO Indictments for Sinaloa Cartel Leaders Including “El Chapo” Guzman, “MAYo” Zambada, 22 Others
APR 24, 2012 Arrests in Major Nationwide Drug Trafficking Investigation—Includes Those Associated With“Thizz Entertainment”
APR 05, 2012 Viktor Bout Sentenced to 25 Years for Terrorist Crimes
APR 02, 2012 Leader of Notorious Tijuana Cartel/Arellano-Felix Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced for Racketeering, Money Laundering 
MAR 13, 2012 Haji Bagcho, One of World’s Largest Heroin Traffickers, Convicted on Drug Trafficking, Narco-Terrorism Charges
FEB 23, 2012 DEA Joins Chicago MAYor, Police in Major Drug Violence, Gang Reduction Initiative
FEB 22, 2012 Federal Jury Convicts Four Texas-Based Barrio Azteca Gang Members
FEB 15, 2012 Barrio Azteca Gang Leader Sentenced in Texas to Life in Prison
FEB 10, 2012 Largest Drug Bust in Colorado History
FEB 01, 2012 Twelve Indicted in Huge Detroit Heroin, Cocaine, and MARijuana Conspiracy
JAN 24, 2012 Return of Fugitive Oscar MARtinez-Hernandez from Venezuela
JAN 04, 2012 Former Leader of the Arellano-Felix Organization Pleads Guilty
DEC 15, 2011 DEA News: Civil Suit Exposes Lebanese Money Laundering Scheme For Hizballah
NOV 30, 2011 Second Major Cross-Border Drug Tunnel Discovered South of San Diego This Month
NOV 18, 2011 Two Extradited, Charged with Weapons Support to Hizballah
NOV 17, 2011 Major Cross-Border Drug Tunnel Discovered South of San Diego
NOV 16, 2011 Twenty Charged in Chicago with Various Drug Trafficking Offenses, Including Five Allegedly Tied to the Mexican “Zetas” Cartel
NOV 03, 2011 International Arms Dealer Viktor Bout Convicted in New York of Terrorism Crimes
SEP 29, 2011 More Than Two Dozen Boeing Employees Arrested in Drug Sting
SEP 27, 2011 DEA and USPIS Investigation Leads to Indictment of 28 Individuals for Conspiracy to Possess With Intent to Distribute MARijuana
SEP 12, 2011 Three High-Level Colombian Narcotics Traffickers Indicted
AUG 31, 2011 Jamaican Drug Lord Christopher Michael Coke Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court
AUG 26, 2011 “Bloods” Leader Arrested, Charged with Possessing Arsenal of Weapons Tied to Murders and Other Violent Acts in Newark
AUG 23, 2011 High-Ranking Gulf Cartel Leader Extradited to United States
AUG 18, 2011 DEA San Diego/El Cajon PD Arrest 60 in Nine Month Operation
AUG 17, 2011 “Fowl Play” Investigation Dismantles Georgia Cocaine Ring
AUG 10, 2011 Physician and Pharmacist Among Those Arrested in Drug Conspiracy and Health Care Fraud Case
AUG 10, 2011 Major Heroin Seizure Announced in Pueblo, Colorado
AUG 02, 2011 Drug Distribution Investigation Uncovers Massive Health Care Fraud
JUL 26, 2011 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Arrests in DEA Narco-Terrorism Undercover Operations
JUL 21, 2011 DEA Leads Largest U.S. Strike Against La Familia Cartel Twenty-Month Series of Investigations Lead to Nearly 02,000 Arrests, Over $60 Million Seized
JUL 20, 2011 More Than Thirteen Thousand MARijuana Plants Seized in Southern Utah
JUL 13, 2011 37 Alleged Members and Associates of an International Ethnic-Albanian
Organized Crime Syndicate Arrested
JUL 06, 2011 Jury Convicts Three Defendants of Charges Related to Multi-Million Dollar Drug-Trafficking Conspiracy
JUN 28, 2011 Ten Arrested in New York “Bath Salts” Round-Up
JUN 21, 2011 Three FARC Guerillas Convicted in Manhattan Federal Court of Taking a U.S. Citizen Hostage
JUN 15, 2011 Operation Special Delivery Dismantles International Interstate Drug Ring
JUN 13, 2011 Fifteen Alleged Members of the “Detroit Boyz” Charged in New Jersey and Pennsylvania Drug Distribution Conspiracy
JUN 09, 2011 “Operation G-60” Dismantles Mexican Drug Trafficking Organization Operating In Metro Atlanta
JUN 06, 2011 Superseding Indictment Charges Attorney and Alleged Criminal Associate with Additional Racketeering Offenses
JUN 02, 2011 Indictments Announced Following Wisconsin Drug Trafficking and Illegal Gambling Investigation   
JUN 01, 2011 Former DeKalb Police Officer Indicted for Abusing His Position and Lying To Federal Agents
MAY 27, 2011 Mid-Michigan Drug Trafficker Gets Over 21 Years in Prison for Distributing More Than A Ton of MARijuana
MAY 25, 2011 DEA Arrests Two and Seizes 32 Kilograms of Cocaine at the Luis Muñoz MARin International Airport
MAY 19, 2011 Agency Heads Announce Major Criminal Action Against Cartel
MAY 18, 2011 Lake Worth DOCTor Arrested on Fifty-Five Counts of Illegal Distribution of Oxycodone at Lake Worth Clinic
MAY 16, 2011 Soccer Player Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison
MAR 30, 2011 Miami-Dade Mortgage Broker Sentenced for Obtaining Fraudulent Mortgages on Houses Purchased in Palm Beach and St Lucie Counties
MAR 23, 2011 Michigan DOCTor Arrested on Rx Drug Charges and
Health Care Fraud
MAR 22, 2011 Cocaine & Meth Dealer Sentenced To 12 Years
MAR 14, 2011 Alleged Mexican Drug Kingpin Extradited to The United States to Face Drug and Money-Laundering Charges
MAR 09, 2011 35 Members and Associates of Barrio Azteca Gang Charged with Racketeering and other Offenses, Including 10 Charged in U.S Consulate Murders in Juarez, Mexico
FEB 24, 2011 DEA-Led Operation Pill Nation Targets Rogue Pain Clinics in South Florida
FEB 23, 2011 DEA Investigation Leads to Treasury Designation against Cocaine Supplier for Sinaloa Cartel
FEB 17, 2011 Physician Pleads Guilty to $1 Million Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
FEB 11, 2011 ATF, DEA Investigation Leads to Nine Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking
FEB 10, 2011 Drug Investigations Lead to Treasury 311 Patriot Act Designation Against Lebanese Bank Tied to Hizballah
FEB 10, 2011 Long County Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Drug Trafficking
FEB 03, 2011 Operation Four Horsemen Results in Millions Going Back to Law Enforcement Agencies
FEB 01, 2011 Los Angeles Roundup Targets 38th Street Gang
JAN 27, 2011 Niagara Falls DOCTor Among Fourteen Charged in Major Prescription Drug Investigation
JAN 26, 2011 DEA Investigation Leads to OFAC Designation of Lebanese-Based Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Network
JAN 25, 2011 34 Suspects Indicted in Drug and Firearms Trafficking Organization
JAN 19, 2011 Los Angeles Street Gang Targeted in Federal Racketeering Indictment
JAN 19, 2011 Cousins Sentenced on Federal Charges for PCP Distribution
JAN 13, 2011 26 Members of Rockland County Drug Trafficking Ring Charged in White Plains Federal Court with Distributing More Than a Ton of MARijuana
JAN 10, 2011 Six Charged with Conspiring to Provide Weapons to Terrorist Organization
JAN 09, 2011 Lead Defendant in Massive Gang Case Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Wide-Ranging Drug Trafficking Activities
JAN 05, 2011 Former Colombian MARitime Training Instructor and Co-Conspirator Plead Guilty to U.S. Drug Charges
DEC 15, 2010 Three Defendants Facing Federal Drug Charges in Chicago Among 15 Extradited From Mexico in Past Week
DEC 09, 2010 Leader of Colombian Drug Trafficking Organization and Associate Found Guilty of Conspiring to Import Multiple Tons of Cocaine into the United States
DEC 02, 2010 Boston Man Found Guilty by a Jury of Attempted Murder of a DEA Informant
DEC 01, 2010 Nine Houston Residents Arrested in Largest PCP Seizure in DEA History
NOV 30, 2010 Narcotics Task Force Announces MARijuana Seizures
NOV 22, 2010 Retired Chicago Police Officer Indicted in Rico Conspiracy with Members of Alleged Drug Distribution Ring
NOV 20, 2010 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition of Colombian Paramilitary Leader to The United States on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
NOV 19, 2010 DEA Operations Dismantle Two Major Heroin Trafficking Organizations
NOV 16, 2010 Viktor Bout Extradited To The United States To Stand Trial On Terrorism Charges
NOV 12, 2010 Heroin Mill Dismantled in Theater District: 28 Pounds of Drugs worth $6.5 Million Seized
OCT 29, 2010 Multi-National Operation Nets $55.9 Million Heroin Seizure in Afghanistan
OCT 27, 2010 Head of Mexican Drug Trafficking Family Sentenced to 23 Years in Prison
OCT 25, 2010 DEA Investigation Results in 68 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in Loíza, Puerto Rico
SEP 29, 2010 DEA Investigation in Puerto Rico Identifies Postal Service Employees Engaged in Drug Trafficking
SEP 10, 2010 Canadian Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison For Selling Millions of MARijuana Seeds Across the Border
AUG 17, 2010 Cuidad Juarez Trafficker Extradited from Mexico
AUG 11, 2010 FARC Associate Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to providing material support to a Foreign Terrorist Organization
AUG 09, 2010 Pit Bull and Cock Fights Used as Networking Tool for Drug Traffickers
AUG 04, 2010 Gulf Cartel Member Sentenced
JUL 29, 2010 DEA Task Force Investigation Results in Arrest of 20 Hartford-Area Residents
JUL 22, 2010 Top FARC Commander Sentenced To 27 Years In Prison For Conspiring To Import Tons Of Cocaine Into The United States
JUL 16, 2010 Police Officers and Alleged Drug Dealers Charged in Drug Case
JUL 09, 2010 DEA Investigations End With 158 Individuals Indicted for Drug Trafficking in Puerto Rico
JUN 25, 2010 Christopher Michael Coke Arrives in United States to Face Narcotics and Firearms Trafficking Charges in Manhattan Federal Court
JUN 25, 2010 DEA, San Bernardino Sheriff's Department Seize $45 Million of Illegal Drugs
JUN 17, 2010 Colombian Trafficker with Links to Mexican and Colombian Cartels Extradited from Mexico to the United States
JUN 10, 2010 DEA-Led Operation Delivers Over 02,000 Arrests
MAY 11, 2010 Mexican Drug Lord Sentenced to 20 Years in Federal Prison for Cocaine Distribution
MAY 06, 2010 NYPD Police Officer Indicted for Armed Robbery Conspiracy and Narcotics Trafficking
APR 27, 2010 Alleged Head of the Quintero Drug Trafficking Enterprise Extradited to U.S. From Mexico
APR 16, 2010 Guatemalan Drug Kingpin Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 31 Years for Leading Massive, Armed Cocaine Conspiracy
MAR 04, 2010 Mexico Extradites Oscar Arriola to Face Drug Trafficking Charges in Colorado
FEB 19, 2010 Alleged Mexican Drug Cartel Leader Extradited From Mexico to United States to Face Federal Drug-Trafficking Charges
FEB 02, 2010 Former New York City Police Department Sergeant Sentenced to Six Months' Imprisonment for Making False Statements to Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agents
JAN 05, 2010 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition of Leader of International Money Laundering Organization
DEC 18, 2009 Three Al Qaeda Associates Arrested on Drug and Terrorism Charges
DEC 17, 2009 Leaders of Colombian Narco-Terrorist Organization Plead Guilty in U.S. District Court to Conspiring to Import Tons of Cocaine into the United States
NOV 24, 2009 Alleged La Familia Mexican Drug Cartel Members and Associates Indicted in Federal Court
OCT 22, 2009 DEA Announces Largest Single U.S. Strike Against Mexican Drug Cartels
OCT 06, 2009 Georgetown Man Admits to Shooting Men He Believed Were Federal Informants
OCT 01, 2009 Deputy Attorney General, U.S. Attorney, and Other Federal and Local Officials Unveil New OCDETF Strike Force Site, Highlight Successes of Phoenix Operation
SEP 29, 2009 Colombian Narcotics Trafficker Planning Airdrop of Cocaine Arrives in New York from Dominican Republic
SEP 22, 2009 DEA, Partners Attack Notorious L.A. Avenues Gang
SEP 22, 2009 DEA Busts Puerto Rico's Top Drug Trafficker
SEP 03, 2009 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Extradition of Leader of International Drug-Trafficking and Money Laundering Organization
AUG 11, 2009 Leader of Colombian Drug Cartel and Former FBI Top-Ten Fugitive Pleads Guilty to Drug, Murder and Racketeering Charges
JUL 23, 2009 New Orleans Man Pleads Guilty to Murder of DEA Agent
JUL 21, 2009 Fifteen Arrested on Drug Charges in St. Louis Area
JUL 07, 2009 International Drug Ring Charged
JUL 02, 2009 Puget Sound Mexican Drug Ring Dismantled
JUN 12, 2009 Five Arrested in Plot to Murder U.S. Federal Agent in Colombia
MAY 28, 2009 73 Arrested in Texas Steroid Bust
MAY 21, 2009 Massive Racketeering Case Targets Gang that Controlled Criminal Activity in Los Angeles Area Community
MAY 19, 2009 NYPD Officer Arrested in Plot to Rob Manhattan Apartment to Obtain Hidden Drug Money
MAY 05, 2009 Drug-Dealing Victim of Hostage-Taking Sentenced to Nearly 4 Years in Prison
APR 16, 2009 24 Individuals Associated with the "Black Guerilla Family" Gang Indicted on Federal Drug and Gun Charges
APR 09, 2009 DEA Task Force Targets Lancaster Street Gang
MAR 18, 2009 Associate of International Arms Dealer Monzer Al Kassar Found Guilty of Terrorism Offenses
MAR 13, 2009 Charges Filed in Anna Nicole Smith Case
MAR 05, 2009 Colombian Paramilitary Leader Extradited to The United States to Face U.S. Drug Charges
FEB 25, 2009 International Arms Trafficker Monzer Al Kassar and Associate Sentenced on Terrorism Charges
DEC 31, 2008 10 Major Drug Deffendants Extradicted from Mexico to the United States
DEC 30, 2008 DEA Case Uncovers Massive Cockfighting Arena in Tennessee
NOV 20, 2008 International Arms Dealer and Cohort Convicted on Terrorism Offenses
NOV 18, 2008 "Mickey Woods" MARijuana Trafficking Organization Indicted
NOV 18, 2008 Operation Cut Throat Nets Additional Arrests
OCT 27, 2008 Gun Battle Ends With Arrest Of Eduardo Arellano-Felix
OCT 24, 2008 Afghan Drug Kingpin Charged With Financing Taliban Terrorist Insurgency
OCT 08, 2008 DEA Drug Investigation Targets Pasadena Drug Gang
SEP 25, 2008 Former Schenectady Police Chief Greg KaczMARek Indicted on Felony Drug Distribution Charges
SEP 17, 2008 Project Reckoning
SEP 12, 2008 Black Mafia Family Members Sentenced to 30 Years
JUL 15, 2008 DEA, FBI Lead Rescue of Hostage in Atlanta Area Drug House
JUN 25, 2008 Massive Law Enforcement Operation Targets Violent Street Gang in Northeast Los Angeles
JUN 13, 2008 International Arms Dealer Extradited To United States From Spain On Terrorism Offenses
JUN 06, 2008 Compromised DEA Investigation Leads to Sentencing of Former Police Officer
JUN 05, 2008 Alaska Man Gets 30 Years For Importing Ton of Canadian Pot
MAY 14, 2008 Chattanooga Councilman Among 33 Arrested On Drug Charges
MAY 06, 2008 Undercover Operation Targets SDSU Campus
APR 17, 2008 Operation Tienda Hielo Nets 52 Arrests, Seizure of More Than 100 Pounds of Methamphetamine Ice
MAR 06, 2008 International Arms Dealer Arrested On Terrorism Charges In Bangkok
FEB 21, 2008 52 Arrested On Drug Charges In Buffalo, NY
FEB 12, 2008 Guatemala Extradites Colombian Heroin Trafficker
FEB 08, 2008 Drug Kingpin Convicted Of Running Heroin Organization In The Bronx And Queens
FEB 05, 2008 Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced to 30 Years on Narcotics and Money Laundering Charges
FEB 04, 2008 Operation Ivory Triangle Results in Heroin Trafficker's Extradition from Thailand
DEC 14, 2007 Four Members of International Khat Trafficking Ring Found Guilty In Manhattan Federal Court
DEC 14, 2007 United States Announces Historic Extradition of Iranian Heroin Trafficker To New York
DEC 06, 2007 Violent Colombian Drug Kingpin Convicted For Importing Thousands Of Kilograms Of Cocaine Into The United States From Colombia
NOV 28, 2007 U.S. Arrests Colombian Police Officers And Airline Employees For Facilitating Shipments Of Heroin On Commercial Flights Into New York City
NOV 06, 2007 Former Leader of Arellano-Felix Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced to Life in Prison
OCT 16, 2007 United States Announces First Extraditions from Romania on Terrorism Charges
OCT 05, 2007 Heroin Kingpin – First Defendant Ever Extradited From Afghanistan – Sentenced In Manhattan Federal Court To Over 15 Years In Prison
SEP 24, 2007 DEA Announces Largest Steroid Enforcement Action in U.S. History
SEP 18, 2007 Leader and Senior Lieutenant of Arellano-Felix Organization Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges
AUG 23, 2007 Multi-Agency Operation Results in Over $5 Million in Cash Seizures
JUL 20, 2007 Leader of Norte Valle Colombian Drug Cartel Extradited To United States
JUN 08, 2007 DEA Investigation Nets International Arms Dealer With Ties To Terrorist Organizations
MAY 17, 2007 Treasury Identifies Financial Network of Ismael Zambada Garcia
MAY 14, 2007 Operation GhostRider Nets 28 Arrests, Gang Targeted
MAY 11, 2007 United States Announces Arrest of Taliban-Linked Afghan Heroin Trafficker On Charges of Conspiring To Import Millions of Dollars Worth Of Heroin
MAY 11, 2007 Cali Cartel Front Man Pleads Guilty and Is Sentenced On Money Laundering Charges
MAY 08, 2007 Multi-Million Dollar International Internet Based Sports Betting and Gambling Enterprise Taken Down
MAY 04, 2007 Major Drug Trafficker Connected To Black Mafia Family (BMF) Gets Life Sentence
APR 27, 2007 Two Tijuana Cartel Figures Plead Guilty
APR 27, 2007 DEA Takes Part In Major Gang Round-Up In Denver
APR 25, 2007 Operation King & His Court Nets 21 Arrests in NJ
APR 06, 2007 Ecuadorian National Charged With Attempting To Kill A DEA Agent Extradited To The U.S. From Colombia
MAR 19, 2007 Operation Royal Flush Nets 24 Arrests in New Jersey
FEB 22, 2007 Detroit Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Fentanyl-Laced Heroin Deaths
FEB 15, 2007 Drug Impostor Nabbed
FEB 02, 2007 Arrests Made In International Drug Distribution Conspiracy
FEB 01, 2007 Colombian Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison
JAN 22, 2007 Extradition of 15 Mexican Criminals
JAN 17, 2007 Israeli Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty
JAN 08, 2007 Second Significant Sentence Handed Down in "Operation Director's Cut"


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