News Release
October 12, 2006

DEA New York Puts the Karnell Crew Where They Belong
A year investigation leads to the dismantling of a violent street gang responsible for trafficking cocaine and crack in Rockland County, NY.

This investigation began in October, 2005 by the Rockland County Narcotics Task Force (RCNTF) after receiving intelligence information from their Gang Desk Unit about a drug gang known as the Karnell Street Crew. The Karnell Street Crew was associated with narcotics trafficking, burglaries, robberies and violent gang related activities within the Rockland County area of New York. This gang had a documented history of threatening to harm to local law enforcement officials as well as the community in Rockland County.

In November, 2005 the New York Drug Enforcement Task Force (NYDETF) assisted the RCNTF with this investigation which led to identifying all those involved with the illegal and violent drug trafficking by the Karnell Street Crew. The NYDETF and the RCNTF were able to locate the individual responsible for supplying the Karnell Street Crew with cocaine and crack, an individual named Toney EARL Jr. All members of the distribution, transportation and sales of the narcotics were identified and arrested. In addition to discovering the source of supply to the Karnell Street Gang, the investigation focused on identifying the leader of the gang, Watson SALVANT based in Spring Valley, NY.

The successful collaboration between the RCNTF, the DEA, the New York Police Department and the New York State Police led to the arrests of 38 defendants, the seizure of approximately 5 pounds of cocaine powder and crack, 5 hand guns (One Inter-Tech nine mm sub-machine gun) and approximately $55,000.00.

“These arrests represent the commitment of DEA along with our local and federal law enforcement partners to reclaim our neighborhoods from gang related drug distribution and violence,” said John P. Gilbride, Special Agent in Charge of the New York Field Division, Drug Enforcement Administration. “The DEA is focused on investigating and bringing to justice those responsible for distributing dangerous drugs throughout New York. In this investigation law enforcement was able to dismantle the entire drug trafficking chain from the transporters, - to the distributors - to the sellers ” SAC Gilbride praised the diligent work of the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office, the United States Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York and the Rockland County Narcotics Task Force.