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DEC 19, 2012 Two Florida Men Sentenced for Heroin Conspiracy
DEC 18, 2012 DEA Miami Teams up with the YMCA to Spread Holiday Cheer to Underprivileged Kids At Local Schools
DEC 18, 2012 Miami Cocaine Distributor Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison
DEC 14, 2012 Five More Sentenced to Federal Prison in Operation Sooner or Later
DEC 14, 2012 Oxycodone Dealer Gets Statutory Maximum
DEC 12, 2012 Sixteen Miami-Dade Residents Indicted on Drug Conspiracy and Distribution Charges 
DEC 07, 2012 DEA Miami Field Division Seeks Public’s Assistance in Locating A Federal Fugitive  
DEC 06, 2012 Fourteen Men Charged in International Cocaine Trafficking Ring
NOV 29, 2012 Methamphetamine Trafficker Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
NOV 28, 2012 DEA Scam Alert -- Extortion Scheme
NOV 28, 2012 Oxycodone Trafficker Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison
NOV 27, 2012 Former Nurse Sentenced to Six Years In Federal Prison
NOV 27, 2012 DEA Serves Order to Show Cause to Three Walgreens Pharmacies
NOV 20, 2012 Colombian Narco-Trafficker Sentenced on Ten Year Cocaine Importation Conspiracy
NOV 19, 2012 Jacksonville Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to life in Federal Prison  
NOV 15, 2012 Five Convicted by Federal Jury in a Multi-State Drug Conspiracy
NOV 14, 2012 Honduran Citizen Indicted in Marijuana Grow House Conspiracy
NOV 14, 2012 Last Member of a Large Drug Trafficking Organization With Ties to Mexico Sentenced
NOV 13, 2012 Last Individual Sentenced as Part of Operation Woodchop
NOV 7, 2012 Zephyrhills Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Methamphetamine Trafficking
NOV 6, 2012 Nine More Drug Traffickers Sentenced in Operation Sooner or Later
OCT 30, 2012 Three Family Members Sentenced for Cocaine Charges
OCT 24, 2012 Members of Pasco County Oxycodone Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced in Federal Court
OCT 22, 2012 Celebrate Red Ribbon Week
OCT 22, 2012 Mexican Drug Trafficker Sentenced to 40 years in Federal Prison
OCT 22, 2012 Operation Snake Oil Seized Vehicles Sold for Over $1.9 Million at Local Miami Auction
OCT 19, 2012 Heads of Nationwide Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Organization Sentenced to Federal Prison
OCT 17, 2012 California Man Convicted on Federal Drug Charges
OCT 16, 2012 Former Colombian Prosecutor Pleads Guilty to Role in International Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
OCT 15, 2012 Holiday CVS Final Order Reveals Gross Negligence By Two CVS Pharmacies in Stanford, Florida
OCT 10, 2012 Convicted Felon Sentenced for Planning Murder
OCT 4, 2012 DEA’s Fifth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Results in another Big Haul
OCT 3, 2012 Captain of Refueling Boat for Drug Traffickers Sentenced to more than 24 Years
SEP 26, 2012 Wauchula Man Sentenced to More Than 24 Years for Cocaine Distribution
SEP 25, 2012 DEA Holds its Fifth Prescription Drug Take-Back Day SEP 29 as Public Participation Continues to Rise
SEP 25, 2012 Convicted Drug Trafficker Found Guilty
SEP 21, 2012 Tampa Man Convicted in Oxycodone Prescription Scheme
SEP 20, 2012 Jury Convicts two Orlando Men of Heroin Conspiracy
SEP 20, 2012 Local Rapper Sentenced to 30 Years For Drug Trafficking
SEP 20, 2012 Two Individuals Convicted on Large-Scale Cocaine Distribution Conspiracy
SEP 19, 2012 Bradenton Man Sentenced to 60 Years in Federal Prison for Drug Trafficking and Gun Offenses
SEP 19, 2012 Nine Charged in Florida-Delaware Oxycodone Conspiracy
SEP 18, 2012 Texas Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced to 25 Years in Federal Prison
SEP 17, 2012 Accused Drug Trafficker Arrested in Panama Appears in Miami Federal Court
SEP 14, 2012 DEA Serves a Suspension Order on Walgreens Distribution Center in Jupiter, Florida
SEP 12, 2012 Methamphetamine Distributor Convicted At Trial
SEP 12, 2012 DEA Revokes Two CVS Retailers’ Ability To Sell Controlled Substances
SEP 6, 2012 Police Officer Sentenced in Conspiracy to Possess with Intent to Distribute Marijuana
SEP 5, 2012 St. Petersburg Doctor Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Illegally Prescribing Pain Medications
SEP 5, 2012 Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Charges
SEP 5, 2012 Palmetto Drug Dealer Sentenced to Life in Prison
AUG 30, 2012 Two Indicted for Laundering Marijuana Proceeds for Gulf Cartel in Central Florida
AUG 30, 2012 Operation Gateway Busts “Bottoms” Area Drug Ring in Lake County
AUG 22, 2012 Guatemalan Narcotics Trafficker Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison
AUG 22, 2012 Pharmacist Found Guilty of Illegally Distributing Oxycodone
AUG 22, 2012 Second-in-Command of International Drug Trafficking Organization Found Guilty of Conspiracy
AUG 20, 2012 Leesburg Man Convicted of Distributing Crack Cocaine and Illegal Pills in Tangerine, Florida
AUG 17, 2012 Operation Keystone Express Charge 14 on State Drug Charges
AUG 16, 2012 Operation Pill Nation Strikes Again with Phase II Takedown
AUG 13, 2012 Heroin Trafficker Sentenced to More Than Two Years
AUG 10, 2012 Alleged International Narcotics Trafficker Extradited From Colombia on Cocaine Importation Charges
AUG 09, 2012 Alleged International Narcotics Trafficker Extradited From Colombia on Cocaine Importation Charges
JUL 31, 2012 DEA Arrests Nine People throughout Florida during the First National Synthetic Drug Takedown as Part of Operation Log Jam
JUL 31, 2012 Two Doctors Charged with Oxycodone-Related Deaths Resulting from Broward and Palm Beach Counties Pill Mill Operation
JUL 30, 2012 Pasco County Pharmacist Charged with Illegally Distributing Pain Medications
JUL 26, 2012 The DEA’s Traveling Museum Exhibit, Target America: Opening Eyes to the Damages Drugs Cause Extended at MOSI
JUL 13, 2012 Thirty-One Individuals Charged With Illegally Distributing Pain Medications in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky
JUL 10, 2012 Tampa Man and Woman Sentenced to Federal Prison for Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering
JUN 29, 2012 Davie Pill Mill Owner Sentenced in Operation Snake Oil
JUN 27, 2012 Federal Investigation Takes Down New Breed of Pill Mills in Florida
JUN 20, 2012 Law Enforcement Dethrones “Queen” of Longwood, Florida
JUN 18, 2012 Guilty: Florida Doctor Illegally Prescribed Pain Medications
JUN 11, 2012 Boca Raton Man Convicted of Conspiracy to Distribute Synthetic Marijuana in Federal Prosecution
JUN 7, 2012 Tampa Man Convicted Of Trafficking Crack Cocaine
MAY 24, 2012 Clearwater Crack, BZP Trafficker Convicted of Drug, Gun Offenses
MAY 24, 2012 Guatemalan Man Pleads Guilty: Smuggled Heroin Inside Lollipops
MAY 15, 2012 Twelve Indicted on Cocaine Distribution Conspiracy Charges
MAY 15, 2012 Doctor Sentenced to Federal Prison in Oxycodone Distribution Case
MAY 15, 2012 Hialeah Gardens Police Officer Guilty: Conspired to Possess, Distribute Marijuana  
MAY 14, 2012 Methamphetamine Distributors Sentenced
MAY 8, 2012 Operation Splinter Cell: Major Guatemalan Cocaine Kingpin Convicted in Miami
MAY 4, 2012 St. AUGine, Florida Man Faces Mandatory Life Sentence for Drug Trafficking
MAY 4, 2012 Zellwood Cocaine and Firearms Dealer Sentenced to More Than 10 Years in Federal Prison
MAY 4, 2012 Polk County Methamphetamine Traffickers Indicted
MAY 3, 2012 Eleven Indicted in Pharmaceutical Thefts
MAY 1, 2012 DEA Miami Division Has Record Event
APR 30, 2012 Guilty Plea in Broward, Palm Beach County Operation Oxy Alley 
APR 27, 2012 Palmetto, Florida Man Convicted On Cocaine Charges
APR 25, 2012 Lakeland, Florida Man Convicted in Marijuana Growing Conspiracy
APR 23, 2012 Three From St. Petersburg, Florida Indicted on Federal Drug Charges
APR 23, 2012 DEA Holding Fourth Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day APR28
APR 20, 2012 Oxy Alley Defendant Sentenced
APR 18, 2012 Members of Nationwide Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced
APR 17, 2012 South Florida Marijuana Grow House Operation Leads to Money Laundering, Drug Conspiracy Sentencing
APR 17, 2012 Stolen Prescriptions Bring Federal Drug Charges
APR 16, 2012 Calhoun County, Florida Men Convicted in Drug Conspiracy
APR 13, 2012 15 Years for Former Deputy Sheriff on Drug, Gun Charges
APR 12, 2012 Crew Member In Multi-Ton Maritime Cocaine Seizure Sentenced
APR 11, 2012 Doctor Guilty of Health Care Fraud, Oxycodone Trafficking Scheme
APR 5, 2012 Five Sentenced in Broward County Pharmacy Case
APR 4, 2012 Top Six Walgreens Pharmacies in Florida, Distribution Center Get Closer Look from DEA
APR 2, 2012 Owner of Florida Pill Mills Pleads Guilty
MAR 28, 2012 Pharmaceutical Wholesaler Charged in Superseding Information in Operation Oxy Alley
MAR 27, 2012 DEA Investigation Results in Life Sentence for Major Drug Trafficker
MAR 22, 2012 DEA, Museum of Science and Industry Kick Off Target America Exhibit: Opening Eyes to the Damage Drugs Cause
MAR 22, 2012 Sentencings in Orlando Area Oxycodone Trafficking Case
MAR 15, 2012 Plant City Methamphetamine Dealer Gets Life in Prison
MAR 14, 2012 Nineteen Charged in West Palm Area Heroin and Cocaine Trafficking Ring
MAR 14, 2012 Texas Man Pleads Guilty in Florida to Marijuana Distribution
FEB 24, 2012 Nicaraguan Indicted on Drug, Terrorism Charges Extradited from Colombia to Miami
FEB 24, 2012 Two More in Broward and Palm Beach Counties Sentenced in Operation Oxy Alley
FEB 17, 2012 Four More Sentenced in Operation Oxy Alley
FEB 14, 2012 Four Arrested On Cocaine Charges: Drugs, Guns, Cash, Vehicles, Boat Seized
FEB 13, 2012 Operation Oxy Alley: Three More Sentenced
FEB 8, 2012 Eleven Arrested in Multi-State Investigation of U.S.–Mexican DTO
FEB 6, 2012 DEA Suspends Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distributor and Retailers’ Ability to Sell Controlled Substances
FEB 3, 2012 Four More Defendants Sentenced in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Pill Mill Operation
JAN 30, 2012 Florida Law Enforcement Prescription Drug Efforts Produce Positive Results
JAN 20, 2012 Two More Defendants Sentenced in Florida Pill Mill Operation
JAN 13, 2012 Department of Justice Employee and Eight Others Indicted in Large Drug Conspiracy
JAN 13, 2012 Three More Defendants Sentenced in Broward and Palm Beach Counties in Pill Mill Operation
JAN 6, 2012 Florida Doctor Sentenced to Seven Years for Illegal Distribution of Oxycodone at Lake Worth Clinic
JAN 6, 2012 Eight Sentenced to Date for Pill Mill Operation in Broward and Palm Beach Counties


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