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DEC 31 10 Major Drug Deffendants Extradicted from Mexico to the United States
DEC 30 DEA Case Uncovers Massive Cockfighting Arena in Tennessee
DEC 30 DEA Seizes $3 Million Worth of Cocaine in St. Croix, USVI
DEC 11 U.S. Cocaine Market Disrupted Prices Continue 21-month Surge
DEC 10 22 Michigan Residents Indicted in Huge Marijuana Indoor Grow Investigation
DEC 05 DEA Dedicates Clan Lab Training Facility in Quantico
DEC 02 DEA Nets Largest Meth Seizure Ever In New Jersey
DEC 02 DEA to Dedicate Clan Lab Training Facility in Quantico
NOV 20 International Arms Dealer and Cohort Convicted on Terrorism Offenses
NOV 19 Record Breaking Seizures of Marijuana Throughout California in 2008
NOV 18 "Mickey Woods" Marijuana Trafficking Organization Indicted
NOV 18 Operation Cut Throat Nets Additional Arrests
NOV 14 Father and Son Convicted of Running Illegal Internet Pharmacy
NOV 07 Postal Service Employees Charged With Drug Conspiracy
NOV 04 Edmonds Pharmacy "Manager of the Year" Pleads Guilty
OCT 27 Gun Battle Ends With Arrest Of Eduardo Arellano-Felix
OCT 24 Afghan Drug Kingpin Charged With Financing Taliban Terrorist Insurgency
OCT 22 Five Members of Marijuana Conspiracy Plead Guilty
OCT 14 DEA Kicks-Off Red Ribbon Campaign
OCT 08 DEA Drug Investigation Targets Pasadena Drug Gang
OCT 02 Target America Opens at the California Science Center
OCT 02 DEA Seizes $58 Million Worth of Cocaine on Panamanian Ship
OCT 01 Former Denver Bronco Arrested by DEA
OCT 01 Congress Passes Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act
SEP 30 Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause
SEP 29 Media Preview and Press Conference of the Exhibit at the California Science Center
SEP 26 Meth, Cocaine Ring Dismantled in Washington and Idaho
SEP 25 Former Schenectady Police Chief Greg Kaczmarek Indicted on Felony Drug Distribution Charges
SEP 24 Top Taliban Associate and Former Mujahideen Warlord Found Guilty of Heroin Trafficking
SEP 23 Cocaine Hidden in Kiddie Toys
SEP 23 Four Defendants Sentenced on Federal Murder, Firearms, and Conspiracy to Distribute Marijuana Charges
SEP 17 175 Alleged Gulf Cartel Members Arrested in Massive International Law Enforcement Operation
SEP 12 Black Mafia Family Members Sentenced to 30 Years
SEP 11 Operation 'Green Reaper' Sweeps King County
SEP 10 US/Canadian Investigations Dismantle International Marijuana Trafficking Organization
SEP 05 Guilty Verdicts for Nevada to Hawaii Meth Ring
SEP 04 Twin Undercover Narcotics Operations Targets San Diego Gang Members
SEP 04 Leader of Mexican Cocaine Cartel Extradited to The United States From Mexico on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
SEP 02 Dos Rios Public Housing Drug Dealers Sentenced to Prison
AUG 27 Nine Arrested for Violation of Combat Meth Act
AUG 25 Cocaine Cartel Leader to Face Charges in the United States
AUG 22 DEA and Local Law Enforcement Seize over 134 Pounds of "ICE" Meth
AUG 19 Public Service Campaign Marks National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month in New Jersey
AUG 14 Treasure Valley Man Gets 32 Years for Meth Trafficking
AUG 07 California Marijuana Dispensary Owner Convicted
AUG 05 DEA Intelligence Chief to Attend Border Security Conference
AUG 04 DEA "Brand" Used to Market Heroin
JUL 30 Doctor Among 057 Arrested on Prescription Drug Charges in Michigan Raid
JUL 28 Operation Blackjack Dismantles Drug Pipeline from New York City to Central NY
JUL 22 DEA Foils Indoor Marijuana Grow Operation
JUL 16 Law Enforcement Explorers to Hold National Conference
JUL 15 DEA, FBI Lead Rescue of Hostage in Atlanta Area Drug House
JUL 14 DEA Task Force Eradicates $20 Million Marijuana Grow in CA National Forest 
JUL 07 26th Annual IDEC to be Held in Turkey
JUL 01 DEA Marks 35th Anniversary
JUN 30 26th - Annual IDEC to be held in Turkey
JUN 30 Modesto Football Coach Indicted for Cocaine Trafficking
JUN 27 DEA Issues Proposed Regulations to Allow Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances
JUN 26 DEA Statement for the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
JUN 25 Massive Law Enforcement Operation Targets Violent Street Gang in Northeast Los Angeles
JUN 18 High-Level Drug Traffickers Arrested in Joint US/Canada Case
JUN 17 Leader of Colombian Terrorist Organization AUC Pleads Guilty
JUN 13 DEA Releases Photos of Record-Breaking Seizure In Afghanistan
JUN 13 International Arms Dealer Extradited To United States From Spain On Terrorism Offenses
JUN 06 Compromised DEA Investigation Leads to Sentencing of Former Police Officer
JUN 05 Alaska Man Gets 30 Years For Importing Ton of Canadian Pot
MAY 28 Undercover Investigation Yields Arrest of United States Customs and Border Patrol Supervisor at New York Airport
MAY 27 Marijuana Dispensaries Linked to Fatal Car Crash
MAY 20 Member of Afghan Taliban Convicted in U.S. Court on Narco-Terrorism and Drug Charges
MAY 14 Chattanooga Councilman Among 33 Arrested On Drug Charges
MAY 13 14 Members of Colombian Paramilitary Group Extradited to the United States to Face U.S. Drug Charges
MAY 06 U.S. Announces Indictment of International Arms Dealer for Conspiracy to Kill Americans and Related Terrorism Charges
MAY 06 Undercover Operation Targets SDSU Campus
MAY 02 DEA News: McKesson Corporation Agrees To Pay More Than $13 Million To Settle Claims That It Failed To Report Suspicious Sales of Prescription Medications
APR 30 Doctor Indicted on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges for Writing Oxycontin Prescriptions for Cash
APR 23 Owners/Managers and Drivers of Commercial Bus Companies Indicted For Drug Trafficking
APR 23 Seattle DEA Targets Suppliers And Financiers Of Bourgeoning Indoor Marijuana Grows
APR 22 Associate of Colombian Narco-Terrorist Group Extradited to United States on Cocaine Importation Charges
APR 17 Operation Tienda Hielo Nets 052 Arrests, Seizure of More Than 100 Pounds of Methamphetamine Ice
APR 10 Southern California Doctor and Two Others Charged with Anabolic Steroid and Human Growth Hormone Distribution
APR 10 Operation Ghost Rider Rids Rockland County of Violent Drug Traffickers
APR 02 Mexican MAYor Charged with Trafficking Multi-Kilogram Quantities of Cocaine Arrives in New York
MAR 26 Attorney General Mukasey Announces Charges Against Los Angeles Gang Members and The Formation Of An Additional Safe Streets Task Force To Combat Gang Violence
MAR 20 California Doctor-Lawyer Couple Get Five Years For Growing and Selling Marijuana
MAR 10 Designer Cocaine-Candy Flavored Drug Seized in Undercover Investigation
MAR 06 International Arms Dealer Arrested On Terrorism Charges In Bangkok
MAR 06 New Jersey Physician Sentenced to 11 Years for Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotic Painkillers
MAR 03 DEA Acting Administrator Michele Leonhart and ONDCP Director John P. Walters Visit the Dominican Repubic
FEB 27 Over Par and Under Arrest: Golf Co. Execs Busted
FEB 21 52 Arrested On Drug Charges In Buffalo, NY
FEB 20 TSA and Delta Employees Indicted in Drug Smuggling Sting at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
FEB 15 Convicted Black Tar Heroin and Crack Cocaine Traffickers Sentenced to 19 and 20 Years in Federal Prison
FEB 14 California Doctor Arrested On Charges Of Writing Prescriptions For Narcotics Without Examining ‘Patients’
FEB 12 Guatemala Extradites Colombian Heroin Trafficker
FEB 12 Anchorage Man Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering Charges and Marijuana Importation Conspiracy
FEB 08 Drug Kingpin Convicted Of Running Heroin Organization In The Bronx And Queens
FEB 07 Undercover Purchases Of Prescription Medication Leads To 03Arrests
FEB 05 Cocaine Kingpin Sentenced to 30 Years on Narcotics and Money Laundering Charges
FEB 04 Operation Ivory Triangle Results in Heroin Trafficker's Extradition from Thailand
JAN 29 Sigue Corporation to Forfeit $15 Million to Resolve Bank Secrecy Act Violations
JAN 10 Spike TV Takes A First-Hand Look At One Of The Most Dangerous Jobs In The World With The Drug Enforcement Administration


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