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DEA is the recognized leader for drug intelligence both domestically and internationally. The Office of Training provides instruction in the latest and best analytical techniques to counter the rapidly growing sophistication of international drug syndicates. It endeavors to share and exchange drug intelligence experience and expertise with other law enforcement elements in support of a unified national counterdrug mission.

Basic Intelligence Research Specialist Training (BIRS)

The DEA Training Academy provides entry-level training for newly hired Intelligence Research Specialists upon entering this highly complex and demanding career. The BIRS program consists of nine weeks of intensive training in the analytical skills needed to provide support to DEA drug investigations, programs, strategic planning, and national and international policy. The course curriculum emphasizes the development of analytical skills, the use of computerized tools, and a broad range of academic subjects critical to providing mission-oriented intelligence. The course integrates all subjects into increasingly complex individual and group practical exercises designed to test each student’s ability to make and present critical analytical judgments to investigators, prosecutors, other agencies, and policy makers.

Other Intelligence Training Offered

  • Advanced Intelligence Training: This one-week course is provided to analysts with at least two years on the job. Intelligence Research Specialists attending this course receive updates regarding agency changes in priorities, programs, policies, and protocols; new or revised laws; and new or upgraded analytic tools and methodologies.

  • Intelligence Analyst Mentor Program: This course prepares Senior Intelligence Research Specialists to serve as mentors to new Intelligence Research Specialists assigned to their office. Upon completion of this course, Intelligence Research Specialists will be certified and will be responsible for mentoring and evaluating new Intelligence Research Specialists. The course examines motivational techniques and evaluation methods. Also addressed are conflict resolution, leadership, and employee performance documentation.

  • Intelligence Managers Seminar: This one-week seminar is provided to Intelligence Managers. It is designed to bring these managers up to date on policies, procedures, employee-related issues, and intelligence analytical tools.

  • Merlin File Management Training: This one-week course is an overview of the DEA classified computer system, which is capable of handling information up to and including SECRET. Merlin training exposes students to the use of GESCAN, TPA, and ADNET, as well as how to send classified mail with attachments.

  • Strategic Intelligence Seminar: This one-week course is for senior Intelligence Research Specialists and intelligence managers. The course is designed to help students define how strategic analysis relates to both investigative and tactical analysis. The course includes developing targeting tools, strategic writing skills, and improved critical thinking skills.

photo - FLEAT logoFederal Law Enforcement Analysts Training

Federal Law Enforcement Analysts Training (FLEAT) is a four-week training program designed to share DEA’s drug intelligence expertise, along with the best analytical tools and practices, with other federal, state, local, tribal, and international law enforcement agencies. The course material is geared to enhance critical analytical abilities and to build awareness of the expertise and capabilities that each participant agency possesses. FLEAT requires interaction between participants and creates an opportunity for the exchange of new ideas and concepts.

The Mobile FLEAT course is a two week training program designed to share DEA’s Drug Intelligence expertise with state, local, and tribal agencies at locations throughout the United States. This program is “custom designed” to fit each geographic area in which the course is taught.


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