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DEC 30 DEA New York Drug Enforcement Task Force Arrests Georgia Man for Kidnapping, Heroin Trafficking, and Firearms Offenses
DEC 23 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces $10 Million Civil Penalty Recovery Against New York Pharmaceutical Distributor Kinray, LLC.
DEC 16 Over 250 Pounds of Illegal Psychedelic Mushrooms Seized from Major Grow House in Sheepshead Bay
DEC 15 Niagara Falls Police Officer, Two Others Charged with Selling Cocaine
DEC 13 Rensselaer Man Pleads Guilty to Oxycodone Conspiracy
DEC 06 DEA and NYPD Arrested Drug Traffickers That Supplied Queensbridge Houses -Largest Public Housing Development in the Country- and Users in West Virginia
DEC 02 Doctor Charged in Manhattan Federal Court for Illegal Distribution of Millions of Oxycodone Pills
NOV 30 Leader of Binghamton-Based Steroid Distribution Ring Pleads Guilty
NOV 30 Pharmacist Sentenced To 4 Years For Illegally Distributing Approximately 100,000 Oxycodone Tablets, Medicare Fraud, And Money Laundering
NOV 29 New York City Firefighter Charged in Narcotics Sales: Drugs Sold in Front of Firehouse and Near Schools
NOV 18 Nephews of First Lady of Venezuela Found Guilty of Conspiring to Import Cocaine into the United States
NOV 18 Former Doctor Sentenced in White Plains Federal Court to 18 Months in Prison for Selling Oxycodone Prescriptions
NOV 14 Colombian Drug Trafficker Extradited To New York City for Smuggling Narcotics To New York Aboard Famed Spanish Navy Ship
NOV 09 Nine Members of Eastern European Organized Crime Syndicate Charged with Racketeering, Extortion, Loansharking, Illegal Gambling, and Drug Trafficking
NOV 07 “2fly” Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Bronx Murder in Connection with Racketeering Conspiracy
NOV 03 Results Are in and Thousands of Pounds of Unused, Unwanted and Expired Medication Was Cleaned Out of New Yorkers Medicine Cabinets
OCT 31 Man Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Possessing 21 Kilos of Cocaine Seized From His Tractor-Trailer
OCT 31 NYC Police Officer Convicted in Manhattan Federal Court for Participating in a Drug Distribution Conspiracy
OCT 27 New York Man Pleads Guilty on Synthetic Cannabinoid Charges
OCT 12 Syracuse Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 28 Years
OCT 11 Three Members of Drug Crew Arrested in Utica, New York
SEP 30 Guilty Verdict in Major Drug Trafficking Case
SEP 29 Sixteen Charged in Lewis County Drug Raid
SEP 29 Drug Ring Supplying Elmira, NY with Heroin and Fentanyl Shut Down
SEP 28 New York Doctor Sentenced to More Than 13 Years in Prison for Unlawfully Dispensing Nearly 1 Million Oxycodone Pills
SEP 28 Connecticut Man Sentenced to 12 Years for Methylone Conspiracy
SEP 27 "YGz" Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Bronx Murder and Other Crimes in Connection with Racketeering Conspiracy
SEP 26 Albany Man Pleads Guilty to Oxycodone Conspiracy
SEP 26 Jury Convicts California Man of Conspiring to Distribute Opiates
SEP 08 Amsterdam Man Sentenced to 105 Months for Unlawfully Possessing Five Guns and Distributing Heroin
SEP 07 West Charlton Woman Sentenced on Narcotics Conviction
SEP 07 Fentanyl and Heroin Seized before Deadly Mix Hits the Streets
SEP 02 Second “YGz” Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murder and Other Crimes in Connection with Racketeering Conspiracy
SEP 01 Brooklyn Men Sentenced for Intending to Sell Crack and Heroin in Plattsburgh
AUG 29 “YGz” Gang Member Pleads Guilty to Attempted Murders in Connection with Racketeering Conspiracy
AUG 25 Over 65 pounds of heroin recovered from truck axle in Croton-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Two arrested
AUG 18 Alleged Dealer Indicted for Manslaughter in Fatal Overdose Case; Six Suspects Charged as Operating as a Major Trafficker
AUG 17 Former Physician Indicted for Selling Amphetamine Diet Pills to Patients after Losing Medical License
AUG 10 Schenectady Heroin Distributor Sentenced to 16 Years
AUG 09 International Drug Trafficking Ring Used “Front” Companies to Transport Drugs Across America
AUG 04 International Narcotics Distributor Pleads Guilty to Multiple Narcotics and Money Laundering Conspiracies
AUG 04 Members of Queens-Based Drug Trafficking Crew Indicted for Heroin Trafficking Conspiracy, Kidnapping, and Firearms Offenses
AUG 02 Plattsburgh Heroin Dealer Sentenced to 71 Months
AUG 01 Former Top Leaders of Venezuela’s Anti-Narcotics Agency Indicted for Trafficking Drugs to the United States
JUL 28 Murderer Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 34 Years in Prison
JUL 28 Investigation of Fentanyl-Heroin Distribution Network Results in 24 Arrests
JUL 26 Nine Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Trafficking Kilograms of Cocaine through the U.S. Mail System
JUL 25 Colombian Narcotics Kingpin Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 35 Years in Prison for Massive Cocaine Conspiracy
JUL 22 Alleged Member of Violent Robbery Crew Charged with Firearm-Related Murder
JUL 22 California Man Found Guilty on Narcotics Trafficking Charges
JUL 22 Schenectady Heroin Dealer Sentenced to 60 Months
JUL 20 Stephentown Man Sentenced to 30 Years for Gun and Drug Convictions
JUL 12 Southern District of New York U.S. Attorney Announces Arrests of Five Honduran National Police for Drug Trafficking and Related Firearms Offenses
JUL 07 Cocaine Concealed in Hundreds of Pounds of Yucca
JUL 01 Jury Convicts Schenectady Man of Crack Cocaine Distribution
JUL 01 More than a Million Dosages of Heroin Removed from the Streets Before Fourth of July Holiday Weekend
JUN 29 Gang Member Arrested On Gun and Drug Charges
JUN 27 Second Annual Game Changers Kicks Off in Lockport
JUN 24 Southampton Town Councilman Sentenced to 24 Months in Prison for Conspiring to Illegally Distribute Oxycodone
JUN 17 Riverhead Physician Assistant Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy to Illegally Prescribe Oxycodone
JUN 16 Robber Sentenced to 35 Years for Conspiring To Commit Drug Robberies, Distribute Narcotics and Illegally Using a Firearm
JUN 13 Seven Arrested for Heroin Ring that Reached from Pittsburgh to Nassau County
JUN 07 Racketeering Kingpin Pleads Guilty in Manhattan Federal Court
JUN 07 DEA Albany Locates and Arrests Wanted Felon
JUN 03 New York Man Sentenced in Manhattan Federal Court to 25 Years in Prison for Trafficking of Heroin, Cocaine, and MDMA
JUN 02 Three Time Convicted Felon Arrested in Otsego County on Drug Charges
MAY 25 Two Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Cocaine Offenses
MAY 23 Father, Girlfriend of Rikers Island Inmate Charged with Conspiracy and Solicitation to Commit Murder
MAY 23 United States Files Civil Complaint Seeking Injunctive Relief, Penalties and Forfeiture of Assets Tied to Suffolk County Clinic’s Illegal Distribution of Prescription Painkillers
MAY 13 Major Takedown of Western New York Narcotics Pipeline Investigation Leads to Indictment of 25 Individuals in Erie County Court; Seizures of Over Half a Million Dollars in Heroin and Cocaine
MAY 11 21 Members of South Bronx Drug Trafficking Organization Charged with Narcotics Trafficking and Firearms Offenses
MAY 09 New Yorkers Safeguarded Their Medical Cabinets of Lurking Dangers- Unused, Unwanted and Expired Medication
APR 27 120 Members and Associates of Two Rival Street Gangs in the Bronx Charged in Federal Court with Racketeering, Narcotics, and Firearms Offenses
APR 26 Local Pain Doctor Named in a 114 Count Indictment; Accused of Illegally Issuing Hundreds of Thousands of Prescriptions for Controlled Substances
APR 15 Member of Alleged International Organization of Money Launderers for the Largest Drug Cartels Extradited to the United States
APR 15 Heroin Packaging Operation Dismantled in Inwood: Over $5 Million in Heroin Seized, 10 Arrests
APR 13 Syracuse Man Indicted for Distributing Heroin That Killed Woman
MAR 30 FBI, DEA, NYPD and New York State Police Seize Over 200 Kilograms of K2 from Narcotics Factory Operating in Queens Storefront
MAR 17 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Conviction of Local Doctor for Unlawfully Dispensing More Than 1.2 Million Oxycodone Pills
MAR 10 Gang Alliance That Ravaged West Bronx with Gunfire and New England Towns with Drugs is Dismantled
MAR 09 Sixteen Latin King Gang Members and Associates Arrested for Narcotics Trafficking in Long Beach, New York
MAR 09 Father and Son Charged with Running Prescription Drug Trafficking and Forgery Ring
FEB 22 Rochester Father, Two Sons Arrested and Charged with Drug Trafficking
FEB 09 Seventeen Charged in Manhattan Federal Court with Narcotics-Related Offenses, Including the Distribution of Cocaine, Marijuana, and Oxycodone
FEB 09 DEA, Erie County Executive, Erie County Department of Health and U.S Attorney’s Office Issue Emergency Health Alert
FEB 07 Drug Law Enforcement Kicking Off the New Year with Record Breaking Heroin Seizures
FEB 04 Deli Owner Indicted For Synthetic Cannabinoids
FEB 03 Three-Week Trial in Manhattan Leads to Conviction of Jose Luis Gracesqui on Murder-for-Hire Charges
JAN 28 Amherst Doctor Pleads Guilty to Obtaining Controlled Substances by Fraud and Health Care Fraud
JAN 27 Truck with 100 Pounds of Heroin Seized
JAN 25 Former Doctor Sentenced for Illegally Prescribing Pain Medication
JAN 25 Surgeon Receives 78 Months in Prison for Distributing Oxycodone
JAN 22 Local Oneonta Man Arrested on Drug Charges
JAN 22 Two Colombian Drug Traffickers Charged with Smuggling Narcotics to New York Aboard Famed Spanish Navy Ship
JAN 22 Jury Convicts Constable Woman of Marijuana Conspiracy
JAN 21 Second Canadian Marijuana Trafficker Receives Life Sentence
JAN 20 Jury Convicts Syracuse Man in Heroin and Crack Cocaine Conspiracy
JAN 19 Jury Convicts Schenectady Man on Crack and Gun Charges
JAN 15 Canadian Marijuana Trafficker Receives Life Imprisonment
JAN 11 Buffalo Man Indicted on Multiple Drug and Weapons Charges
JAN 10 Doctor and Owner of Bronx Clinics Involved in Illegal Distribution of More Than Five Million Oxycodone Pills is Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison
JAN 05 Fourteen Plead Guilty in White Plains Federal Court to Participating in Massive Oxycodone and Heroin Conspiracy in and around Rockland County


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