News Release
March 22, 2007
Contact: Special Agent Dan Simmons,
Public Information Officer
Number: 858-616-4166

DEA Captures Murder Suspect Featured On “America’s Most Wanted” 

MAR 22 -- (SAN DIEGO) What began as a low-key attempt by DEA Task Force agents to contact an individual regarding an ongoing drug-related investigation ended with the suspect attempting to dive head-first out a window in an effort to avoid capture. It was soon learned that the subject is wanted for a 2006 murder in St. Petersburg, Florida, allegedly stemming from a drug–related turf war. The individual, Orthia Tyrone Porter, had been featured on America’s Most Wanted on January 27, 2007.

As investigating agents stood at the door of a residence located on 4 th Avenue in San Diego speaking with a then-unidentified Orthia Tyrone Porter, Porter attempted to shut the door before running to the rear of the residence and diving head-first through a closed window. A combination of window blinds and agents’ efforts kept Porter from falling to the concrete below. Porter suffered a severe neck wound and aid was rendered by law enforcement on scene until Emergency Medical Services arrived to transport Porter to the hospital for further treatment. Further investigation determined that Porter had been utilizing false identification from at least two states. The United State’s Marshal Service and the San Diego Regional Fugitive Task Force assisted with the positive identification of Porter and his subsequent processing after his apprehension.

Noted Acting DEA Special Agent in Charge Alan Poleszak, “while DEA and its Task Force partners are aware of the inherent dangers surrounding our daily efforts, the intersection of drugs, violence and even murder remains an ever-present part of the drug enforcement landscape. These problems are fully intertwined, leading those involved to make desperate and potentially deadly choices. It is the constant presence of DEA agents and our Task Force partners on the streets of this community that lead to outstanding results such as this apprehension. Solid police work lends itself to a safer city and today this point was well made.”