News Release
October 30, 2009
Contact: Special Agent David Melenkevitz
Number: 954-660-4602

19 Sentenced in Operation "Oxy Express" King of Hudson Sentenced to 20 Years

OCT 30 -- Tampa, FL – Mark R. Trouville, Special Agent in Charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Miami Field Division and A. Brian Albritton, United States Attorney for the Middle District of Florida announced today that United States District Judge Virginia M. Covington has sentenced 19 defendants indicted as part of Operation “Oxy Express.” (See list for names, ages, and sentences of defendants). All 19 defendants had pleaded guilty to various drug trafficking charges stemming from their participation in a large oxycodone trafficking organization.

According to the defendants’ plea agreements, the 19 were part of a highly organized group of individuals headed by Arde Harry Olsen, a/k/a King of Hudson. The group obtained large amounts of oxycodone from various pharmacies throughout the Tampa Bay metropolitan area using the “doctor shopper” method of diversion. Olsen paid “doctor shoppers” to visit doctors and obtain prescriptions for oxycodone. The oxycodone was then rationed out to the “doctor shoppers” to maintain control of the organization, as well as distributed locally and interstate to oxycodone distributors. Olsen primarily used an auto repair shop and his former residence in Hudson to conduct the group’s oxycodone business.

Judge Covington entered a money judgment in excess of $1 million dollars against Olsen, and others, which represents the amount of drug proceeds obtained during the oxycodone trafficking conspiracy. The court also ordered the forfeiture of two vehicles and three pieces of property.

This case was investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, which were assisted by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

Those sentenced were:

  • Arde Olsen (a/k/a Arne Olsen, a/k/a King of Hudson), age 51, 240 months
  • Shannon Olsen (a/k/a Shannon Armey), age 45, 48 months
  • Jason Michael Olsen, age 23, 120 months
  • William Joseph Califano, (a/k/a Billy), age 29, 87 months
  • Earle Monroe Silcox, age 30, 97 months
  • Jessie Krumm, age 21, 70 months
  • Amber Marie Morreale, age 19, 24 months
  • Jerald John Gilio, Jr., (a/k/a Popeye), age 33, 87 months
  • Anthony Robert Upton, (a/k/a Ant), age 28, 108 months
  • Donna Jean Bynum, (a/k/a Fat Donna), age 31, 70 months
  • Debra A. Collins, age 48, 140 months
  • Dannie James Mariedth, age 50, 140 months
  • Sarah Lynn Maynard, (a/k/a Sara Widemann), age 25, 87 months
  • Joshua McTavish Brown, (a/k/a Josh), age 24, 121 months
  • Anthony Keith Christian, (a/k/a Tony), age 27, 135 months
  • Billy Ray Hardin, age 27, 70 months
  • Soni Jo Cheesbrough, age 27, 46 months
  • Dennis Ashley Miller, (a/k/a Ash), age 35, 70 months
  • Jereme Lee Gould, age 24, 46 months

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