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Forensic Sciences

The mission of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Office of Forensic Sciences is to provide quality scientific, technical and administrative support to the law enforcement and intelligence communities and to the criminal justice system at large, to assist with the enforcement of controlled substance laws and regulations of the United States. 


Forensics Laboratories support DEA and other law enforcement with analysis of suspected controlled substances, crime scene investigation, latent fingerprint identification, analysis and evaluation of digital evidence, processing of hazardous waste cleanups at clandestine laboratory investigations and disposals and expert witness testimony.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 More information>>

Forensics Lab image
Forensics Lab image

DEA’s Computer Forensics Program processes digital evidence from laptop and desktop computers, storage media and other devices, provides on-site duplication support when evidence cannot be removed from a business, and also provides expert witness testimony.
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Forensics Computer image
Forensics Computer image

DEA’s Environmental Management program assists DEA facilities with complying with environmental regulations and meeting Federal sustainability goals.  This can include the proper disposal of hazardous waste, reducing energy usage, and increasing recycling rates.  Additionally, DEA administers two mission-based environmental programs: the Authorized Central Storage (ACS) program, and the clandestine laboratory cleanup program. 
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Two hazmat professionals holding a one pot meth lab in a plastic bottle.
Two hazmat professionals holding a one pot meth lab in a plastic bottle.
Forensic Publications

DEA produces multiple publications of interest to the forensics community:

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