News Release
Date: May 01, 2012
Contact: Lisa A. Webb Johnson
Public Information Officer
Number: 713-693-3000

Large Scale Methamphetamine Trafficker Found Guilty
--Undocumented Alien from Mexico May be Sentenced up to Life in Prison--

May 1 - (Houston, TX) – Enrique Alvaraez-Soria, 41, has pled guilty to his role in two separate incidents of trafficking large-scale amounts of methamphetamine, DEA Special Agent in Charge Javier Peña and United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today.

Alvarez-Soria, an undocumented alien from Mexico residing in the Houston area, pled guilty earlier today before United States District Judge Lee Rosenthal to his roles in these offenses. One of these offenses was for an incident from Oct. 28, 2011, which was charged in the Southern District of Texas. The other was for an incident from Aug. 25, 2011, which was charged in the Western District of Texas but to which Alvarez-Soria also pled guilty by the agreement of all parties.

On the evening of Oct. 25, 2011, DEA agents received information that a drug-laden Ford F-250 pickup truck was going to be driven from Mexico into the United States at Laredo, Texas. Today, Alvarez-Soria admitted this truck was going to be loaded with liquid methamphetamine in one of its two fuel tanks and was to ultimately be driven to the Houston area where the methamphetamine would be unloaded. Agents in Laredo were able to intercept this Ford F-250 after it entered the United States on Oct. 26, 2011.

The next day, agents facilitated the delivery of the drug-laden truck the vehicle to a ranch in Montgomery County, Texas, where it remained overnight. On Oct. 28, 2011, agents observed Alvarez-Soria arrive at the ranch, remove some red colored gas cans from the vehicle he was driving and siphon the liquid methamphetamine from the front fuel tank of the Ford F-250 and into the red gas cans. Subsequently, officers stopped him and discovered the liquid methamphetamine and suspected acetone, mixing trays, buckets and a pump which are used to separate the methamphetamine from the liquid. The total amount of the liquid containing methamphetamine which Alvarez-Soria removed from the Ford F-250 was approximately 52.99 liters, or 52,990 grams.

Alvarez-Soria also admitted in court today that between Jan. 1 and Oct. 5, 2011, he conspired with other persons to distribute methamphetamine. On Aug. 25, 2011, one of those alleged co-conspirators arranged for Alvarez-Soria to deliver nine pounds of crystal methamphetamine to another person in San Antonio. On that date, Alvarez-Soria in fact delivered 3.99 kilograms (approximately nine pounds) of this methamphetamine to an undercover Texas Department of Public Safety agent which was later tested and found to be 82 percent pure.

Alvarez-Soria is set for sentencing on Aug. 30, 2012, at which time he faces at least 10 years imprisonment and up to life in prison and a $10 million fine on each count of conviction. He has been in custody where he will remain pending his sentencing hearing.

This case is the result of an investigation led by the DEA with assistance from Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations, Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection, Texas Department of Public Safety and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department. The case is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorney Arthur R. Jones from the Southern District of Texas and Assistant United States Attorney David M. Shearer from the Western District of Texas.