Omaha Leadership

SAC Matthew R. Barden Omaha Division
Matthew R. Barden, Special Agent in Charge

Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Matthew R. Barden serves as the first Special Agent in Charge of the Omaha Division. The division, established on July 8, 2018, will serve Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, and South Dakota and dedicate executive leadership to the Great Plaines region.

SAC Barden began his law enforcement career in 1988 with the Orlando Police Department. In 1998, SAC Barden entered on duty with the Drug Enforcement Administration and was assigned to the Orlando District Office. Over the next ten years, SAC Barden served as a Special Agent in Orlando, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and Asheville, North Carolina.

In 2008, SAC Barden was promoted to the position of Group Supervisor and transferred to the Colorado Springs Resident Office (CSRO). In 2009, SAC Barden was selected as the Resident Agent in Charge of the CSRO and was also the commander over the Southern Colorado Drug Task Force. In 2014, SAC Barden was transferred to DEA Headquarters and assigned to the Office of Congressional and Public Affairs as a Staff Coordinator where he dealt with national and international media assignments in furtherance of DEA’s Mission.

In 2015, SAC Barden was promoted to the position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge over the State of Arkansas; which encompasses the Little Rock District Office, Fayetteville Resident Office, and Fort Smith Post of Duty.

In May 2017, SAC Barden was promoted to the Senior Executive Service and transferred to the St. Louis Division, Omaha District Office as the Associate Special Agent in Charge. SAC Barden was responsible for all investigative and enforcement operations in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, and a portion of Southern Illinois.

SAC Barden is a graduate of Western Carolina University and has been a law enforcement officer for over 30 years. SAC Barden has been married to his wife for 30 years and they are the proud parents of two sons who are both police officers.

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