News Release
September 16, 2006


New York Field Division runs/walks in
“ Race For The Kids”

"SAC Gilbride encourages DEA's walkers and runners prior to the race. The DEA received an award for having the most walkers and runners from any organization."

SEP 16--On September 16, 2006 40 representatives of the New York Field Division participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City Race for the Kids. This race was to benefit the mentoring program that Big Brothers Big Sisters installs in organizations throughout New York City.

The Workplace Mentoring Program is an educational, vocational, and cultural activity program that matches volunteers from an organization with youth aged 10-17 from a local school or community center. The program is based on the highly successful “one-to-one” model used in the core program of the Big Brothers/Sisters organization. The successes of the Workplace Program at other corporations have shown that the “one-to-one” relationship can increase students' self-esteem and improve school performance. The program uses a set curriculum of nine topics, which an organization Program Manager uses to design activities for each organization based on the company’s culture, the children’s interests and needs, and the interests of the volunteers.

DEA employees, family and friends all gathered early on Saturday morning to walk or run the 5 kilometer race route, followed by a picnic and games for the kids. Currently there are 11 DEA Agents and Intel Analysts in the New York Field Division who mentor a little sister or little brother. “This is a great opportunity for our employees to reach out into the community and impact a child’s life”, says SAC Gilbride, who is a Big Brother. “I enjoy spending time with my little, because I know that I get to make a difference in his life and help him ponder life’s choices and stay on the right path.”

Note that DEA raised over $3,000 for the race and was one of the top twenty companies/organizations for support of the race out of 160 citywide.


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