News Release
November 28, 2006

DEA's St. Louis Division to Promote
Methamphetamine Awareness Day on November 30, 2006
Events are planned for Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa

NOV 28-- (ST. LOUIS) – The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) St. Louis Division, in conjunction with, other federal, state, and local agencies, will conduct a series of activities on November 30, 2006, to promote National Methamphetamine Awareness Day.

The purpose of National Methamphetamine Awareness Day is to generate awareness about the damaging effects of meth abuse on individuals, families and American communities. Education and public outreach play a major role in increasing awareness about meth while also decreasing the demand of this highly addictive and dangerous drug.

“The devastating effects of meth can never be underestimated. Strong educational and prevention programs coupled with tough enforcement and compassionate treatment are essential to combating this scourge. Methamphetamine Awareness Day is an excellent way to get the message out concerning the true nature of this devastating drug;” said Preston L. Grubbs, Special Agent in Charge of the St. Louis Division.

Missouri: DEA events include participation in the initial meeting and strategic planning session for the Meth Action Coalition (MAC) in Jefferson, County; with community members invited; presentation to Criminal Justice students at Southeast Missouri State University and presentations at Women’s Shelters in Kansas City.

Illinois: DEA programs include presentations to grade school and high school teachers and administrators in Mt. Vernon, as well as a presentation at John A. Logan Community College.

Kansas: DEA activities include an information booth and video presentation on the campus of the University of Kansas.

South Dakota: DEA has planned activities, in consort with the United States Attorney’s Office, to conduct meth awareness presentations at high schools in Sioux Falls and Rapid City. In addition, DEA will make a presentation at the University of Sioux Falls and staff an information booth on campus, equipped with methamphetamine related videos.

Nebraska: DEA will conduct presentations for students enrolled the in the Criminal Justice Program at the University of Nebraska.

Iowa: DEA efforts involve demonstrating the Drug and Endangered Children (DEC) motor home to the Heart of Iowa, a women’s rehabilitation center in Cedar Rapids. The motor home is used to respond to drug sites where children are present, enabling law enforcement to provide a temporary safe haven. The purpose is to demonstrate to the public our ability to provide immediate protection to mothers and children that may have been exposed to a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory situation. In addition, presentations are scheduled for a class of constitutional law students at Grandview College and the Women’s Junior League of Des Moines.

DEA has launched a website as part of its ongoing efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of methamphetamine. The anti-drug website,, is devoted to and designed by teenagers, includes the hard facts about methamphetamine with startling pictures and personal stories.

Further, as part of the ongoing effort to combat meth use, the Department of Justice created a model methamphetamine educational presentation addressing methamphetamine use in local communities. The presentation is posted on the Department’s new Meth Awareness website

Media interested in covering some of these events should contact Special Agent Shirley A. Armstead at (314) 538-4752.