Phoenix Tactical Diversion Task Force

Phoenix Tactical Diversion Task Force


Phoenix, Arizona

The DEA Phoenix Tactical Diversion Squad (TDS) was established in March 2009.

The TDS’ are based in Phoenix and Tucson--Criminal and Regulatory Groups made up of DEA Special Agents, DEA Diversion Investigators, DEA Analysts and other Federal, State and Local Task Force Officers.

Mission of the TDS

  1. Investigate violations of the Controlled Substance Act and other Federal or State Statutes pertaining to the diversion of licit pharmaceuticals or listed chemicals.
  2. Combine the resources of DEA with State, Local and Tribal agencies in an innovative effort to investigate, disrupt and dismantle those individuals and organizations involved in diversion schemes.
  3. The TDS incorporates Federal and State Criminal and Civil Prosecutions; as well as financial forfeiture, against those individuals or Corporations responsible for the diversion of pharmaceutical drugs. Those include:
  • Doctors
  • Prescription forgers
  • Pharmacies Pharmacists
  • Drug Manufacturers
  • Internet Pharmacies (Domestic and International)
  • Organizations responsible for the Importation of Pharmaceuticals for street sales
  • Steroid/Human Growth Hormone abuse by professional sports figures, college and high school athletes
  • Diversion of precursor/illicit chemicals
  • Private Heath Care/Indian Health Care

The TDS’ work closely with other Federal Agencies to include: FDA, HHS, FBI, IRS, U.S. Postal Service as well as other state, local and tribal agencies. Additionally, the TDS’ liaison with State of Arizona’s various Medical Boards, Drug Manufacturers, Private Health Care Industry, Government Health Care Industry, and Medical Insurance Companies.

DEA Tactical Diversion Task Force Other efforts include establishment of the DEA's international, toll-free 24-hour tip line number, 1-877-RXAbuse, the teen website,, and DEA’s parent’s webpage, “Get Smart About Drugs” which provides critical information for identifying drugs, including pharmaceuticals, warning signs and the effects of commonly abused drugs. For local leads, please contact the DEA Phoenix Tactical Diversion Squad at (602) 664-5600.

The Phoenix Field Division Special Agent in Charge is Douglas W. Coleman. Public Information Officer Point of contact is Special Agent Ramona F. Sanchez (602) 664-5725.



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