News Release
December 17, 2010
Contact: Bryan M. Doherty
DEA Public Information Officer
600 Arch Street -suite 10224
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Philadelphia Lawyer Convicted in Marijuana Grow House Case

DEC 17 -- PHILADELPHIA, PA - Late yesterday, a federal jury convicted Richard K. Creamer, 38, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of conspiracy to manufacture 1,000 or more marijuana plants and maintaining a place for manufacture of controlled substances, announced United States Attorney Zane David Memeger. The charges, filed in July 2010, arose out of the establishment and operation of a marijuana grow house inside a warehouse, owned by Creamer, located at 2306 - 2310 N. American Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The case resulted in two separate indictments charging a total of 12 others. All 12 defendants pleaded guilty, with some testifying at trial against Creamer. Sentencing is scheduled for May 23, 2011 and Creamer faces a mandatory 10 year term.

“Marijuana trafficking on a large scale, as it was in this case, is neither a harmless nor victimless crime, since it invariably leads to tragedy when innocent victims are injured by marijuana impaired drivers or our young adults are persuaded that using marijuana will not affect their grades, energy or ability to perform scholastically. This is a case of greed conscripting and inducing others into a pattern of activity without regard to its consequences,” said Special Agent in Charge John J. Bryfonski of the DEA Philadelphia Division.

Defendant James Alberts with the knowledge and consent of Richard K. Creamer, who was Alberts’ partner in the purchase and refurbishing of the commercial warehouse, established and maintained marijuana grow house operation inside the warehouse at 2306 - 2310 N. American Street, in order to manufacture marijuana for sale and distribution for profit. Alberts hired and paid Eric Mushrush and Charlene Daley to provide daily care, watering and cultivation of more than 1,000 marijuana plants regularly growing and under cultivation at the warehouse at 2306 - 2310 N. American Street. Alberts had several workers, including Eric Mushrush, Charlene Daley, Charles Silvani, Richard Roman, Kevin Kurowski, Chad Tellman, Nerissa Alberts, Daniel Smith, Joel Rodriguez, Leo Alberts, and Derek Pitts, who conducted and carried out a harvest of all mature marijuana plants growing and under cultivation at the warehouse. The marijuana was packaged in multi-pound quantities for sale and distribution in Philadelphia and elsewhere for profit. Alberts then obtained the processed and packaged marijuana which he sold and distributed to other persons in pound and multi-pound quantities for profit.

According to trial testimony, the monthly yield of the grow was from 15 to 20 pounds of high grade marijuana that was sold for $5,000 to $5,500 per pound. Testimony also showed that Creamer regularly received a 30-35% share of the monthly yield for sale and distribution, which was comparable to, if not identical to what his partner in the grow operation, James Alberts received.

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