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Operation “Stateline” nets 30 Arrests in N.J. and PA

(SEPT 19) – NEWARK-- Gerard P. McAleer, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) New Jersey Division and Warren County Prosecutor, Thomas S. Ferguson put Warren County’s drug world on notice. Agents and officers coordinated a series of arrests within the last six months against Warren County’s biggest drug dealers and now all are indicted federally or placed behind bars ready to face State of New Jersey drug charges.

Operation Stateline was a six month investigation by DEA and Warren County Prosecutor’s office in which law enforcement officials conducted months of surveillance, undercover operations, and drug buys. This investigation resulted in a total of thirty (30) arrests, and the seizure of approximately three (3) pounds of crack cocaine, and approximately $17,000.00 dollars in cash. The leaders of this crack cocaine distribution network were Keisha Fredericks and Edward Rayshawn Carter,-aka Sugar Ray. On several occasions members were observed operating their illegal drug activity crossing the state line between New Jersey and Pennsylvania hence Operation “Stateline”. Further, they led other members of the organization to assist and facilitate the crack cocaine distribution network in Warren County.

SAC McAleer said “The Stateline crack cocaine distribution network will not be infecting Warren County with drugs anymore.” This organization thought it could operate in a rural area with impunity crossing over state lines, now they face the real truth, Justice….”

The operation was a joint venture spearheaded by DEA’s Mobile Enforcement Team (MET), a specialized squad dedicated to attacking and dismantling drug trafficking and urban violence in close coordination with local authorities.

The targeted criminals are responsible for the possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. Arrested on July 08, 2006, and indicted on federal charges on July 27, 2006 are the following defendants:

1. Keisha Fredericks 04/01/77 384 Washington St., Phillipsburg, NJ
2. Edward Rayshawn Carter, aka Sugar Ray 07/08/75 90 Sitgreaves St., Phillipsburg, NJ
3. James Armstrong, aka Unc 07/18/76 563 Green St., Phillipsburg, NJ
4. Tim Hartwell, aka Big Daddy 01/19/73 2263 Rogers St., Bethlehem, PA
5. Ray Edward Carter, aka Pops 06/22/58 99 Sitgreaves St., Phillipsburg, NJ
6. Pasqual Colon, aka Paco 02/13/79 606 Berwick St., Easton, PA
7. Daniel Groover, aka Groove 01/14/61 386 Washington Ave, Phillipsburg, NJ

Prosecutor Ferguson stated, “This investigation represents the best efforts of federal, state, County, and local law enforcement working together for one goal, arresting and dismantling the drug trafficking organizations that infect a whole community with drugs.”

To date, 23 state defendants were arrested in conjunction with Operation Stateline. Please see (Attachment A) for State arrests.

SAC McAleer credited the outstanding police work to the following agencies that participated in this investigation, Easton Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Greenwich Township Police Department, New Jersey State Police, Phillipsburg Police Department, Pohatcong Township Police Department, Washington Borough Police Department, Warren County Sheriff’s Office, and Warren County Prosecutor’s Office.

The federal investigation is being prosecuted by the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey headed by Christopher J. Christie. Peter Katz is the Assistant United States Attorney who will represent the Government. The state investigation is being prosecuted by the Warren County Prosecutor’s office led by Prosecutor Thomas S. Ferguson.

Every defendant is presumed innocent unless and until found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt following a trial at which the defendant has all of the trial rights guaranteed by federal law.


Attachment A

“Operation Stateline”

NJ State Arrests

1. Amy Sandt 05/09/70 53 Summit Ave., Phillipsburg, NJ
2. David Murrell 11/17/78 559 S. Main Street, Apt. 1, Phillipsburg, NJ
3. Donald O'Grady Jr. 08/30/87 12 Cedar Alley, Phillipsburg, NJ
4. Eugene Davis 03/23/81 599 S. Main Street, Phillipsburg, NJ
5. Fabiola Narr 09/01/67 559 S. Main Street, Apt. 1, Phillipsburg, NJ
6. Glenda Range 04/05/55 162 Sitgreaves St., Phillipsburg, NJ
7. Jamier Palmer 11/09/67 46 Bennett St., Phillipsburg, NJ
8. Jared Kerr 07/26/84 56 Summit Ave., Phillipsburg, NJ
9. John Johnson III 07/23/76 197 Chambers St, Phillipsburg, NJ
10. Nicole Beatnick 11/19/83 90 Sitgreaves St., Phillipsburg, NJ
11. Kristi Riegel 12/28/82 907 Bushkill St., Easton, PA
12. Latiesha Carter 10/02/78 70 Schultz Ave., Phillipsburg, NJ
13. Michael Osborne 02/04/64 204 Washington St., Phillipsburg, NJ
14. Michelle Lambert 05/09/70 556 Green St, Phillipsburg, NJ
15. Ralph Smith 06/20/55 10 E. Washington Ave, Phillipsburg, NJ
16. Stacy Walker 03/25/78 478 Kneedler Ave., Phillipsburg, NJ
17. Tara Stasak 11/09/80 269 Hudson St., Phillipsburg, NJ
18. Theresa Hagan 01/31/61 33 W Washington Ave., Rm. 7, Washington, NJ
19. Thomas J Frey 05/20/80 78 Lewis St., Phillipsburg, NJ
20. Timothy Stevens 02/14/84 44 Hampton Rd., Pittstown, NJ
21. Tina Meehan 12/21/65 33 W. Washington Ave., Rm. 7, Washington, NJ
22. Tony Newton 01/28/74 575 Walnut St., Phillipsburg, NJ
23. Vaugn Q. Banks 05/14/86 510 Roseberry St., Phillipsburg, NJ