News Release
September 8, 2009
Erin Mulvey
Public Information Officer
212 337-2906

SAC Gilbride Presents Certificate of Appreciation to
New York State Senator Leibell

Senator Vincent Leibell and SAC John Gilbride
Senator Vincent Leibell and SAC John Gilbride

SEPT 8-- On Friday, September 3, 2009, SAC Gilbride met with New York State Senator Vincent Leibell. Senator Leibell represents New York’s District 40 which covers the Hudson Valley and the New York State National Guard's Camp Smith where the DEA’s New York Field Division firearms training facility is located. Throughout the past year, Senator Leibell has been instrumental in moderating the terms of agreement on DEA's lease to use Camp Smith for NYFD's firearms training. This has allowed the NYFD to continue to train, not only DEA Special Agents and Task Force Office Officers, but many others involved in law enforcement and homeland security.

SAC Gilbride praised Senator Leibell’s willingness to become actively involved and provide assistance with this effort. SAC Gilbride stated, “Senator Leibell went above and beyond his responsibilities as a State Senator. "Senator Leibell's unique interest in providing assistance to law enforcement is well known and greatly appreciated by the men and women of New York State who carry a badge, especially those at DEA".