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DEC 15 Houston man sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for East Texas drug conspiracy
DEC 15 Houston man sentenced to 27 years in federal prison for East Texas drug conspiracy
DEC 15 20 arrested in connection with Taylor-based “crack” cocaine and methamphetamine trafficking operation
DEC 04 Mexican National sentenced for possession with intent to distribute marijuana
NOV 30 More than a Dozen Charged in Large-Scale Conspiracy Involving Corpus Christi, Texas Aryan Brotherhood Ring
NOV 21 Local Man Heads to Prison on Drugs, Firearms Charges
NOV 20 Numerous alleged members of narcotics trafficking organization taken into custody
NOV 14 Four Laredo men sentenced for trafficking narcotics
NOV 13 Undocumented alien gets 25 years for trafficking meth
NOV 08 Houston Men Sent to Prison for Distributing Meth
NOV 08 22 Alleged gang members indicted for multiple violent crimes
NOV 02 Louisiana couple sentenced for trafficking drugs through East Texas
NOV 02 Houston man sentenced for Beaumont drug trafficking violations
OCT 31 Two Sentenced for trafficking meth
OCT 16 Wife of former Mexican official convicted in bank fraud conspiracy
SEP 29 Beaumont man sentenced to life in federal prison for drug trafficking violations
SEP 27 Fourth Bandido pleads guilty to federal charge in connection with the murder of Hells Angel Anthony Benesh in 2006
SEP 26 Former gulf cartel leader convicted of drug conspiracy and assaults on federal officers
SEP 26 Man Sentenced to 35 years for meth trafficking from Houston to Louisiana
SEP 25 Undocumented alien residing in Houston sentenced to 50 years in federal prison in liquid meth case
SEP 25 Third Bandido pleads guilty to federal charge in connection with the murder of Hells Angel Anthony Benesh in 2006
SEP 18 DEA’s Traveling Exhibit “Drugs: Costs and Consequences” Opening in Cedar Park, Texas
AUG 24 North Texas woman sent to prison for trafficking heroin
AUG 23 Federal and state authorities arrest total of 38 individuals based on San Antonio federal drug trafficking indictments
AUG 22 Mexican man gets 10 years in cocaine conspiracy
AUG 17 Two illegal aliens head to prison for trafficking meth
AUG 14 Police Officer Charged with Drug Trafficking
AUG 09 Operation: Crystal Lake-39 Arrested in Comal County
AUG 08 Two Men Plead Guilty to Possession of Marijuana
AUG 03 Trucker Arrested with 33 Kilograms of Cocaine Pleads Guilty
AUG 01 Mexican Truck Driver and a Laredo Woman Sentenced for Trafficking Drugs
AUG 01 More Operation Trena Sin Trono Defendants Head to Prison
JUL 31 Final Two Ordered to Prison in 10-Defendant Marijuana Conspiracy
JUL 26 Melendez Family Members Sentenced in South Laredo Drug Conspiracy
JUL 21 Texas Man Convicted: Attempted to Smuggle 50 Kilos of Cocaine
JUL 21 Final Operation X3 “Mexican Mafia” Defendant Sentenced
JUL 21 30 Years for Los Zetas Cartel Leader
JUN 29 Authorities Announce Initiative Targeting Houston Violent Offenders
JUN 28 Eight Associated With La Familia Cartel Sentenced to Federal Prison for Roles in Austin-Based Meth Trafficking Operation
JUN 28 Los Zetas Drug Cartel Sicario and Piedras Negras Plaza Boss Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison
JUN 27 Texas “Mexikan” Mafia Members Get Long Prison Sentences
JUN 26 Methamphetamine Smuggler Sentenced to Nearly 10 Years
JUN 15 Member of “Los Piojos” Cocaine Trafficking Family, Responsible for Importing Tons of Cocaine into US Convicted
JUN 15 Final Conviction in Major Houston Cocaine Trafficking Conspiracy
JUN 13 Convict Who Went Back to Meth Trafficking in Laredo When on Supervised Release Gets Nearly 20 Years
JUN 13 Liquid Methamphetamine Smuggler Sentenced
JUN 13 Prison Chaplain Sentenced
JUN 07 Head of Major Marijuana Trafficking Organization Convicted
MAY 26 Former Mexican Official, Wife Charged in Money Laundering Scheme
MAY 23 Drug Traffickers Who Used Weapons Ordered to Prison
MAY 19 San Antonio-Based Texas Mexican Mafia Drug Trafficking Organization Dismantled
MAY 15 3 Laredo Men Convicted of Drug Trafficking
MAY 02 Last Defendant in Falcon Crack, Methamphetamine Trafficking Organization Case Sentenced
APR 28 Mexican Multi-Kilo Methamphetamine Trafficker Sentenced
APR 28 6 to Prison for Laundering Millions for Drug Cartel
APR 27 Port Arthur Man Convicted for Federal Violations Related to Port Acres Murder
APR 25 Former Texan Gets Hammered with 30-Year Prison Sentence
APR 21 Major Gulf Cartel Affiliated Cocaine Distributor Sentenced
APR 20 Texas Methamphetamine Trafficker Goes to Jail
APR 18 South Texas Man Sentenced for Drug Trafficking
APR 18 Brownsville Man Sent to Prison on Firearms Charge
APR 17 Magnolia Man Sent to Prison for Cocaine Conspiracy
APR 13 Texas Methamphetamine Traffickers Sentenced
APR 11 Houston Man Sentenced for East Texas Drug Trafficking
APR 06 Operation Revocation: Life for Leader of Laredo-Based Melendez Drug Trafficking Organization
APR 04 Muhammad Jaffer Ali Sentenced to 16 Years in Federal Prison for Heading Up Synthetic Marijuana Distribution Ring
APR 04 Mexico City Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Importation of Cocaine and Heroin
APR 04 Mercedes Man Gets Hefty Sentence for Transporting Cocaine
APR 04 Mexican Truck Driver and a Laredo Woman Convicted of Trafficking Drugs
APR 04 Houston Doctor, Pharmacist, Recruiter Sentenced in Opioid Diversion Conspiracy
MAR 31 Jasper County, Texas Methamphetamine, Crack Cocaine Trafficker Sentenced
MAR 30 Leaders of Clandestine Marijuana Grow House Organization Sentenced to Federal Prison
MAR 30 Brothers Sentenced to Federal Prison for Possessing Synthetic Cannabinoids
MAR 22 Houston Man Guilty in Beaumont IH-10 Drug Trafficking
MAR 07 Four Responsible for Large Quantities of Heroin in Southeast Texas, New Orleans Arrested
MAR 03 Life Sentences for Leaders of Large Scale Heroin Distribution Network
MAR 03 Smuggler with 14 kilos of Cocaine at Border Checkpoint Convicted
MAR 02 Indictment Against Top Leaders of the Bandidos Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
MAR 01 South Texas Task Force Breaks Up Large-Scale Drug and Money Laundering Conspiracy
FEB 24 South Texas Woman Convicted for Distributing Methamphetamine
FEB 16 Houston Man Pleads Guilty to Trafficking Cocaine
FEB 15 Houston Man Sentenced for East Texas Drug Trafficking Violations
FEB 14 Hardin County Man Sentenced for Drug Violations
FEB 14 Orange County Man Sentenced for Federal Violations Related to Port Acres Murder
FEB 14 Jefferson County Man Sentenced for Drug Violations
FEB 14 Houston Doctor and Pharmacist guilty in Pill distribution network
FEB 08 Two Men Sentenced for Smuggling $4.6 Million in Cocaine
JAN 24 Laredo Man Sentenced for Possessing 360 Pounds of Marijuana
JAN 23 Six Mission, Texas Residents Plead Guilty to Participating in Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Scheme
JAN 20 Federal Jury in Del Rio Convicts Undocumented Alien Residing in Houston in Liquid Meth Case
JAN 12 Federal and State Authorities Arrest 21 Individuals Based on San Antonio Federal Drug Trafficking Indictment
JAN 11 Trafficking Nearly 10 Kilos of Meth Lands Man Hefty Prison Sentence


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