El Paso Division Leadership

SAC Williamson
SAC Williamson
Kyle Williamson, Special Agent in Charge

Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Kyle Williamson began his DEA career as a Special Agent in 1991 and has 30 combined years of federal law enforcement experience.  SAC Williamson has enjoyed an array of assignments with DEA to include foreign and domestic postings.

SAC Williamson entered on duty with the DEA in February 1991 at the Austin, Texas Resident Office and in 1996 he was reassigned to the Eagle Pass, Texas Resident Office.  In June 1998, he transferred to the Caribbean Division in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  These assignments provided SAC Williamson an array of experience, oversight, and responsibility in all areas of DEA operations.

In December 2000, while assigned to the Caribbean Division, SAC Williamson was promoted to Group Supervisor and in August 2003 he was reassigned to the Special Operations Division as a Staff Coordinator working in the Money Laundering Section.  In October 2005, SAC Williamson was promoted to the position of Resident Agent in Charge and was assigned to the Hagerstown, Maryland Resident Office.

In March 2012, SAC Williamson was promoted to the position of Assistant Regional Director, South West Asia Region, with oversight and responsibility over several enforcement groups and DEA programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In February 2014, SAC Williamson was reassigned to the El Paso Division as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge, where his responsibilities included directing the enforcement and operational activities of several enforcement groups throughout West Texas and New Mexico.

In August 2015, SAC Williamson was promoted to the Senior Executive Service.  He served as the Regional Director in Ankara, Turkey for DEA’s Middle East Region where he led 13 offices covering over 30 countries from Turkey to Bangladesh in combating international drug trafficking, money laundering, and narco-terrorism.

In April 2018, SAC Williamson was reassigned to the El Paso Division where he leads DEA enforcement operations in West Texas and New Mexico. 

Throughout his career, SAC Williamson has received several awards for exceptional performance.  For his service with DEA in Afghanistan, he was awarded the Civilian Global War on Terror Medal, the NATO Service Medal, and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal.  SAC Williamson is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Police Science and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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