News Release
August 29, 2006

Over 6,000 Marijuana Plants Seized in Sophisticated Grow Operations
Seven Additional Indoor Marijuana Grows Seized From Elk Grove Homes

SACRAMENTO - Gordon Taylor, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Sacramento Office, and Elk Grove Police Department Chief Bob Simmons announced that agents seized over 6,000 marijuana plants from seven Elk Grove area homes last night as part of a continuing investigation into the rash of indoor marijuana growing operations in Elk Grove. The seizures last night brings the total to 14 indoor marijuana grows and 10,000 marijuana plants that have been seized from Elk Grove area homes this month.

“The seizure of this many indoor grows in such a short period of time and with this level of sophistication is unprecedented for the Elk Grove area,” stated Gordon Taylor, head of the DEA office in Sacramento. “In terms of sophistication of indoor marijuana grows, these criminals are the Pros from Dover,” Taylor said. “This investigation is far from finished. We still have quite a few stones to turn over,” Taylor added.

Over 35 law enforcement officers from the Elk Grove Police Department and the DEA served federal search warrants at seven single family Elk Grove residences last night, resulting in the seizure of seven indoor grows and 6,120 marijuana plants. No one lived at any of the homes, but witnesses observed Asian males previously entering the residences. Each of the indoor grows were similar in construction and operation. Each house was completely void of furniture and virtually every room was used for the indoor grows. There were sophisticated lighting, water irrigation, ventilation and air filtration systems set up in each house. The electricity to each home had been rewired to bypass the electrical meter, saving the organization thousands of dollars in electrical bills each month, but creating a significant fire hazard.

Based upon the indoor grows and the 10,000 plants seized thus far in this investigation, it is estimated these growing operations would have produced approximately 10,000 pounds of marijuana on an annual basis. The street value for 10,000 pounds of marijuana is approximately $40 million dollars.

No arrests were made last night; however, five Bay area defendants were arraigned in U.S. District Court in Sacramento last week on federal marijuana charges in connection with this continuing indoor grow investigation.

The residences searched last night are as follows:

  • 8700 Santa Ridge Circle, Elk Grove, CA
  • 8693 Nemea Way, Elk Grove, CA
  • 9502 Mainline Drive, Elk Grove, CA
  • 10244 Shoech Way, Elk Grove, CA
  • 9709 Summer Glen Way, Elk Grove, CA
  • 9226 Bearint Way, Elk Grove, CA
  • 5513 Laguna Park Drive, Elk Grove, CA

This case is the product of an extensive joint investigation conducted by the Elk Grove Police Department and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.