News Release
October 18, 2006

Phoenix DEA Audio Actuality Available On Red Ribbon Campaign

OCT 18 -- PHOENIX – Audio actuality is available for the media from Phoenix DEA Special Agent-in-Charge Timothy J. Landrum on Red Ribbon week. (Members of the media are invited to use this audio for their story needs. We hope this technology is helpful to you)

The audio can be accessed by doing the following:

Dial 1-888-557-6494, and then enter 707, 708 at prompt (note: you will need to dial separately for each quote)

Listen and record.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) kicks off the 21st Anniversary of Red Ribbon Week. Together with the Partnership for a Drug Free America, Arizona Chapter, DEA representatives will work in local communities to spread a strong anti-drug message. During the campaign, more than 14,000 ribbons will be distributed to schools across the state.

Red Ribbon Week is nationally recognized and celebrated each year in the United States. It is a symbol of support for DEA’s efforts to reduce demand for illegal drugs through prevention and education programs. Red Ribbon Week pays homage to Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice in support of our nation’s struggle against drug trafficking and abuse. By wearing a red ribbon during the last week of October, Americans demonstrate their ardent opposition to illegal drug abuse and trafficking, as well as those who profit from it. Red Ribbon Week will be celebrated nationally from October 23-31.

If you would like to cover one of the Red Ribbon activities, please call the Demand Reduction Coordinator, Melissa Lee at (602) 664-5743. For more information, please go to