News Release
December 18, 2006

Dedication Speech for
Enrique “Kiki” Camarena Elementary
held on December 9, 2006
Speech given by Dr. Alda Benavides, Superintendent of Schools

A dedication can be defined as to inscribe or address by way of compliment or devoted to a cause, ideal or purpose. Today we come together to compliment and honor the life of Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena and since we are honoring him by dedicating an elementary school building where this year approximately 900 students will receive their schooling, it is only fitting that we learn from his life and that we are able to apply these learnings in whatever capacity we serve. To the administrators on campus take every opportunity to help our youngsters value their heritage. Since Mr.Camarena came to the U.S. as a young boy 9 years of age but went on to graduate from high school, use this to help all the students at Camarena Elementary to set goals that include graduating from high school – every child that enters PreK clearly understands that he will complete high school and graduate. There are so many lessons that you can instill in our youth by the examples Mr. Camarena set. As a high school student, he excelled in football and basketball, start early to instill in our youth the importance of extra curricular activities and how being involved in school activities will help them keep busy and away from drugs and troubles.

From reviewing his life, teachers you can also teach pride, pride in all we do , pride for our country, illustrating that he served his country as a U.S. Marine to help protect all the wonderful freedoms that we enjoy today. Teach the importance of serving our community by illustrating that he served his community as a fire fighter and a police officer, placing his life at risk in order to protect his community. Today in our schools, and society, service and giving back teach our youth such valuable lessons. Help the children at Camarena Elementary learn that there are some children who may not be as fortunate as they are not only to attend a new campus, but to attend a new campus that is named after a man that volunteered for an assignment in Guadalajara, Mexico where he fought on the front lines of international drug trafficking. Help our youth understand that what Mr. Camarena endured and how his death impacted our nation and other nations and how the cowardly acts of some drug traffickers has impacted our lives without parallel in the history of the war against drug trafficking. Teach about sacrifice, teach about standing up for what you believe, teach about the danger and darkness of drug abuse not just in October but every single day of the year. Teach about how the sacrifices of others help us just like his death inspired millions of people around the world to lead drug-free lives. Teach that the red ribbons we proudly display in October are to honor his memory and to visibly demonstrate a commitment to this cause.

Lastly, to the students learn everything you can about the life of Mr. Enrique Camarena and why it is important that we honor his memory. Remember that it is important that you lead a drug free life so that you can enjoy a successful, productive life unlike the one Mr. Camarena was not able to enjoy because he was on the front lines fighting international drug trafficking.

A los padres de famìlia, ayuden a sus hijos que aprendan la importancìa de la educación, de servicio a la comunidad, pero mas importante la importancìa de vivir una vida libre de drogas para que sus hijos puedan disfrutar de un futuro con mucho éxito. Les deseo muy buena suerte en su escuela nueva y que sus hijos sean los ejemplos para todos los otros niños que vendrán a esta escuela en los años que siguen. Muchísimas grácias y buena suerte.