News Release
Date: July 23, 2009
Contact: Matthew Taylor
Public Information Officer

Kermit, Texas Roundup

 Kermit Police Station Kermit Police Officers with Operational Tally Board

Kermit Police Station

Kermit Police Officers with Operational Tally Board

JUL 23 -- On Friday, June 26, 2009, the Midland RO and officers from ten Federal, state and local agencies met to execute multiple search and arrest warrants in Kermit Texas and several neighboring towns. A total of thirty one subjects were arrested on narcotics charges. Twenty five were charged in Federal Court, six were charged with violations of Texas state laws.

The investigation was initiated as a combined effort between the DEA Midland RO and the Kermit Police Department. The Kermit PD had identified a significant local narcotics problem and requested a joint investigation with the DEA to target the cocaine and methamphetamine traffickers operating in Kermit. Extensive surveillance, technical expertise, and other investigative techniques were necessary for the success of this investigation due to the fact that Kermit is a small town (approximately 6000) and local law enforcement officers are well known to local residents.

This case has had significant impact in the community of Kermit and has garnered praise from the citizens and law enforcement officers of the community. This investigation would not have reached this level of success without the commitment of the DEA agents, Kermit Police Officers, and other law enforcement departments involved, and the technical expertise that DEA was able to provide.

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