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Drug Unit Commanders Academy

The Drug Unit Commanders Academy (DUCA) is a two-week school designed for commanders of state, local, federal, and foreign drug enforcement units. The program provides training in areas including tactical aspects of drug enforcement, operational planning, confidential source management, clandestine laboratory operations, legal issues for management, executive decision making, and professionalism within the ranks. The Office of Training conducts four academies each year at the DEA Training Academy and pays all costs associated with the school. Special Agents in Charge may nominate two people from their division for each DUCA.

Narcotics Supervisor Leadership Program

This one-week program provides 40 hours of leadership development training to state and local first-level and mid-level narcotics supervisors. The program provides the supervisors with knowledge, and skills that will enhance their ability to supervise, motivate, and evaluate narcotics officers and meet the unique challenges presented to a narcotics supervisor. The schools have been conducted throughout the continental United States on behalf of the requesting DEA Field Division.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)

The Office of Training has one full-time Special Agent/Instructor assigned to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Glynco, Georgia. Together with FLETC, the Office of Training is able to provide three high-quality training programs for state and local police officers in rural areas of the United States. These programs are designed to be conducted at or near local police departments and are tuition-free. The three programs provided through this joint initiative are the Drug Law Enforcement School for Patrol Officers (DLESP), the Drug Enforcement Training Program (DETP) Train-the-Trainer school, and the Drug Task Force Supervisors School (DTFSS). The DLESP is a three-day program that provides updated training to police officers to assist them in detecting drug-related crime in their communities. The DETP is a five-day course of instruction designed for secondary delivery by the trainers with a detailed program guide, student handouts, instructional aids, and suggested practical exercises. The Drug Task Force Supervisors School (DTFSS) is designed to provide updated managerial training to supervisors and commanders assigned to multi-agency drug task forces.


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