News Release
April 07, 2009

Public Information Officer:
Bryan Doherty

Operation Pressure Point: DEA Joins Philadelphia Police in Initiative to Combat Drugs and Violence Throughout City

APR 07 -- DEA Acting Special Agent in Charge Karl Colder joined Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) Commissioner Charles Ramsey today in announcing Operation Pressure Point a large-scale law enforcement operation that involves fifteen Federal State and City Law Enforcement Agencies. These agencies will work together to help stem drug dealing and violent crime throughout the city. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will work with PPD Detectives as well as other Special Agents, Marshals and Investigators from other agencies to remove violent drug trafficking organizations in targeted areas of the city to stem the crime and violence in the city's most volatile areas.

Acting SAC Colder has commended Commissioner Ramsey and the leadership of the Philadelphia Police Department for Spearheading this bold law enforcement and crime reduction initiative. Acting SAC Colder stated “All of us here today recognize that the drug trafficking and resulting crime and violence is an enormous problem that can best be tackled by sharing resources and manpower in a cooperative effort to protect our community”. Acting SAC Colder commended Commissioner Ramsey for his leadership and vision in proposing the initiative and added “Our aim is to work with the other investigators and develop cases for Federal Prosecution…so that the violent criminals that are causing our city so much pain, will be removed to a prison in Kansas for a long, long time!” The DEA has committed three (3) investigative groups as well as other investigative resources to Operation Pressure Point.

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