News Release
October 24, 2007
Contact:  Garrison Courtney, 202-307-2402
or Dan Simmons, 619-843-2133

DEA Providing Assistance to California Firefighting Effort

OCT 24 -- (Washington, D.C.) –Over the last several days, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been providing assistance to California law enforcement and fire officials in combating the wildfires ravaging many southern California counties.

Below is a summary of the DEA’s assistance with the wildfires:
  • The DEA was one of the first Federal law enforcement agencies to provide resources and assistance to the fire efforts in California.

  • The DEA Airwing has sent additional resources to Long Beach to supplement the DEA San Diego based Airwing assets.

  • The DEA San Diego Field Division (SDFD) has opened its office space for displaced DEA and other law enforcement employees.  The San Diego DEA training room and other offices have been outfitted with cots and sleeping bags for evacuated personnel.  In addition, these cots are being utilized by deployed Los Angeles and Phoenix special agents as they assist the SDFD agents.  The Field Division is also assisting in housing family members and their pets.
  • The entire SDFD has deployed over 100 agents in various capacities to assist in the fire efforts.  Approximately 80 special agents are from San Diego; 15 from Los Angeles; and 5 from the Phoenix Field Division.

  • The DEA established a command post at 5:00 a.m. on October 22, 2007,  in anticipation of fire situation growing out of control.  All personnel were called to duty ASAP to assist.

  • DEA San Diego has requested the DEA Los Angeles Field Divisions Mobile command post to assist if necessary in field operations.

  • DEA has assembled for distribution tents; cots; sleeping bags; clothing; Meals-ready-to-eat (MRE’s); Air conditioner units (A/C’s); generators; medical supplies, firefighting hand tools; water; medical supplies; food; toiletries; paper goods; flashlights; dust masks; lab trucks; toys for children; and BDU’s.

  • The DEA Airwing; Houston; Phoenix; and Los Angeles Field Divisions have provided personnel and equipment.

  • DEA has deployed four lab trucks with shower capabilities, boots, clothing, food and water to the area.

  • DEA has responded to mutual law enforcement aid for evacuation, etc.