Karen P. Tandy
Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration
Ceremony for Fallen Colombian Police Officers
at the Direccion Nacional in Bogota, Colombia
August 15, 2006

Administrator Tandy often departs from prepared remarks

photo of Administrator Tandy laying a wreathToday we pay special tribute to those who sacrificed their lives fighting drugs, safeguarding the right of every human being to live in peace and security. No nation has suffered as much—or sacrificed more – in this fight than Colombia.

DEA considers our partnership with Colombia and the Colombian National Police as the centerpiece of our mission. We cannot save lives and prevent our children from the dangers of drugs without our solid, invaluable partnership with you.

Most recently, it was the savage murder of 10 brave National Police Officers in Jamundi. These fallen heroes were our friends and partners in DEA and their place in our hearts will never be filled.

photo of Administrator Tandy giving her speechphoto of Administrator Tandy giving her speechCNP officers put their lives on the line every day securing your nation’s safety and helping create a future of hope and opportunity for all of our children – both Colombian and American. Tragically, there are times when our guardianship of freedom comes at so precious a cost.

In America, we will always, remember your great country’s sacrifice, and honor our shared fallen heroes and the aching unspeakable wound that their families feel every day. Like you, no day passes when we don’t remember the dangers we confront and the perils we must overcome.

photo of Administrator Tandy and members of the CNPWhat a great country this is to produce so many patriotic heroes who have staked their lives on getting rid of the destruction drug trafficking has brought to your country. They are not people who are discouraged by the work of dethroning drug kingpins or in decimating criminal organizations. They courageously advance that work.

These are the men and women who continue to inspire us. Our courageous warriors are now safe in God’s loving Hands, but they remain in our hearts as our inspiration. We honor their memory as a blessing every single day as we strive to give meaning to their bravery and work tirelessly in this battle they so nobly fought.

May God always watch over and protect you all from evils that confront us.