News Release
January 23, 2007
Contact: Erin Mulvey

DEA NY Trains 25 New Task Force Officers

SAC Gilbride welcomes the new Task Force Officers at the NYDETF.
SAC Gilbride welcomes the new Task Force Officers at the NYDETF.

JAN 23 -- The New York Drug Enforcement Task Force (NYDETF) is the oldest task force in the country. The NYDETF was formed in 1970 when the DEA was known as the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The NYDETF is formed with three organizations; the Drug Enforcement Administration, the New York Police Department and the New York State Police. Each of the twelve groups in the NYDETF is combined with DEA Special Agents, NYPD Detectives and NYSP Investigators.

For over thirty six years, the NYDETF has been upholding state and federal drug laws throughout the state of New York. Many of the investigations originating in New York have led ties to drug cartels overseas with tentacles throughout the nation.

When new Task Force Officers enter on duty with the NYDETF, they are trained by the DEA. These trainings take place regularly throughout the year and consist of intelligence briefings, report writing, legal training, evidence handling, public affairs briefing, asset forfeiture procedures, polygraph assistance, electronic operations and technical operations briefing.

Special Agent in Charge John Gilbride stated, “I worked 8 years within the NYDETF – 4 years as a Special Agent, 3 years as an Assistant Special Agent in Charge and 1 year as the Associate Special Agent in Charge. Throughout my 8 years, I have many great memories of good investigations and arrests. I welcome all the new Task Force Officers who are starting here today.”

Over 30 new Task Force Officers were trained over a three day period from January 23 through January 25, 2007.