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The Office of Training has initiated action to voluntarily seek Federal Law Enforcement Training Accreditation (FLETA) for the DEA Training Academy. This accreditation would be for three years, at which time the Office of Training would then need to request re-accreditation.

The accreditation process allows the Office of Training to demonstrate that its training programs are based on a documented assessment of the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) needed to perform law enforcement job assignments. All aspects of the Office of Training’s accredited training program will be focused on providing learning, leadership, and resources for the DEA Special Agent to gain the requisite KSAs.

Training Modernization and eLearning

The Office of Training is actively modernizing training technologies and training processes to enhance the delivery of training and information to all DEA employees and our state and local partners. The Office of Training is also actively seeking avenues to incorporate eLearning into its training. Initial efforts are concentrated on increasing the availability of down-loadable Commercial- and Government-Off-the-Shelf materials through the Training homepage on the DEA intranet. DEA specific courses will be migrated to the DEA intranet systematically.

Enhancing Academy Programs Through Training Partnerships

The Office of Training has worked closely with the Department of Defense (DoD) to maximize training resources and develop training partnerships, which provide expanded counterdrug training opportunities for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies and international law enforcement personnel. These partnerships have proven to be instrumental in establishing consistent, standardized counterdrug instruction, which results in improving the interoperability of multi-agency, multinational counterdrug operations; improving law enforcement communications, techniques and tactics; and improving officer/personnel safety.

The DoD is congressionally funded to sponsor and maintain regional training centers for training state and local law enforcement personnel in counterdrug topics, for which the National Guard Bureau maintains oversight. Representatives from the DoD, Northern Command, Pacific Command, Southern Command, the United States Army Military Police School, and the National Guard Counterdrug Training Centers expressed their desire to be more closely associated with DEA in the planning and execution of their counterdrug training programs. Many of their training centers have the infrastructure (classrooms, training facilities/ranges, lodging, and food service facilities), but often lack the counter drug subject matter expertise to provide the training unilaterally or to identify training requirements based upon drug trafficking trends. They look to DEA as the proponent for counterdrug training doctrine and for subject matter experts to assist them in developing and executing their training programs. DEA teaches courses at various DoD training centers throughout the United States, thus allowing for more state and local training programs to be executed within a training year. DEA is also providing counterdrug training to military personnel involved in domestic and international counterdrug support operations.

The Office of Training continues liaison with the DoD, US Central Command, US Southern Command, US Pacific Command, National Guard Bureau and the four federally funded regional counterdrug training centers: Northeast Counterdrug Training Center, Regional Counterdrug Training Academy, Multi-jurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Center, Midwest Counterdrug Training Center. These relationships are mutually benefiting and serve to develop, implement and update counterdrug training tailored to address regional counterdrug law enforcement needs at the federal, state and local levels, and will serve to enhance the interoperability of law enforcement personnel throughout the United States and internationally.


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