News Release
March 13 , 2009
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Charges Filed in Anna Nicole Smith Case

MAR 13 -- Los Angeles - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. announced that three individuals -- Howard K. Stern, Doctor Khristine Eroshevich, and Doctor Sandeep Kapoor - have been charged with conspiring to "repeatedly and excessively" furnish controlled substances to Anna Nicole Smith.

"These individuals repeatedly and excessively furnished thousands of prescription pills to Anna Nicole Smith, often for no legitimate medical purpose," Attorney General Brown said. "There is ample evidence that Doctor Eroshevich and Doctor Kapoor violated their ethical obligations as physicians, while Mr. Stern funneled highly addictive drugs to Ms. Smith."

Over a period of three years, Doctor Khristine Eroshevich, Doctor Sandeep Kapoor, and Howard K. Stern furnished thousands of prescription pills to Ms. Smith, including opiates, benzodiazapines, and other controlled and non-controlled substances.

Doctor Eroshevich and Doctor Kapoor falsified prescriptions and prescribed unwarranted amounts and combinations of highly addictive medications. Howard K. Stern, Ms. Smith's attorney and confidant, served as a vital link in obtaining, delivering, and administering these prescription drugs to Anna Nicole Smith.

The investigation, launched in March 2007, is a cooperative effort between the California Attorney General's Office, the Medical Board of California, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, and the California Department of Insurance, Fraud Division.

The mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is to enforce the controlled substances laws and regulations of the United States and bring to the criminal and civil justice system of the United States, or any other competent jurisdiction, those organizations and principal members of organizations, involved in the growing, manufacture, or distribution of controlled substances appearing in or destined for illicit traffic in the United States; and to recommend and support non-enforcement programs aimed at reducing the availability of illicit controlled substances on the domestic and international markets.

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