Miami Division Leadership

SAC Kevin "Jake" Carter of the Miami Division
SAC Kevin "Jake" Carter of the Miami Division
Kevin "Jake" Carter, Special Agent in Charge

On February 3, 2020, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Acting Administrator Uttam Dhillon named Kevin “Jake” Carter as the Special Agent in Charge (SAC) of the Miami Field Division (Miami FD).  SAC Carter has oversight and responsibility of the investigative, enforcement, intelligence, diversion regulatory, administrative and financial management, to include personnel, physical, technical, and information security, for all of the DEA offices in Florida.  SAC Carter most recently served as the Associate Special Agent in Charge of the Miami FD until his promotion to SAC in February 2020. 

SAC Carter entered on duty with the DEA in 1991 and was assigned to the Washington Division Office, Richmond Resident Office (RO) until graduating from the DEA Basic Agent Training Class #81.  Upon graduation, SAC Carter was assigned as a Special Agent to the Miami FD, Fort Lauderdale District Office, where he remained until 1999. 

From 1999 to 2001, SAC Carter was assigned to the La Paz, Bolivia Country Office, Cochabamba RO as a Special Agent Advisor dedicated to the Chimore Base Camp, Chapare Valley, Bolivia.  SAC Carter was promoted in 2001 and remained in the Cochabamba Resident Office (RO) as the Chimore Base Camp Group Supervisor and subsequently promoted to the Cochabamba RO Resident Agent in Charge until 2005.  SAC Carter was instrumental in leveraging interagency resources which resulted in the transformation of an interdiction style approach into a counterdrug strategy that targeted and attacked the command and control of transnational criminal organizations.  Moreover, SAC Carter was effective in professionalizing and strengthening the Government of Bolivia law enforcement institution through an aggressive and proven host nation vetted strategy. 

SAC Carter was reassigned to the Houston Division, Corpus Christi RO in 2005 and operated as a High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Task Force Group Supervisor.  SAC Carter assertively cultivated strong partnerships with federal, state, and local agencies and refocused group efforts targeting the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas command level drug trafficking activities and associated organizational actions of violence occurring in the coastal counties of South Texas.

In 2007, SAC Carter was reassigned to the DEA Headquarters Operations Division as the Program Manager of DEA’s Global Sensitive Investigative Unit and Vetted Program.  SAC Carter’s leadership resulted in the invigoration of an international enforcement program that targeted the command and control structure of transnational criminal organizations impacting the United States.  He directed administration, policy, fiscal management, procurement and logistics, interagency liaison, international relations, training, and personnel security for DEA’s Global Vetted Strategy.  His successful leadership and management of this international initiative resulted in the creation and reorganization of multiple Global Bi- Lateral Drug Enforcement Task Forces within the Western Hemisphere, Africa, and Central Asia, and the acquisition of supplemental appropriation funding received from Congress.

In 2010, SAC Carter was promoted as the Executive Assistant for the DEA Assistant Administrator, Operational Support Division.  He participated in policy implementation of special projects and coordinated multi-divisional programs to facilitate the goals of the DEA executive staff.  SAC Carter provided executive assistance and contribution to DEA’s largest division – Operational Support in the development, evaluation, and implementation of programs for over 1,000 employees with a multi-million dollar annual budget.  He was given tacit oversight authority for all of DEA’s judicialized electronic surveillance and telecommunications intercept programs, emerging technology for the law enforcement community, facilities, equipment, forensic science programs, and information technology/security, worldwide.

SAC Carter returned to the field as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Division Office in 2013.  SAC Carter was responsible for managing the counter-drug strategy and operations for the District of Columbia, southern Maryland, and the Piedmont and Northwest regions of Virginia.  SAC Carter provided command and control to several HIDTA Task Force and Enforcement Groups, a DEA Resident Office, the Divisional Asset Removal Group, and the Divisional Intelligence Program.  SAC Carter was instrumental in strategically targeting and attacking the violent and brutal MS-13 transnational gang operating in the National Capitol Region.  SAC Carter further spearheaded interagency efforts and tackled the opioid crisis that exploded in the rural counties of Virginia.    

In 2018, SAC Carter was promoted to DEA’s Senior Executive Service ranks and was assigned as the Associate Special Agent in Charge of the Miami FD.  SAC Carter holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Lynchburg.  Prior to joining the DEA, SAC Carter served in the United States Army Military Police Corps – Airborne.   

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