News Release
November 28, 2007

DEA Joins City of Houston
in Candlelight Vigil

NOV 28 -- On October 24, 2007, on the steps of Houston City Hall, DEA and Houston Crackdown honored lives lost to drug abuse. This was the first vigil of its kind held ever held at City Hall. The public vigil recognized citizens and special loved ones throughout the Houston-Harris County region. The program attendees included Sherry Williams, News Reporter, KHCW Channel 39; Master of Ceremony; Dr. Cleothus Montgomery, Pastor, Northside Missionary Baptist Church; Mr. Kenneth Roberson; Councilmember Jarvis Johnson, Reverend Brian Gowan, Mission Houston; and Dr. Peter Messiah, Manager HISD- Safe and Drug-Free Schools. This program further identified Houston as a caring and concerned community!

Associate Special Agent in Charge Joe Arabit gives an inspirational speech to the attendees at the Vigil.

Mr. Kenneth Roberson relates personal testimony on how his Mother and Father were killed by a drunk driver.