Operations » Most Wanted Fugitives » Houston Division
Photo of Alanis Perales, Carlos Mario
Alanis Perales, Carlos Mario
Photo of Alvarez-Rodriguez, Jose
Alvarez-Rodriguez, Jose
Photo of Barragan-Balderas, Gilberto
Barragan-Balderas, Gilberto
Photo of Bautista, Gustavo Aleman
Bautista, Gustavo Aleman
Photo of Bautista- Farias, Armando
Bautista- Farias, Armando
Photo of Betancourt-Ramirez, Alberto
Betancourt-Ramirez, Alberto
Photo of Calvillo-Hernandez, Demetrio
Calvillo-Hernandez, Demetrio
Photo of Campos-Martinez, Jose Luis
Campos-Martinez, Jose Luis
Photo of Cano, Daniel Garcia
Cano, Daniel Garcia
Photo of Cardenas, Gabriel
Cardenas, Gabriel
Photo of Castillon-Saucedo, Salvador
Castillon-Saucedo, Salvador
Photo of Castro, Paul Wayne
Castro, Paul Wayne
Photo of Cavazos, Jorge
Cavazos, Jorge
Photo of Cerda-Gonzalez, Carlos
Cerda-Gonzalez, Carlos
Photo of Cisneros, Jose
Cisneros, Jose
Photo of Correa, Juan Javier
Correa, Juan Javier
Photo of Correa Jr, Juan Alberto
Correa Jr, Juan Alberto
Photo of Cruz-Munoz, Faustino
Cruz-Munoz, Faustino
Photo of Delgado-Poveda, Miguel Angel
Delgado-Poveda, Miguel Angel
Photo of Deluna, Enrique
Deluna, Enrique
Photo of Dominguez, Everado
Dominguez, Everado
Photo of Eliserio, Jose Luis
Eliserio, Jose Luis
Photo of Emejulu, Herbert Mciver
Emejulu, Herbert Mciver
Photo of Espana-Tijerina, Guadalupe
Espana-Tijerina, Guadalupe
Photo of Flores, Jose Roberto
Flores, Jose Roberto
Photo of Flores-Martinez, Carlos
Flores-Martinez, Carlos
Photo of Fraga-Mercado, Javier
Fraga-Mercado, Javier
Photo of Garcia, Omar
Garcia, Omar
Photo of Garcia, Alejandro
Garcia, Alejandro
Photo of Garcia, Roel
Garcia, Roel
Photo of Garcia, Anabell Granados
Garcia, Anabell Granados
Photo of Garcia, Jose Omar
Garcia, Jose Omar
Photo of Garcia, Marco Arturo
Garcia, Marco Arturo
Photo of Garcia, Roel Roberto
Garcia, Roel Roberto
Photo of Garcia-Gonzalez, Ismael
Garcia-Gonzalez, Ismael
Photo of Garcia-Hinojosa, Mario Eder
Garcia-Hinojosa, Mario Eder
Photo of Garza, Juan
Garza, Juan
Photo of Garza-Del Rio, Jose
Garza-Del Rio, Jose
Photo of Garza-Socorro, Juan
Garza-Socorro, Juan
Photo of Godoy, Jorge Eduardo
Godoy, Jorge Eduardo
Photo of Gonzalez, Hector Erasmo
Gonzalez, Hector Erasmo
Photo of Gonzalez, Isidro Leal
Gonzalez, Isidro Leal
Photo of Gonzalez, Rosa Isela
Gonzalez, Rosa Isela
Photo of Gonzalez,, Yolanda
Gonzalez,, Yolanda
Photo of Gonzalez-Duran, Jaime
Gonzalez-Duran, Jaime
Photo of Guajardo, Juan Angel
Guajardo, Juan Angel
Photo of Guajardo, Carlos Alberto
Guajardo, Carlos Alberto
Photo of Guerra-Sauceda, Osvaldo
Guerra-Sauceda, Osvaldo
Photo of Guzman, Matha Elise
Guzman, Matha Elise
Photo of Hernandez, Jose Fransisco
Hernandez, Jose Fransisco
Photo of Hernandez-Mendoza, Amilcar Ulyses
Hernandez-Mendoza, Amilcar Ulyses
Photo of Hernandez-Salto, Gerardo
Hernandez-Salto, Gerardo
Photo of Huang, Chun Ming
Huang, Chun Ming
Photo of Hurtado-Rodriguez, Merary
Hurtado-Rodriguez, Merary
Photo of Ibezim, Chukwudi Milford
Ibezim, Chukwudi Milford
Photo of Iturbide, Isaid Salto
Iturbide, Isaid Salto
Photo of Jaimez, Juan Manuel
Jaimez, Juan Manuel
Photo of Landa-Gomez, Felix
Landa-Gomez, Felix
Photo of Landa-Gomez, Jesus Eden
Landa-Gomez, Jesus Eden
Photo of Laureano-Amaro, Juan Antonio
Laureano-Amaro, Juan Antonio
Photo of Leos-Robles, Javier Saudiel
Leos-Robles, Javier Saudiel
Photo of Lopez Jr, Arnoldo
Lopez Jr, Arnoldo
Photo of Lopez-Falcon, Blas Jr.
Lopez-Falcon, Blas Jr.
Photo of Loya-Rosales, Marcelino
Loya-Rosales, Marcelino
Photo of Lozano-Cano, Jesus
Lozano-Cano, Jesus
Photo of Luna, Jose Antonio
Luna, Jose Antonio
Photo of Mckearin, Richard James
Mckearin, Richard James
Photo of Medina-Rojas, Eleazar
Medina-Rojas, Eleazar
Photo of Mejia-Gonzalez, Juan Reyes
Mejia-Gonzalez, Juan Reyes
Photo of Mendez-Medellin, Sonny Dali
Mendez-Medellin, Sonny Dali
Photo of Mendoza, Jorge Armando
Mendoza, Jorge Armando
Photo of Montoya, Moises
Montoya, Moises
Photo of Moreno-Sanchez, Moises
Moreno-Sanchez, Moises
Photo of Morin, Javier
Morin, Javier
Photo of Muniz, Jose
Muniz, Jose
Photo of Obregon-Rivera, Luis
Obregon-Rivera, Luis
Photo of Ortega-Flores, Salvador
Ortega-Flores, Salvador
Photo of Oseguera-Cervantes, Nemesio
Oseguera-Cervantes, Nemesio
Photo of Pardo-Tafolla, Juan Gabriel
Pardo-Tafolla, Juan Gabriel
Photo of Paz-Echartea, Jose Sergio
Paz-Echartea, Jose Sergio
Photo of Penaloza, Macario Magana
Penaloza, Macario Magana
Photo of Perez, Walberto
Perez, Walberto
Photo of Perez-Hernandez, David Alberto
Perez-Hernandez, David Alberto
Photo of Perez-Martinez, Celso
Perez-Martinez, Celso
Photo of Pineda, Enrique
Pineda, Enrique
Photo of Pompa, Alma Nelly Del Rio
Pompa, Alma Nelly Del Rio
Photo of Portillo, Jaramillo Rogelio
Portillo, Jaramillo Rogelio
Photo of Portillo-Mendoza, Marcelino
Portillo-Mendoza, Marcelino
Photo of Ramos-Barragan, Bolivar
Ramos-Barragan, Bolivar
Photo of Ramos-Munoz, Ricardo
Ramos-Munoz, Ricardo
Photo of Rangel-Buendia, Alfredo
Rangel-Buendia, Alfredo
Photo of Reynosa-Alejandro, Jorge
Reynosa-Alejandro, Jorge
Photo of Rivas, William
Rivas, William
Photo of Rodriguez, Hector Del-Rio
Rodriguez, Hector Del-Rio
Photo of Rodriguez, Oscar Enrique
Rodriguez, Oscar Enrique
Photo of Sanchez-Del Bosque, Gloria Margarita
Sanchez-Del Bosque, Gloria Margarita
Photo of Santillana, Jesus Baldemar
Santillana, Jesus Baldemar
Photo of Segovia-Plata, Daniel
Segovia-Plata, Daniel
Photo of Sherry, Leslie Ann
Sherry, Leslie Ann
Photo of Socorro Rodriguez, Maria Del
Socorro Rodriguez, Maria Del
Photo of Soliz, Ruben Reta
Soliz, Ruben Reta
Photo of Soria, Pedro
Soria, Pedro
Photo of Tirado, Melissa
Tirado, Melissa
Photo of Torres-Lopez, Jorge Juan
Torres-Lopez, Jorge Juan
Photo of Trevino-Garcia, Jeronimo
Trevino-Garcia, Jeronimo
Photo of Trevino-Morales, Miguel
Trevino-Morales, Miguel
Photo of Trevino-Morales, Alejandro
Trevino-Morales, Alejandro
Photo of Valencia, Gabriel
Valencia, Gabriel
Photo of Vasquez-Angel, Juan  Ramon
Vasquez-Angel, Juan Ramon
Photo of Vela, Marco Antonio
Vela, Marco Antonio
Photo of Villarreal, Sergio Raul
Villarreal, Sergio Raul
Photo of Zapata, Brenda
Zapata, Brenda
Photo of Zapata, Edgar Maximiano Jr.
Zapata, Edgar Maximiano Jr.


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