News Release
February 12, 2009
Contact: Special Agent Warren Rivera
Number: (504) 840-1070

Suspect's Electronic Tracking Device Recovered From Bulk Currency Seizure

FEB 12 -- On February 3, 2009, Alabama State Troopers stopped a 2001 Kenworth Tractor (with no trailer) on Interstate 20/59 South in Sumter County, Alabama. A verbal and written consensual search of the cab revealed a box containing several vacuum-sealed plastic bags with U.S. currency. After the currency was discovered, the state troopers called the DEA office in Birmingham, Alabama for assistance.

All items recovered as part of the operation.
All items recovered as part of the operation.

Task Force Officers Elden Willingham and Jon Kimbrell responded to the scene to assist the troopers. A further search of the sleeper compartment revealed a safe that contained additional vacuum sealed bags of U.S. currency. Underneath the currency, task force officers recovered an electronic tracking device (see photo).

The driver of the tractor, Ronny Edwin PITTMAN, exhibited nervous behavior and inconsistent statements about the currency and the tracking device. PITTMAN claimed the currency was his life savings which he kept with him at all times because he did not trust banks. Two drug detection canines alerted positive to the presence of narcotics on the currency and the currency was seized by the task force officers. An official bank count total of the seized currency was $186,015.00. The investigation is on-going.

Tracking devise that was seized during the operation >>