News Release
August 14, 2009
Contact: Casey McEnry

Long Sentences for Two Brothers in a
Stockton Methamphetamine Conspiracy

AUG 14 -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. — United States Attorney Lawrence G. Brown and Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Anthony D. Williams, announced today that United States District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. today sentenced CESAR QUINTERO-FELIX, 32, to 15 years and eight months and ARMANDO SANCHEZ, 29, to 14 years in federal prison. Both men are from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. They entered guilty pleas to being members of a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in January 23, 2009.

This case is the product of a joint investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the San Joaquin County Metropolitan Narcotics Task Force.

According to Assistant United States Attorney Philip Ferrari, who prosecuted the case, the investigation uncovered an extensive network of methamphetamine distributors in the Stockton area. The investigation lasted over a year and included the use of two wiretaps. As a result, on December 20, 2007, a grand jury charged 10 individuals with various methamphetamine trafficking offenses.

Both QUINTERO-FELIX and SANCHEZ were intercepted on multiple telephone calls in which they discussed various multipound methamphetamine deals. In addition, law enforcement used undercover operations to purchase approximately two pounds of methamphetamine from QUINTERO-FELIX or his sub-distributors.

The investigation revealed that QUINTERO-FELIX was a shot-caller within the conspiracy, who used one of his co-defendants to operate a stash house to store methamphetamine. QUINTERO-FELIX provided methamphetamine to and directed the activities of his sub-distributors. His sentence was increased by Judge Burrell because of his role within the conspiracy. SANCHEZ, who was also a professional singer who had released recordings under the name “El Guero,” admitted to helping his brother QUINTERO-FELIX to procure and distribute methamphetamine. When Sanchez was arrested at his Stockton residence, law enforcement found him in possession of a loaded hand gun, a bullet proof vest, and $16,755 in cash hidden in a cereal box.

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